Thursday, April 18, 2013

Don't Cry For ME

In wake of National Poetry Month and all that has been taking place in the world, I felt inspired to write a short poem. I wanted to share it with you all. I hope you enjoy. God bless Our Nation! Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be you!

"Don't Cry For ME"

I looked around and saw him but it was too late,
The scream I thought could come stopped,
sat on my taste buds like my last meal,
I closed my eyes and waited realizing that
I was about to move on,
Move from a place called "land of the free" and
"home of the brave", a place where soulless people
lurk for their next victim.

As the darkness engulfed me and the tingling sensation
of pain tickled the back of my mind, I transformed...
A bitter-sweet world left behind,
Evil releasing its truest color described as heartlessness,
but a smile danced across my face knowing...knowing...
knowing that I was not alone.

A hand entwined with my own, a hushed comfort taking all
my worries away, I felt the presence of God wrapping me in his bosom,
I exhaled...
Yet, I wondered what would happen to the people not as fortunate as me
to finally go home, I wept for them, for they are still borrowers of time in
a place that isn't so free and cowards reign supreme...

I thought about being selfish and asking to stay, but being held in the arms
of My FATHER felt unbelievable, felt natural, felt too good to be true, but
I was...I am...I forever will be...So don't cry for ME, I am smiling, I am
laughing, I am living, I am being...

Purple Hugs and Kisses,
Keke Chanel

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