Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Cum Away With Me"

Sam waited impatiently on him to arrive. She wanted to have sex, make love, and fuck all in the same night. Rick was all she seemed to think after the sexancing(sex-dancing) they did at the Musiq Soulchild concert, at the House of Blues a few weeks ago. She was there with her BFF Ciroc, having a nice, relaxing girl's night out when she met the most gorgeously sexy male specimen of her life to-date. Sam saw him watching to way she moved, like he wanted to be the dress that hugged her fabulous ass or the beat she was working on the dance floor. As she watched the sexy stranger admire her dance moves, she became bold, dancing in his direction. He can only say one of two things, "yes" or "no", she told herself. So she gathered up enough balls and seductively moved up to him. The music was loud, forcing the two to become closer to hear each other above all the noise.  He leaned into her when she signaled with her finger that she had something to whisper into his ear. It was a welcomed change for him because most women he met waited for the guy to make the first move. This girl, lovely, sexy and fine as hell, was just what he needed, wanted and desired in a woman. He licked his lips as their eyes flirted, becoming attractive to one another. He smelled hot, sensual, yet musky with a scent of baby powder. Samantha took him all in, lingering on his scent. She wanted to sniff him but caught herself. He smiled, intoxicated by her own tantalizing aroma. She smelled of fresh roses, cherries and vanilla. "You smell nice", he whispered, still holding her eyes captive. Sam felt her pussy jump, losing focus of why she was there in the first place. She quickly cleared her throat still swaying to the beat of the music.
"Hey, my name is Samantha but my people call me Sam. I see the way you peeping me so why don't you come dance with. You look like you need some fun and excitement in your life. Let me take you on the dance floor and we can dance the night away. Can you handle that?" A hidden message was apparent. She wanted something more if his moves sufficed. He smiled harder showing a matching pair of deep dimples. Sam found his smile infectious, smiling too. Rick, amazed and intrigued by her bluntness and attempt to get what she wanted from him, made him welcome the chance to dance with her. By the way she was moving to the beat, he couldn't wait to see how she would work him on the dance floor and on the bed. "Sure. You move delicious, good enough to eat. And you can take that how you like it. But be warned that my moves are unique, smooth and can get very sexual at times. So my question to you is, can you handle that? Now come get some girl and I know just how to move with you. I can tell by your movements that you like being the leader, being in control but Baby I always led." Without giving her a chance to respond, he grabbed her by the hand leading them to the middle of the crowded dance floor, their stage and spotlight for the remainder of the night. When he found their spot, he turned into her and moved closer into her ear,"my name is Rick by the way." Sam liked his style, his confidence, his swag. His name was masculine, sexy and the way he said it turned her on even more. The wetness between her thighs was beginning to flow. She hoped it didn't run down her legs because she didn't have on any panties. They danced the night away leaving everyone watching them hot and bothered, horny as hell. They moved like they were sexing as they danced. Sam dipped her hips, popped her ass, made her pussy jump and everything in between, all the while feeling Rick's hard dick press up against her ass, crotch and anything else he wanted to brush. She bent into him grinding, bouncing, twisting, bending, making love to him with her moves. If they had been naked, they would have been going at it hard and raw, uncut and uncensored. The men watched drooling, grabbing themselves. A few of them "goddamned" giving thumps up to Rick. The way Sam worked the beat, she was sure to work a Dick even better. The dress she wore added fuel to the fire, showing off all of her great assets. As she moved it rose a little showcasing her firm thighs. The stilettos she wore made her toned legs seem to go on forever. And her ass was envied by all the women and men both gay or straight in the building. Even Musiq Soulchild admired her from the stage. Sam's two lady lumps bounced, peeking out from her dress, teasing them all. The perfect eye-candy! They were round, firm, perky, plump, supple, ripe. Rick found himself staring at them wanting to bury his head in them forever. He wanted to suck on your until she begged him to stop. The women whispered, "shit"and "damn" fanning themselves, licking their lips, watching the huge bulge pressing up against the woman in front of him. "I bet me can please the pussy so good", one of them in the crowd said about Rick. Someone else said, "I bet his dick can make me sing all night". "Girl, if she don't fuck him tonight, I will", another voice spoke in the crowd around them. Sam heard the comments smiling as she gave her ass a good fuck to Musiq's "Halfcrazy". She was on fire. If she could have taken him home with her that night, she would have and fucked his brains out, using the same moves she used on the floor, plus create a few new ones of their own. She stopped replaying that night in her head when she heard her doorbell chime. Before she opened it, Sam checked herself one last time in the mirror. She looked fierce, flawless, and ready to fuck. The short dress she wore, with matching CFM's was sure to seal the deal, she thought fixing her flowing curls. Sam took a deep breath and unlocked the door. When she opened the door, she was ready, willing and able to do any and everything Rick asked her to do. He looked like her next meal and she was ready to devour him, leaving nothing on her plate. Stepping to the side of the door to allow him access to her apartment, Sam softly spoke hello. Rick smiled, "hello beautiful". "Wow, you look amazing. I bought this for you", he said handing her a bottle of wine. It was her favorite. He paid attention, she thought. All of their late night phone calls and texting wasn't in vain. She was even more attracted to him. A man who listened was an aphrodisiac. Rick was making it hard for her to focus. Sam wanted to just rip his clothes off and sex him right there in her living room. Not a bad thought Sam thought. She moved to the kitchen for wine glasses as she offered Rick a seat. Rick didn't want to let her go so fast. He softly pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately. Sam fell into rhythm with him. They tongue battled for what seemed like forever. When they finally let each other go, she sucked on his lips tasting their sweetness. Ricks hands roamed her body. Sam welcomed the tingles he gave her. "Can I have you Sam, tonight, right now", Rick asked just above a whisper. Sam led him over to her sofa. She pushed him down and straddled him. She began to ride him as their mouths made love. Rick used his hands to fondle her body. He stopped. He was a gentleman. "Can I feel inside your panties", he asked seductively. Sam's pussy jumped, doing backward flips, cartwheels, handstands. She kissed him with intensity on his mouth, neck and ears. She whispered, "If I wore panties you could take them off and then do anything to my pussy you want but I don't have on any, so feel free to feel, rub, caress, massage or penetrate as much as you like. I am open, all yours." Rick unzipped her dress. Sam stood letting it fall to the floor. "Keep on those heels girl. They driving me crazy", Rick said taking in her beautiful body. Sam undid his pants exposing his amazing piece of equipment. She straddled him again feeling his hard dick begin to fill her walls. She moaned moving slowly at first. When she was open enough to take him all, she began her dance. "Come away with me. I wanna take you for a ride", she said. Rick gripped her ass bringing her down harder on his swollen dick. She screamed from pleasure but continued to work her body into his. He moaned, moving with her every thrust. They danced, creating their own music. The sound of skin-on-skin flapping became their soundtrack. They used all the moves from the first night they met, while creating new ones. They climaxed several times together. When their sexing, love making and fuck session was over, they were greatly satisfied and a new love had blossomed. They eventually ate dinner and then had each other for dessert. "I love the way you make me cum", Rick said. "And I love the way you CUM away with me", Sam replied leaning into her new dance partner, companion, resting her head on his shoulder. They lived in the moment but couldn't wait to do it all again, both knowing that it was only going to get better, more creative and become an addiction. Sam didn't care because she would forever be an addict when it came to Rick and his sweet dick. Next time she would be sure she got a lick before and after she rode his wonderful love-stick.

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