Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ask Keke Chanel

Question 2:

From: Ashley in Florida

How do you know when you are truly in love for the first time in your adult life?

This question is a powerful, yet wonderful one. Ashley, I don’t know your age, but I am sure from you being able to view my blog that you are at least 21. Being in love is a great feeling. If you are with someone and he/she are always on your mind, you smile just thinking of something he/she said or did, you may be in love. If you are friends and can talk for hours about any and everything, you can really be yourself around him/her, and your decision making process involves he/she, then you are definitely in love. Love isn’t selfish or unkind. It comes easy, simple, yet it’s enduring, sweet, a special feeling you get knowing that him/her exist in your life. When you go to bed at night and pray for them more than you pray for yourself. When you wake up each day thinking of them, you thank God for placing that person in your path if only for a season, and you can’t imagine life without them. When he/she kisses you and you feel it in your toes, the passion is so amazing you want to give all of you without losing yourself! There are many aspects to knowing when you are in love, the list can go on and on but the one thing that I can say is to listen to your heart. You will know and there won’t be any question about it. You will feel it in your gut, your soul, your spirit. Cupid has stung you with his arrow, so you may as well enjoy the journey of love. Let me know what happens and I pray that it all works out for you. Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged, and be YOU!!

Keke Chanel

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