Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The New Year

  So, now that Christmas has come and gone, we now make preparations for the New Year. This year has really flown by. It seems like only yesterday that I first began my blog and now it's been nine months and coming. I truly appreciate all the love and support from you guys. You are my inspiration, motivation to keep writing and exploring the depths of my very vivid imagination. You are my Passionate Souls!! Thanks for subscribing, emailing and sending comments. They have been great, interesting and entertaining to say the least. So keep them coming!

What's to come in the New Year? Is there a place for love and passion in your life? Can your relationship get better, reach its peek? Will there be mind-blowing sex, with indescribable pleasure? I think that this coming year will bring about new levels of passion, pleasure, compromise, purpose, reflection and all other aspects of having and remaining a successful relationship. It all begins with the imagination. Thinking about something and then executing it can take any relationship to a great place. Knowing what makes you tick, can also help make the experience more meaningful also.

Start with doing research. Get to know your body. If one can describe or show another how or what turns them on, the reward will be more than expected and take on a new level of passion. Don't be afraid to touch yourself. Close your eyes, free your mind and let your fingers do like the yellow pages. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror. Caress yourself. Run your fingers up and down your arms, legs, or anywhere you want. You don't even have to masturbate to achieve an orgasm or learn how you like to be touched, caressed or pleasured. There are many erogenous zones on the human body. For example: your ears. They are very sensitive and when whispered into softly, kissed or sucked on gently, one can see the stars and the moon, becoming so aroused, your partner becomes exciting, stimulated and then the games commence.

There is nothing sexier than having a lover who knows just what they want and desire from you, who just brings that very thing out in you. No one wants to be with someone who asks too many questions, at the wrong damn time. Just do it, go with the flow of things and if you doing things right, you will know. They will express their feelings through movements, gestures, words, moans, groans and several other things that will put a big ass smile on your face. Trust me, your head will be so big, you will smile throughout the entire New Year! Everyone will want to know what you are doing to have such a big grin on your face. Regardless of what we may think, happiness is also contagious and people just want to be happy. Knowing how to make you happy first, is the gateway to making someone else happy.

So this New Year, take pride in taking care of you first. I’m not talking about being selfish by any means, but let’s just face the music here Souls, if you don’t, no one else will! People observe whether we know, believe it or not. They see how we dress, talk, look, interact with other’s and then draw their own conclusions based on all the information we provide without realizing it. It doesn’t take a genius to know when someone isn’t happy in life. They may try their hardest to hide it but some things can’t be hidden. Unhappiness can reflect in many ways. Through a look, in a walk, the way someone looks at something or someone else. Hell even the food one eats can determine their mood or feeling. It’s not hard to detect, but most people tend to overlook others because they have their own set of problems.

Let’s not drag this type of attitude into the New Year. Start now, this last week of 2011 to change your situation. And if you find yourself unable to change, then it may be time to change more than your attitude. Change can be good. True, it can throw you for a loop or two, but don’t let change deprive you from reaching your full potential of happiness. Sometimes it’s best to change a situation rather than stay in it, just because. And, it’s just not worth it! It’s unhealthy, it’s damaging to all involved, as well as your surroundings. Misery and negativity are best friends. They will manipulate, deceive, confuse and any other tricks in the book to bust up their life. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Life is meant to have fun, be happy, be stress-free and live to the fullest that you can. Start the New Year off by doing so. There is nothing standing in your way but yourself.

So, I look forward to hearing some of your stories. Please, feel free to leave comments and/or send emails. Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be YOU!!!

Keke Chanel

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Be safe celebrating this holiday season!

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But most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!!


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