Friday, April 27, 2012


Question #4

From: Helen in Georgia

How can you call yourself a Christian and write about some of the things you write about?

 ---Now this is the question I have been waiting for *rubs hands together*

First I would like to say, “Hello Helena and thanks for your question.” Now, shall we jump right into this? I write about many different topics on my blog and some are definitely for the more open-minded and think outside the box Christian. Yes, I do write some erotica! Being a Christian isn’t being DEAD!!! Sex is a part of life. It is beautiful, a bond between two people who love each other. Although it is considered the ultimate TABOO in society, I think that the subject addressed in a tasteful manner can be helpful to many relationships. The stories I write are about passion and love. I am not promoting sex by any means. My stories are merely for entertainment. Helen, I write about whatever is placed in my heart, on that given day. I am comfortable enough to open myself up to help others and I will continue to do just that. As adults, we shouldn’t try and judge/condemn someone else for trying to do something to help shed some light to others. I don’t live my life in a box, confined to the ways of the world. Everything that God created was good. It was people “the world” who turned certain things into something dirty, trashy, and degrading. I think that some things in society could be eliminated if discussed properly. If we as Christians stop being too afraid to speak about certain issues, starting at home first then our children wouldn’t become victims of this world as so many of us have.

Communication is the only way I know how to exist and if that is something wrong then I’ll never be right. We all will stumble, become victims of this world at some point in our lives and when we get through those times, we should be walking vessels to help keep someone else from going down the same path. I know many people who don’t take advice from people today because they feel that someone who hasn’t gone through their actual situation cannot help them. How can you help someone deal/get through something if you haven’t experienced it? The only way I know how is to pray for them and give them time so that when they are ready to open up, they will. Besides, the bible clearly states, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” As Christians, don’t be too quick to cast a stone if we live in a glass house. No one is perfect and the only man who ever will be, died for you and me. Don’t be so quick to put your mouth on others for doing something with positive intentions. And what I mean by putting your mouth on others, I mean stop talking about, putting down on, or trying to condemn others for doing something to better others situations. Nine times out of ten, those same people will be the ones to help you when you don’t have it all together. We live and learn every day or at least we should! I don’t know your current situation, whether you have children or a husband, but I pray the very best for you and your life. I am a married, Christian woman, with children and I love who I am, who God is transforming me into.

Would you feel better if we, as Christians just close our eyes when it involves sex? Being sexual isn’t a crime. You won’t be damned to hell, especially when you are not hurting anyone in the process. We all derived here from sex aside from Adam and Eve. “Judge not for you shall also be judged”. I feel that the way someone perceives my stories is a reflection of them. Having self-control is something we all should strive to have and if lustful thoughts come to mind when reading, it isn’t my fault. It’s just like watching a movie, reading a book, or looking at a picture. You take from those things as you please. You either have good or bad intentions, but that’s something to be addressed from within. But that won’t keep me from sharing. The title of my blog is called “Passion, Love and all that other SH&T”, which means that I can and will discuss any and every thing I choose. Nothing is off-limits. Take it or leave it!  

I get strength, determination and motivation to keep doing what I’m doing from my readers. After all, I thank you for reading my blog. This tells me that you are reading to know about the content and about this new “Ask Keke Chanel” segment. I don’t force my words or insight on anyone. I don’t think I know everything nor do I think I have all the answers, because I don’t. Again I say, “I am not perfect and don’t profess to be.” So I say “Thank you” again! Just remember that before you even enter my blog site a warning that there is adult content comes up. So when you clicked enter, you decided then that you were mature enough to read whatever the content may be. I know that not everyone is going to like what I have to write about and that’s okay. Besides, if people don’t accept the words of the holy book “The Bible” then why would I get upset when they don’t like what I write? If everyone agreed on everything, the world wouldn’t be the way it is today. This challenges me to go above and beyond, to write pieces that I am proud of, that may possibly help someone no matter what their situation may be. I hope that you will continue to read the blog and share it with others. And if there are other questions you have, you know how to reach me. Please feel free to post your comments or email them to me .Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged, be YOU and be BLESSED!!!

Keke Chanel

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  1. As Christian's my hope and prayer is that we (Christians) would never judge one another but I guess my growth as a Christina is compeltly WRONG!!!
    The question that Helen from Georgia pose to you Keke Chanel is one of judgement. I whole heartedly agree with you for the word of GOD says "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone". It is not my place to past judgement on you because of what you post on YOUR BLOG. Before entering your blog there is a warning disclaimer that lets you know what you are getting ready to read.

    Now Helen in order for you ask the question of how can you write about these things in your blog and say that you are a christian...let's all of us know that you chose to read Keke Chanel's I ask you the same question how can you read her blog if you are indeed a CHRISTIAN and then pass your own judgement? IF you have indeed read KeKe Chanel blog then you would know that each of her stories talk about relationships and sex between a man & a woman be it husband & wife or boyfriend & girlfriend. This blog also focuses on other issues that are plaguing today's society. So I strongly ENCOURAGE you my sister to read and think before you judge. Yes we all don't have to agree with others and how they fill or what they write. As we grow we tend to know that everything is not for EVERYBODY. Therefore this blog IS NOT FOR YOU. So I strongly encourage you to find a blog that will fit well in your life and judgement because this blog PASSION, LOVE &ALL THAT OTHER SHET is not for you!!!


  2. Thanks Shonda,

    Your comment truly means a lot to me. I is amazing how things work and the way people treat each other, but it isn't taken personal. I have thick skin. Growing up the way I did required it. My parents wouldn't allow us to just let people walk over us, but taught us to be polite, kind, considerate but firm. I will continue to write the things I want to write about and I hope that my true readers continue to read and support my blog. Thanks again and be blessed.


  3. Wow, Helen I pray that Keke Chanel answered your question. Be careful of the question you ask for you just might get the answer you weren't expecting. God is so good that he gave all of us freedoms to express ourselves truthfully. Some of us have certain kinds of abilities and others of us tend to strive to be as free as the next person. The most important thing is that we be ourselves, as Keke is doing in her writing. She expresses herself in a variety of ways. Thank you Keke for keeping it real no matter what the world may think. Thanks Helen for your question, because you just helped someone else who may have had the same question. Use your gifts as God intends for you to use them. Pray for clarity on the things you seek to understand before passing judgement on others. Please remember the skeletons that hang in your closet before you come trying to clean someone elses. Most of all, enjoy your life, because you only have this one opportunity to truly live before God calls you home.

    1. Thanks Bestie77,

      I keep getting excited just knowing that I have great supporters and readers. I am glad that Helen or so she calls herself, asked this question. I truly believe that she had good intentions but just didn't know how to address it better. I will keep Helen on my prayer list because apparently, she worries about what people say. We are too quick to put down instead of lift up. This saddens me because life is too short as is to worry about the way someone else is living their life. Thanks for your comment and I hope that you will continue to read, enjoy and leave your feedback. Ask Keke Chanel has truly been interesting to say the least! Until next time, keep speaking truth!!!