Saturday, June 4, 2011

Doing Laundry

Sash walked into her house tired from another week of being on the road for her job. She looked around the house and wanted to turn back and go outside, with into her car and drive far away as possible. The house looked like a category five hurricane had attacked it. Toys, clothes, books, DVDs, dirty dishes, more toys and anything else one could imagine took claim to her usually immaculate living room. It was early in the day, so the boys and Kevin was not home yet. Sash had the urge to call her husband of ten years and curse him the hell out, but didn’t. She needed him to give her something when he got home, so the thought of starting an argument kept her from doing just that. A long week of no loving had her on the verge of a breakdown. Being as horny as she was should have been a crime.

After unpacking her luggage, Sash began cleaning the house from top to bottom. When she was satisfied by its order, she went from room to room gathering all of the dirty clothing. It was time to do laundry that looked like it would take weeks to even put a dent in. Kevin made her sick at times, but she loved his ass more than anything else in the world, other than her two sons. When she was finished cleaning the boys’ rooms and bathrooms, there looked to be about ten loads. She went into her and her husband’s bedroom and retrieved all of his dirty clothing. When she finished, she saw that she probably had over twenty loads now. She picked up the hampers and walked downstairs to the laundry room. She had to make a few trips with all the clothing, but she was glad another cleaning accomplishment was complete.

Now the act of actually doing the laundry gave her a headache. Sash turned the washing machine on to let the water run. She sorted the clothing, whites, darks, colorful, delicate, permanate press. She checked all of the pockets carefully because for some strange reason her husband and his sons always left stuff in their pockets. It never failed, not once. Before she began adding detergent and clothing to the water, Sash had found almost thirty bucks. They won’t see any of this money again, she thought putting it in her hidden laundry stash on top of the cabinets above the dryer. From the looks of it, she would be able to buy her new washing machine and dryer combo, in her favorite color, red. She removed the picture of it from the stash and smiled. “Some you will be mine. You will able to come home where you belong,” she said to the picture.

It was getting dark outside and dinner was about ready, when Sash heard the buzzer on the dryer go off indicating another load of clothing was ready for folding. When she walked back into the once crowded laundry room, she smiled. She had only about four more loads of clothing left to do and then she could finally relax her tired body. She turned the water on, added the detergent and was about to put in the clothing when she heard the door open and close behind her. A sly grin escaped her lips but she kept her back turned to her welcomed companion. Kevin was happy to see his wife. He missed her when she had to go out of town for work. He would make sure to let her know just how much momentarily.

He walked up behind her perfectly round booty, greeting her with a kiss on the back of her neck just the way she liked it. “Hey you,” he said. Sash wasn’t mad at him anymore for the way the house looked when she first got there. She turned to face her lover and kissed his awaiting lips. They kissed each other, fueling the fire burning within them. “Oh, I think I need to go away more often with kisses like that.” Kevin found his perfectly round mounds and gripped them firmly. He loved his wife’s ass. It always placed him in timeout whenever she walked into a room. He rubbed it, squeezed it and made love to it with his hands. “I see you missed her more than me, huh,” Sash said enjoying the way her husband was touching her. She felt her kitty kat jump like double-dutch. The washer was ready for clothing but Kevin closed the top and picked up his next meal. He sat Sash on top of it, removing the tiny shorts and sports bra she wore. He used his thumb to massage her clit and used two of his fingers to conquer her sweet surrender. He made a curve in them to find her Gspot, which didn’t take long, because he knew exactly where it was. Being married for ten years, Kevin knew of all her spots and a few she didn’t think he knew of.   

“Oh baby, your hands feel so good. Damn baby you about to make me cum.” Sash brought her legs up to join the rest of her body on top of the machine and gave Kevin more exposure to her paradise. He rubbed, massaged, plucked, and finger fucked her to tiny multiple orgasms. Sash screamed as she rode his fingers and felt the “big one” creeping upon her. When she couldn’t fight the battle any longer, she grinded faster into Kevin’s fingers, she came long and hard. She moaned out his name and he kissed her. When he removed his fingers, he licked the cream off of them. “Umm, you taste like Christmas morning.”
Kevin removed his own clothing and braced himself for the ride he was about to take his wife on. The washing machine switched to the spin cycle and he entered her. She hollered from the pleasure he gave her. The vibration from the machine added more rhythm and before Kevin could thrust her good, she had another orgasm. Sash was about to die from the passion and desire she was experiencing at that moment, but Kevin moved in circular motions, stirring her like adding sugar to his morning coffee. The intensely of his strokes had Sash claiming the walls. She clawed his back, bit his neck, pushing and pulling to keep him from stopping. “Don’t stop baby! Please don’t stop! Oh my God! Oh! Oh!” Sash came over and over and when Kevin was sure she was well satisfied, he released his own mindboggling orgasm. He leaned into her chest and sucked her breasts softly. They are swollen like ripe berries and tasted even better. He made love to her melons, feasting on the perfect fruit salad.
When Sash and Kevin finally finished doing the laundry they could barely walk straight. She felt the tingling in between her legs and the wetness running down her thighs. Kevin hit her of the ass and she licked her lips. “Meet me upstairs in five minutes,” she said. Sash quickly fixed the boys their dinner and kissed them on the foreheads. “Mama missed you guys. Now, eat your dinner and put your empty plates in the kitchen when you done. Daddy and I are about to have a serious conversation and wouldn’t like to be interrupted, okay.” Before they nodded, she was halfway upstairs and removing her clothing again.
 Kevin was on the bed waiting for her butt naked. It was Sash’s turn to be in control. She climbed on top of his rock hard erection and let her hips do all the talking for the next two hours. When they left their room, they smiled like two teenagers sneaking off from school to do the “do”. “Baby, you can help me do laundry anytime you like, okay. If I would have known you were so good at it, I would have let you help out a long, long, long time ago.” They laughed again walking downstairs to join their sons watching television without any clue of all the nasty stuff their parents had just finished doing.

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