Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Lilah lie awake in her bed thinking of him. She couldn’t get him off her mind. The way he made her feel was magical. She simply couldn’t get enough of him. She closed her eyes trying to sleep, but she only thought of their KISS.

He gazed into her eyes, penetrating every inch of her existence. She became moist, wetter than water. When she got home, she took her panties off and tossed them into her clothes hamper, but instead, they landed on the wall, sticking there. Damn, she thought amazed as she looked at them. No one had ever caused her underwear to take on the job of walking on walls, and Lilah smiled.

He was all over her. She skin smelled of him, of musk and lavender. She didn’t want to wash his scent off of her body, so she didn’t. She removed the rest of her clothing, brushed her hair and climbed into bed. Now, there she was still smiling, grinning even, by the way he KISSED her.

As their date ended, he walked her to her door. They stood there awkwardly, waiting on the other to make the first move. He leaned in and she followed suit. Their lips said hello, goodnight and see you later, as they danced slowly. His tongue entered her mouth softly, gently, with extreme caution. She gave her own, added heat, desire, magic.

She captured his tongue with hers, a lover’s quarrel of passion, radiating throughout every inch of their soul. Lilah’s spirit soaring, her mind ran wild and her heart was conquered. He KISSed her to the depths of her soul, making love to her as he made small strokes back and forth from her tongue to her lips. She had never imagined such pleasure just from KISSing, she would never KISS another.

The energy, the electricity, the power of their untold anticipation for each other, left unspoken words within their hearts, as the heat turned into fire and Lilah felt her secret treasure slowly unlock. She wanted to give him her jewel, her rubies and her diamond. He KISSed her with such tender love and care. She closed her eyes and let him carry her away to lover’s land.

Lilah took out her pen and paper and decided to write a poem about their KISS:

“Your Kiss”

You kiss my lips tenderly
Making love to them sweetly
Slowly sliding your soft tongue inside
Just the way I like

Moving it around passionately
Pleasuring my mouth with such heat
Such delight, You kiss me senseless

Gentle as a breeze
You fill me releasing smooth currents to my core
I return the kiss with gratitude
Pure satisfaction
Not wanting the moment to end

Each suck so perfect
Each lick ignites desire burning in between my thighs
I crave other kisses you will give to my body

Your kiss is deadly
But I cannot get enough
With every time our lips touch
My mind goes to its’ happy place
Never wanting to return

I soar above my body
Looking at our kisses make love to each other
How could kissing feel better than sexual penetration
But yet, here we are

Kiss me again
Kiss me boldly
Kiss me as if our lives depended on it
Just kiss me like you do
Because I simply cannot get enough
No other’s kiss will do

When she finished, Lilah put up her pen and paper, closed her eyes again and thought of him and the way he KISSed her, wanting more, waiting patiently until they met again. Lilah knew that when that moment came, they would be doing much more than KISSing and she would allow him to KISS her treasure, fine her rubies, diamonds and gold. She would allow him to KISS her senseless, any and everywhere he wanted.

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