Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Whispering Eye"

Jazz couldn’t wait to get home from work. She wanted to take a long hot bubble bath, have a glass of wine and relax. She also wanted to see her man. They met months ago and she was trying to hold off on having sex too soon like all of her other relationships, but there was just something about him that she craved. Each time she saw him, her kitty kat thumped like thunder. He was sexy as hell, with a body so sinful, Jazz felt convicted whenever she felt her panties get moist from just looking at him. Whenever they worked out together, she was barely able to contain herself he was just that damn “FINE”.

Jazz got all hot and bothered just thinking about the way his lips felt against her own. She wondered how they would feel in other places of her body. She slowly licked her lips, suddenly hornier than before. It was settled, tonight would be their night. Tonight, she would introduce and let him speak to her “whispering eye”, her private southern destination of paradise.

Brian waited anxiously outside of Jazz’s condo. He still couldn’t believe all the sexy and naughty text messages she sent him earlier. Who knew she was so open and freaky with her words? His dick got so hard reading the messages, Brian had to readjust himself several times to get proper blood flow to his “homeboy”. He was getting hard just thinking about her words, and the way she told him to be at her house tonight ready, willing and able.  Shit, that was an understatement. He had been ready, willing and able from the first time he laid eyes on her.

When he saw her at the gym it took him a while to approach her, but after taking a few yoga classes together, he came to know that she was very easy to talk to and had a great sense of humor. Brian wanted her and in more ways than one. The black spandex tights and sports bra showed off curves that went of forever, in all the right places, with breasts so supple, he wanted to bury his head there eternally. The girl was bad, classy, sexy and cool and she made him laugh, which was hard to do. Brian took a chance asking her out on a date, which she politely declined, but agreed to meet him for coffee instead. Now here they were five months later about to take their relationship to another level.

Jazz opened the door and leaped into Brian’s awaiting arms. She kissed him with so much passion; he was left speechless when she finally pulled away from him. The massive package in front of his jeans put a seductive grin on her face. “Damn,” she said. “I see someone is happy to see me.” Brian, slightly embarrassed, quickly put his hand over his huge erection. Jazz saw the look on his face and assured him it was very welcomed to the evening they were about to have. She used her hand to massage his dick and take away any discomfort he might have been feeling. Her hand felt great but he couldn’t help but wonder how her mouth would feel there instead. “Come with me Baby. I know just what you need.” Brian didn’t fuss, only followed the woman of his dreams. The dress she wore hugged her ass, placing him over its’ spell. Brian wanted to touch it, spank it, rejoice in it, but kept his hands to himself. They had all night and before he left, she would be greatly satisfied. “This woman is going to be my wife,” he told himself.

Brian looked confused when Jazz led him into the kitchen. He didn’t smell any food, so he knew there wasn’t anything cooking. She hadn’t mentioned anything about dinner, so his interest was piqued. When Jazz got up on the island in the center of the kitchen, he smiled his more devilish smiles. She was going to be his dinner. “I want you to meet someone,” she said pulling up the short dress over her head exposing her naked body. She then spread her legs wide, giving him a full-eye’s view of her beautiful, pink flesh. It was perfect, hairless and smelled like fresh roses. Brian became hypnotized by her lovely treasure, which he had waited so long to find.
“Damn,” was all Brian could say. For the second time in a matter of minutes, he was left speechless. No one had ever made him so unable to talk. He knew that he had finally met his perfect match. Jazz was definitely a keeper. She stared into his eyes with pure seduction. She wanted him as bad as he wanted her. “This,” she pointed to her pussy, “is my whispering eye. If you lean in closer, you can hear what she wants you to do to her.”

“Is that right”, Brian replied. He dropped down in front of her, pulling her into his soft lips by her soft, firm ass. “Let me see what she has to say then. After all, I am a great listener.” Brian opened his mouth and captured her pearl. Jazz moaned when she felt Brian’s soft, wet tongue commence to listening to what her “whispering eye” told him just what she wanted, but through body movements and unspoken words. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and he was slowly piercing her heart, mind and body. Brian kissed tenderly, licked gently, and sucked softly, causing Jazz to gyrate her hips like waves in the ocean, hitting the sand.

The pleasure she felt from his touch, soared through her entire body. Sparks flew to every inch of her being. She released a powerful orgasm which lasted what felt like forever. Jazz couldn’t contain herself. A single tear kissed her cheek. She was falling in love. It wasn’t because of the way he worked his tongue, but the way he made love to her spirit, the way her “whispering eye” responded to him. The secrets revealed to him through her moans, through her movements. Brian was her Knight in shining armor, her Prince Charming, her happily ever after.

Brian couldn’t believe how delicious she tasted. He wanted to pleasure her until the end of time. The way she moved, ignited something inside of him. He had never felt this way about anyone before. His heart sped up and he continued to listen and speak to her “whispering eye”. It spoke things to his mind, his body and more importantly to his heart. When he felt her body shiver again from another explosive orgasm, he moved back up her body leaving trails of kisses. He captured her lips, giving himself all to her, sealing his eternal love and passion. He whispered into her ear, “I love your whispering eye. We are going to be great friends and have many conversations. Be prepared for the best intellectual stimulation of your life.

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  1. O believe me, good things come to those who wisely choose to wait. Waiting is an amazingly beautiful thing, and sometimes just what we need to discover ourselves before sharing with another.