Friday, June 24, 2011

Bedroom Strip Club


Jai looked around her bedroom. She smiled with pure satisfaction. The mini stage and stripper role in front of the bed, right in the center of the room, looked very inviting and sexy as hell. She was getting worked up just thinking about the expression on Kent’s face when he stepped through the door. As she put the chair at the end of the bed, she couldn’t contain her excitement. Her man was in for a treat and a few tricks. For the past month, Jai had been to every strip club in the area, plus taken a striptease and pole dancing class to prepare for this special occasion. Tonight was their fifth yr. anniversary. Jai learned that stripping required more skill and strength than what people realized. It was truly an artform of expression, through sensual and seductive body movements. Surprisingly, when she asked a few of the dancers as she received a lap dance for pointers, they were very willing to help. In fact, that was how she got introduced to Sade, the very energetic and eccentric teacher of the art. Jai now had a new sense of respect for the women and men who made their living as exotic dancers. Hell, the money she spent and saw others spend, wasexpensive and impressive. Jai thought long and hard about her own career. One of the exotic dancers she how called a good friend, made over three thousand dollars a night. Men and women from all over the area asked specifically for her when they frequented the club she worked at. Jai soon learned that the ones, who took pride in their artistry, took home the most of it. By her third class, Jai was well above the rest and was asked if she wanted more advanced, private lessons. Now, she was flexible and knew how to move and dance with the best of them, she just needed direction to join the two together, creating the best lap dance and striptease her husband could experience. After tonight, Jai wouldn’t have to worry about him giving their money to any strip club. She knew that she was about to make him “make it rain” by her new skills. She checked to make sure the pole was secure by jumping up as high as she could. At the top of the pole, Jai spread her legs into a split and slid down with her head pointing down. When she got to the bottom of the pole she smiled. She was ready. The pole was all good to go. Jai walked into the master bathroom and turned on the shower. Kent would be home soon and she wanted to be ready so when he entered his private strip club of their bedroom, their evening wouldn’t miss a beat. Once she got out of the shower, she applied baby oil all over her body, something she learned from the dancers that would help her be able to work the pole better. The black bra and panty set felt good against her skin. Jai slipped on the black sheer cover-up and then stepped into her five inch black, open-toe Jimmy Choo stilettos or as she liked to call them “bedroom” or “CFM” shoes. She let down her hair, letting it fall pass her shoulders, waiting with anticipation.  

As Kent drove up to his home, he thought about his sexy wife. She was something else, always doing little extra special things to keep him loving coming home every day. Today would be no exception, after all, it was their anniversary. He loosened his tie and got out of his truck. Grabbing his briefcase, he walked up to the front door. The house was darker than usual, Kent thought smiling slightly. “She is up to something,” he said taking two steps at a time up the stairs. When he got to the master bedroom, he was so aroused; he wanted to free himself from his clothing. Kent opened the door and nearly fainted from amazement. Damn, this woman is the best. Thank you Jesus she chose me, he thought. Candles flickered all over the room, with rose pedals leading a path for him to follow. When he saw the stripper pole sitting on a mini stage, in the center on their bedroom, his dick was about to burst out of his pants. The chair with his name on it put a big ass grin on his face. Kent couldn’t believe what his Jai had been up to but he was about to enjoy and reap the benefits. Her gift from him would just have to wait. She knew just what he wanted, needed, fantasized and desired.

R&B music filled the air as Kent continued to look around the bedroom. The next thing he saw was his beautiful wife coming towards him. She looked sexy is fuck. Her body was banging but what captured him most was her seductive smile. “Hey Baby,” she whispered into his ear as she grabbed his briefcase from him. “Hey yourself,” Kent responded. Jai put the briefcase down and took his hand leading him to the center of the room. “Come here Babe. I have something to show you. Take a seat.” Before Kent was able to sit, Jai gave him a light push. She giggled. The sexy lingerie she had on made his dick so hard, Kent had to readjust it in order to get some relief. Jai walked over to the stereo and changed songs. When “slow motion” by Juvenile came across the speakers, Jai took her position on the stage. She moved to the beat, swaying her hips, pumping her thighs and bouncing her nice ass. She had a small waist, flat abs and an ass like JLo. She used one hand to grab the pole and then spinned around, dropping to the floor in a frontward split. Kent was impressed. Who knew she was an undercover exotic dance? He knew she could move but not the way she was at that moment. He watched with his mouth hanging wide open. Jai turned her back toward him and grinded in front of the pole, rolling in slow motion. She suddenly went up the pole and came back down with her legs spread wide open, extended in the air. She twirled her body seductively, spinning around the pole. Jai placed her back on the pole and slowly moved downward to the beat “she working that back, don’t know how to act…” when she got down on all fours, Kent got up from his seat. “Damn” was the only word to describe his thoughts. Just as Kent thought the show was over, Jai went back up the pole. She swung around it like a gymnast competing in the Olympics. She stretched her legs out to the side of the pole and opened them wider than the Mississippi River. Kent pulled out his wallet in search of some money. He threw a few twenty dollar bills onto the stage. Jai came back down the pole popping her pussy. Kent couldn’t wait to feel it doing the exact same thing on his dick. He suddenly wanted to rip off her clothes and sex her real good, but his anticipation of what she would do next, stopped him. When the song finally ended, she walked over in front of her husband, by that time, D’Angelo’s “how does it feel” soared through the air.

Jai moved slowly and seductively to the rhythm, as the lyrics told a story. Kent almost stripped his damn self. Jai turned around and moved her ass over his crotch, placing her hands on his legs to brace. If they had not been dressed, they would have been straight boning. She worked her hips and then straddled him, bending over to the floor. He pulled out more money. Kent had never seen her move her nice, round and beautiful ass with such precision, so naughty. He loved it, his dick got harder and harder with each movement. Jai began removing her clothes. “Oh shit! Here we go,” Kent said. The black bra and panty see was sinful. She looked sexy than a Muthafucka, good enough to eat, and he would be feasting in due time. Jai rotated around his lap, licking her lips. When she put one of his fingers inside her mouth sucking it, Kent couldn’t help himself any longer. He touched her ass, breasts, thighs, but Jai pushed his hands away. She shook her finger back and forth at him not to touch. “Sir, if u don’t behave, you will get punished severely,” she told him. “Well hell, punish me please”, Kent said loudly. Jai smiled and continued her striptease-lap dance. When she removed her bra, her lovely lady lumps stole the show. They were perfect, ripe like melons. Her nipples saluted him. He wanted to have them in his mouth. Jai continued to torture him with her performance. She stood up grabbing her breasts squeezing them. She then took one of them and used her tongue to suck on it. Kent almost got up out of his seat again. “Focus Dude, soon it will be your turn to take the spotlight. She will pay for what she knows she’s doing to you,” he told himself. Then Jai tugged on the sides of her panties. She began to take them off slowly. When they were at her ankles, Jai she took one foot out and kicked them at him with the other foot. There she stood, butt ass naked with only her CFM’s shoes on. Walking slowly back to him, Jai leaned in and kissed him long and passionately. She then whispered in his ear, “There is a two drink minimum tonight Sir. Did you enjoy the show?” Kent couldn’t speak. Was she serious? His dick standing at attention should have given her his answer but she was messing with him. When her performance was over Kent had emptied his wallet, pulled out all of his credit cards and even his checkbook. Shit, he didn't care, she earned all of that and then some. He pulled her down into his lap and gripped her ass. It was time he showed her just how much he enjoyed his “bedroom strip club” because the STRIPPER was his and coming home with him tonight. "Happy Anniversary Baby," Jai said just above a whisper. "Happy Anniversary indeed," Kent said picking her up and carrying her over to the mini stage. He was about to do his own performance.  

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