Monday, June 27, 2011


Narti got home feeling sexual, open to taking things between her and her lover to the next level. Their sex-life was amazing, but she wanted more. She wanted it to be so good, so profound, that whenever they were away from one another, all they had to do was reminisce and fulfill their sexual craving. She smiled. It was hot outside. She needed a cold drink and being that she was from down south she knew the perfect drink to make. Maybe she would become the drink, she thought. Yes, Narti knew exactly how she was about to spice things up a bit. Something within her was brewing. The moisture between her thighs was starting to boil, drenching her silk thong. She was almost ready to quench his thirst, but first she had to make sure his drink was perfect.

She spread her legs wide, using her fingers to add all the necessary ingredients. As she stirred, Narti felt waves of pleasure percolate throughout her. The sensations heating up her pot was adding extra special flavor, she became sticky. Her simple syrup began to blend, formulating for best “sweet tea” he would ever taste, creating the perfect concoction of sweetness. He was sure to receive a cavity. But he would definitely enjoy drinking her deliciousness. Narti moved her hips, getting just the right temperature. She was now waiting for his “spoon” to stir into her “pot” before he poured her into a pitcher. When Narti felt her final ingredient burst, adding just the right amount of aromatics, she knew that her “sweet tea” was ready. Her steam rose throughout the air. The sexual aroma leaving a trail for him to smell was making her mouth feel like cotton. All she needed how was his straw to suck up her own thirst quenching beverage.

When Jamal walked into the house, he sniffed. Narti was making something, whatever it was, smelled wonderful. He followed the scent, aroused by the passion generating throughout the air. When he found Narti she was waiting for him. “I made you something Baby,” she said. “Come see if it tastes sweet.” Jamal didn’t waste any time. He was thirsty and needed something to drink soon. He grabbed her ass, the perfect pitcher for her cool beverage, but when he sipped, there was nothing cool about it. She was so hot. The warm liquid felt good going down his throat. Jamal drank and drank and drank until his cup couldn’t hold anymore of her Narti’s homemade beverage. His mouth still watered, as her syrup covered his chin. He used his tongue to lick it up. Jamal didn’t want anything to go to waste. Once he was sure there wasn’t any left, he sipped, drank, tasted, and emptied her perfectly delicious treat, and then used his “big dipper” to empty her “pitcher”. “Oh how I love “sweet tea”, he said and Narti smile. They would next make “lemonade” and she had all the perfect ingredients.

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  1. Baby I am always ready to quench my man's thirst! Better than koolaide...thoroughly satisfying! If you don't somebody else will. Just sayin....