Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Meet another amazing AA Author J.W. Smith:

Tell us a little bit about you and your books:

J.W. Smith is the CEO of Shinning Starr Publications and the Author of the 5 star Novel "No Lost Lost". Mr. Smith is the proud father of three, a young man and two beautiful daughters. He was born and raised the grim society of Los Angeles, California and now resides in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metro-Plex area. The years of being incarcerated without his kids caused a determined father to create a way to ensure his loved one's that against all odds he would beat the statistics of recidivism. Once released from prison, he began his life-long dream of becoming a well-known author in the industry, while on his plight to help today's youth, transition to manhood. God has restored my life as if I never missed a beat. Thank you God for a second chance, at a first life! The Authors of Shinning Starr Publications, all have a testimony to share.

Synopsis for Irresistible Woman

When three of the most diverse young women are adjoined at the hip by loyalty, the threat of death, murder nor mayhem could separate the trio. Bound by blood and a vow made back in the 3rd grade, the girls are made to endure atrocious activity to survive the gritty streets of Texas.  But when one of the pack members are suspected of being an informant for the F.B.I., their loyalty is put through the test.  With Jonetta facilitating the way and Ingrid doing hard time, Samantha is left behind to deal with the dingy streets alone. With street credentials of a true project Diva, Samantha springs into action, readjust her values and commence to handling her priorities. This book is a fast pace novel, with great influential wisdom throughout its contents. These women were born and raised in poverty and destined to be a product of their environment, but eventually through believing in one another's dreams, goals and aspirations, the girls were able to make a determined transition to the top.   

  1.  How long have you been writing?  I started this journey of sculpturing my first novel "No Love Lost" in 2004 while incarcerated in Federal Prison. 
  2. What inspired your to start writing? Being determined to excel beyond measures.
  3. What are your plans as far as writing in the future? Being able to connect with the people on all levels of understanding.
  4. What do you hope to accomplish in your books to your readers? To continue to enlighten the avid readers with inspirational words of wisdom...Thanks for the Almighty!



My favorites:

Song:  "Just a couple of Forever's", "Share my World"
Singer:  Kem, Chrisette Michelle, Mary J. Blige.
Film: Training Day, Friday
Book: Harlem Girl Lost
Author: Treasure Blue
Actress: Loretta Devine, Haley Berry
Actor:  Denzel Washington
Season: All supplied by the Lord. 
Color: Blue, Black
Holiday: Christmas, Birthday's 
Day: All days of the week are a Blessing to me.
Outfit: Outside the norm.

Now that we all know more about Author J.W. Smith, let's support him by visiting his website, connecting with him on social media, and checking out his books. J.W. Smith's journey is a prime example of when adversity comes along, don't feel sorry for yourself but instead, do something about it in a positive way. He is truly an inspiration, and his wisdom will keep you uplifted!

I know that your reading list should be a bit longer by now with all the amazing Authors featured this month, but stay tuned, more are to come. No thanks needed, it has been my pleasure introducing you to such great Literary Geniuses. Until next time, be inspired, be encouraged and be YOU!!!

Purple Hugs & Kisses,

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