Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Backseat Driving"

Malcolm looked at Kai when she walked outside their home. She looked breathtaking. The short skirt and matching blouse she wore looked amazing on her, showing off all of her assets. Her legs went on forever and the stilettos she wore, gave them something extra. Her hair was in tiny waterfall curls, cascading perfectly, to frame her round face. Kai had high cheekbones that most women would kill for. Her lips were full, inviting him to capture them each and every time he saw them. Her eyes looked like marbles, yet slanted slightly, giving her an exotic look. Her skin was golden brown, like fried chicken and Malcolm wanted to eat her up from head to toe. She looked like a model just off the runway. Kai smiled when she saw him. She was hypnotized by him. Her “candy” was beginning to heat up as she walked closer to him.
He got out of the car and walked around to open her door. She stood on her tiptoes to kiss him. Malcolm moaned. Lips that soft should be a sin. His brown skin was soft as cotton. Kai wanted to see how it tasted in her mouth. She felt her “candy” getting hotter and hotter. The wetness in between her thighs could have put a carwash out of business. She wanted him. His eyes gazed at her. They read her mind instantly, piercing the depths of her soul. When he smiled at her, Kai felt her heart leap out of her chest, into his own. “Hey Baby, where are you taking me tonight,” she asked. He closed the door and walked back around to his side of the car. When Malcolm got inside the car, she was staring at him, with seduction in her eyes. “Baby, don’t make me beg. I just want to know where we’re going. Is that too much to ask?” He smiled, thinking he had her just where he wanted her. “You are just going to have to wait Sweetheart, but I know you will love it.”
Kai bent over pretending to fix her shoe as she gave Malcolm an eye full of her smooth, firm backside. He coughed, trying to focus on his destination. She leaned back into her seat and smiled. “Are you sure you still don’t want to tell me where we’re going,” Kai asked. “I told you Babe, you have to wait until we get there.” This time, Kai opened her legs wide, rubbing her caramel thighs softly. She moved her fingers up, pulling her skirt up to expose her sex. She didn’t bother wearing any underwear, because she planned to seduce Malcolm all night long. Malcolm looked at Kai, and her beautiful paradise. He reached over to touch her, but she pushed his hand away. “Are you going to tell me where we’re going,” she asked in a pouty, yet seductive voice. “You have to wait,” Malcolm responded.
When she saw that he wasn’t going to tell her, she put her plan into overdrive. Kai opened her legs wider, placing them both on the dashboard. She put one on the steering wheel, while the other rested in front of her. She began moving her hands on her thighs again. When she got to her secret passage, she parted her lips like the Red Sea, using her index and middle finger to stroke her love button. Malcolm’s body temperature was rising. He almost wrecked the car not being able to take his eyes away from Kai. She massaged her pussy slowly, gently, tenderly, until she felt the fireworks about to explode within her. She rode her fingers, letting her love juice drip all over the seat. She moved faster, worked her fingers harder, until she couldn’t fight the feeling any longer. She came. She moaned out Malcolm’s name. He couldn’t take it anymore.
Malcolm pulled over to the side of the road and got into the back seat. Kai helped him pull his pants down to his knees and then she straddled him. She eased down on his hard dick, gasping at the way it opened her pussy. She wanted to feel all of him. She bounced on it. He tried to move but she stopped him. “No Baby, let me do it.” He did as told. Kai went deeper into him until all of him penetrated her paradise. She cursed because it felt so good. When she gathered her rhythm, she began her backseat driving. She moved slowly at first, and then gained a little more speed. Malcolm moaned. Her pussy was so wet, so good, wrapping around his dick just the way he liked. Kai knew how to love him, have to love his dick, and right now, her pussy was giving it the best ride of his life.
Kai moved in and out, she leaned back and her head rested on the armrest, as she moved faster, in circles, back and forth. She got back up and placed her feet on the seat. She rode him hard, rough, soft and slow. Malcolm couldn’t take it anymore. He held unto her waist, bringing her down unto his dick hard. She cursed and slapped him face. She bit his lips and he wanted all the abuse he intended for her to give him. He got up on his tiptoes, as Kai’s back was against the front seats. Her ass was on the armrest and he gave it to her. “You want all this dick?” “Yes, give it all of me Baby!”
They drove their own speed limit in the backseat of the car, on the side of the road. Kai arched her back to take in more of him and he gave it to her. She screamed, she moaned, she rode his dick like the California expressway. She sped through any speed bumps, ran stop signs and broke all driving rules. Malcolm was her automobile and she switched gears, pumped the brakes, and drove him with no reservations, no discretions, driving the hell out of him. She gave and he received. He gave and she welcomed it with opened arms. When they climaxed together, Kai was on cloud nine. She was sexually satisfied by a skilled lover who didn’t hold back. Malcolm was in love all over again and he would never leave this woman. They were the perfect fit, made for each other.
Kai kissed his lips, sucking on his tongue in between breaths. She devoured his mouth. She loved the way he kissed her. Malcolm returned her kisses with precision, skill and excellence. He knew what she wanted and gave graciously.  They test drove each other again in the back seat before composing themselves. Just as they drove off, a police car was pulling up behind them to see if anything was wrong. They laughed looking back at the car.  Malcolm told Kai he was taking her to a John Legend and Sade concert. He was about to take her to a place where only lover’s go and give her the sweetest taboo. And when the concert was all over, he would bring her home and let her take him on another ride. He was giving her the green light. He wanted to be her soldier of love and she was his smooth operator. It didn’t matter if they were ordinary people, he didn’t want no other love. And when he said Good Morning Love, Malcolm would be ready to get lifted again. He also knew that he would never complain about Kai’s backseat driving, front seat driving or anything that involved her and driving for the rest of their lives.

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