Friday, June 3, 2011


“May I please have my bags? I am in a big hurry. My plane is boarding and I don’t want to miss it.” “Ma’am, if you don’t calm down, I will be forced to call AIRPORT SECURITY. We are just doing our jobs.”

Cameron looked around the empty room, feeling like a complete ass. Why had she refused to cooperate? She could have been flying the friendly skies at this very moment, but no, she had to cause a scene. She wondered what was taking so damn long for someone to come in and explain what was happening. She hoped it wasn’t the same fat ass, pregnant belly what-to-be cop from before. Just then, the door opened and in walked one of the most gorgeous men, she had ever laid eyes upon. He was tall, dark and handsome, with brown eyes, a perfect set of white teeth and a smile to die for. His body was insane. The uniform he wore, left nothing to the imagination Cameron noticed, crossing her legs. Oh, how she loved a man in a uniform. His mustache and goatee were trimmed to perfection, accenting amazing lips, she suddenly wanted all over her.

He moved closer to her. “Ma’am, I am sorry to keep you waiting. We have been busy with the holidays approaching and everyone trying to get home to their loved ones. I hope to have you out of here in no time. Here is all the paperwork for you to fill out. We should get your bags within the next few minutes.”

Cameron wasn’t thinking about her luggage anymore. She had other thoughts running through her entire body. “Thank you,” was all she managed to say, licking her lips. He watched her, feeling the chemistry between them. She was beautiful, sexy, and just the way he liked his woman, smart and feisty. After witnessing the scene she caused at the baggage check, he was immediately aroused. When the attendant called for Airport Security, he made sure he was the one who responded first, but when Harold beat him there, he decided to take matters into his own hands. “So, where are you traveling to,” he asked trying to break the silence lingering in the room. Cameron didn’t like small talk, she was a woman who knew what she wanted and she wanted him.

“What is your name?”
“What a unique name. Where are you from?”
“I was born in Jamaica but my parents moved to the states when I was three.”
“I can hear the accent in your voice. You must visit often.”
“Every chance I get.”

When Cameron was done filling out all the unnecessary paperwork, she got up from the table. She handed the clipboard to Chance. He looked it over to make sure she hadn’t skipped anything. He turned to leave. “Be right back,” he called out over his shoulder. His thick accent captivated her even more. How could one person have everything she loved in a man, including being sexy as hell? Cameron removed her clothing, leaving on her shoes. She waited. When Chance opened the door and walked in, he froze. Was she really standing there, butt naked, with only heels? Cameron smiled when she saw the way he was checking out her body. She knew she looked good because she took great pride in exercising and eating healthy. The landing strip below her waist was also getting his attention. Chance immediately wanted to land his plane there, giving her turbulence to last a lifetime.

She signaled with her index finger for him to come to her. He did. Cameron placed her arms around his waist and leaned into his hard body. She felt what she was waiting for poke her in her crotch, and immediately became moist. Chance was a very blessed boy indeed. She kissed him softly on the lips. He pushed back a bit. “What are you doing?” She placed her finger over his lips. When he didn’t protest, Cameron began undoing his belt. She unzipped his pants and went for her prize. It was long and thick, with a curve just the way she liked. She wanted to know just how many licks it would take to get to the center of his tootsie pop.

Cameron moved down his body, all the while bringing his pants down with her. When he was exposed, she smiled. It looked even better than it felt. She stroked him, using her hand carefully. He moaned and she knew he was under her spell. Cameron used the tip of her tongue to wet him, and then she took him all inside her mouth. He was shocked to see that she had all of him inside her mouth. Her gag reflexes were a mutha fucka. She was already way ahead of the game, Chance thought closing his eyes enjoying the warmness of her mouth. She was smooth like butter, no teeth getting in the way. Hell, if he hadn’t seen them, he would have betted his last dollar that she didn’t have any in her mouth, the way she played his instrument. She licked him without letting any of him slip out of her mouth. She made circles with her tongue and he grabbed her shoulders. She blew, sucked and counted in between licks, until he exploded inside her mouth. She drank him like lemonade of a hot summer’s day. “I guess it only take eight licks,” she said looking up at him. He was still trembling from the orgasm when Cameron stood up to face him again. Damn, how did she make him cum so fast? Slightly embarrassed, Chance turned away from her. Cameron grabbed his chin turning his face back to face her. “Don’t be embarrassed Chance, Mon. I have that kind of effect on candy as sweet as yours. It always melts in my mouth and not in my hand.” The way she imitated his accent made him smile. She had a good sense of humor to go belong with everything else she possessed.  

After he gathered his composure, it was time he took charge. He pushed her slowly onto the table. He spread her legs open, revealing a lovely flower. Chance began entering her gently at first, until she could take all he had to offer. He tickled her flower and slowly started to pick it. He moved with skill, confidence and expertise. Cameron grinded with him, pushing harder, she wanted him to go deeper. She wanted him to water her entire garden, filling it with seed after seed. Chance lifted her ass slightly off the table bringing her into him slow and rough. She cursed him with pleasurable words, filled with raw passion. He wrapped her legs around his waist, and then turned to sit on the spot she once occupied. Cameron rode him hard, she moaned with each stroke. She bounced up and down, moved in circles and then she came. He saw the depth of her climax in her eyes, through her facial expression, in her body language and knew that he wanted to make her feel that way the a long time to come.

Cameron collapsed on his chest, laughing. She looked into his beautiful brown eyes. She kissed his soft, sweet and full lips, sucking on them gently. He held onto her ass as if it belonged to him now. He was stating his claim, while she was marking her territory. Finally, when both of them composed themselves, they made hot, passionate love again. Cameron was on her knees, on top of the table, while Chance took her from behind. He was gentle when she needed him to be, rough when she told him and did everything like a pro. They came together several times and a hard knock on the door broke their rhythm. Chance put his hand over her mouth and continued to stroke her tenderly. The person on the outside of the door finally left them to their final landing call. Buckle your seatbelts please!

When they were dressed, Chance unlocked the door. He kissed her before he led her back out to the baggage claim. Cameron couldn’t get enough of AIRPORT SECURITY that day and would make several scenes, which would call for his attention in her future. She was in love with a man in uniform and planned to enjoy many flights all over the world. With Chance as her pilot, she would forever fly the friendly skies to total ecstasy, each and every destination.

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