Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Happily Exhausted"

When Passion got home, she was in for a treat. Kobe, her husband, greeted her with a smile and a glass of wine. She returned a smile of her own, wondering what he was up to. His body looked delicious. She knew that the banana and plums hanging between his legs would soon kiss her lips, both above and below her waist. He was ripped. His dick was long and thick, simply beautiful. The huge veins slowly coming into view let her know that he was excited to see her. Passion wanted to drop down to her knees and pleasure him right there in their foyer, but she didn’t. He had something planned for her, so she would let him pamper her for now. They had all night and when he finished with her, she would make sure he was “happily exhausted”.

“Hey Baby, how was your day,” Kobe asked. He saw the stress of the day on his wife’s face. What he had in-store of her would leave her speechless, stress-free and sexually satisfied. Before she responded, Passion took a hefty sip from her wine. The smooth, cool liquid went down her throat, immediately taking some of her stress away. “Hey you, my day was…well…let’s just say, I am glad to be home,” she finally said to her husband. Kobe reached out his hand. “Come with me. I have just the thing that you need.” A devilish grin appeared on Passion’s face. She followed him admiring his nice tight ass and muscular legs. He was FINE as hell. Damn, I’m a lucky girl.

When they got to their bedroom, Passion covered my mouth with her hand. There were over one-hundred red roses, in beautiful crystal vases smiling at her. On the floor leading to the bed and their master bathroom were yellow roses and when she looked at their California king-sized bed, more roses, pink and white, in a heart-shape, covered their silk sheets. Passion was so overwhelmed by it all, she couldn’t contain her emotions. Tears kissed her cheeks. She used the back of her hand to wipe them away only to have more to fall. Kobe wrapped his strong arms around her waist. “I love you Baby. You take care of me so much I just wanted to return the favor. Tonight is your night. Your every wish is my command.” Passion turned to face her loving husband. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him. His dick grew harder and she wanted to pleasure him right then. He pulled away, putting space in between them. “Stop it girl! I just told you tonight is your night, let me pamper you now.”

Passion stood still while Kobe undressed her. He removed every inch of her clothing with tenderness, also slowly seducing her by his soft touches in her intimate spots. He made sure to hit all of her erogenous zones. He knew exactly what he was doing. The smile on his face was a dead giveaway. After she was completely naked, he grabbed her hands leading her into their bathroom. The lights were off and candles flickered throughout the space. More roses welcomed her in a delightful bubble bath.  “Watch your step, Baby. I hope the water is okay, I know you like yours hot.” Passion followed his instructions. The water was perfect; she eased down into it already feeling her body relieve its tension. “Ooo, this feels so good Sweetie. Thank you so much. I appreciate you for thinking of me and all of this.” Before she was able to grab her towel, Kobe got to it first. “Relax! I am going to do all the work tonight.” Passion leaned back into the water, resting her head on the back of the tub were he had placed a towel to provide comfort.

Kobe washed her back, making little circles as he massaged it. He washed her breasts, using his hands to get them ripe. He moved down to her stomach. He brought one leg up to him, and slowly washed it, and then the other. He told her to stand, which she did. He washed her butt and then found his hands roaming for beautiful flower. It blossomed, drenched from the orgasm he caused while cleansing her. Passion was so overheated she could have fried an egg with her clit. After Kobe made sure every inch of her body was clean, he wrapped a towel around her, picking her up and led her over to their bed. “Lie on your back for me Baby,” Kobe instructed. Passion submitted to her husband doing just what he told her to do.

Kobe left her for a minute, only to go get some massage oil to apply to her damp body. He warmed it slightly and returned to his wife. She was on her stomach looking like an angel. She smiled when she saw him enter the room. Kobe walked in between her legs and applied the oil to her back. He worked it in gently, massaging her body with ease. Passion moaned. His touch was like acid, she was burning all over for him. She wanted to feel him inside her. But good things come to those who wait. When he finally finished working her back, he went down to her ass and then her legs. As he massaged her thighs, he was careful to penetrate her with his fingers, massaging her clit softly. Passion came again, the second one in a matter of minutes. He was driving her insane. When he moved to her feet, he rubbed oil all over them, and then used his tongue to massage each and every one of them. Passion couldn’t fight it anymore. She moaned, groaned, tossed and turned. The electricity of passion soaring through her body made her pussy hotter than fire. Her love juices mixed in with the smell of the roses, creating an intoxicating aroma. Kobe moaned himself.

As he turned her over to her back, Passion gazed into his piercing eyes. There was so much love and passion in them she felt her heart skip a beat. She used her feet to massage his love stick. Kobe stared into her eyes with intense desire. “Baby that feels so good, but tonight is your night. Please let me take care of you,” be pleaded, but Passion continued to work his dick with her feet. Before he came, he stepped away from her. Although the feeling was breathtaking, he had to move before he wasn’t able to control himself. He poured oil all over the front of his wife’s body, massaging it in slowly. Passion arched her back when he touched her clit again. “Damn boy, you gonna make me cum again.” Before she got all the words out, she came. Spasms of pleasure went through her entire body. Kobe saw her orgasm shoot out and used his fingers to capture some of it. He licked his fingers like it was bar-b-que sauce. “You taste so good. I think a want some more.”

He went down on his knees and went to work. Kobe licked, sucked, blew and used his fingers to part her open. He captured her clit with his mouth, using his tongue to massage it softly. He sucked on her like a suction-cap, licking gently. Passion rode his tongue like she was on a high-speed chase with the police. She got faster and faster until another orgasm exploded within her. Kobe used his tongue to swallow every drop of her love juice, drenching his thirst. Passion wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him in closer. She wanted him so badly, and he was about to give her what she wanted. He moved from his knees, pulling her into his hard erection. He penetrated her soft and rough, until she screamed. He made circles as he pulled out of her a bit, giving her only his thick head. When he was sure she couldn’t take his torture anymore, he pushed into her sweet, wet pussy deeper. She screamed out his name. Kobe was giving all of himself to his wife. He met her lips and kissed her with such passion, she melted returning his kiss. Their tongues danced to their own rhythm, creating a perfect beat.

Kobe pumped slow, fast, easy, rough and everything in between. Passion came over and over again. She rode him from underneath, pushing him over the edge. He held on to her waist, while sucking on her sweet breasts. Her nipples were so hard he bit them gently, sucking as if he was feasting on sweet nectar. Passion cursed him. She rode him as he called out her name and exploded. His seed went deep inside her. When they finished making love that night, both of them were “happily exhausted” and greatly satisfied. Passion fall in love with her husband all over again that night, and Kobe knew that no other woman could tell him anything except for which direction she was in. That night, they lay in each other’s arms, drifting on a memory because there wasn’t any place they would rather be than in the moment, with each other. When they woke up that morning, it was Passion’s turn to pleasure her husband and she used her tongue to thank him for the night before and the many nights and days to come. When he left for work later, he was even more “happily exhausted” than he ever thought possible. Passion watched him with joy in her heart, love of her mind and a pussy so fulfilled that she had to pat it dry when she went to use the bathroom. What a great way to be in pain, she smiled. “Oh how I love being “happily exhausted”,” she said anticipating coming home from work that evening and doing it all over again.    

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  1. I don't see nothin wrong with bein "happily exhausted!" Cherish those moments, and I pray that everyone experiences that feeling! Totally amazing. Wow! Absolutely fabulous.