Monday, June 27, 2011


A drop of rain
hitting the pavement
creating a circle of emotion
cleansing the depth of my soul
my spirit flies freely
under the influence of desire
leaving my heart exposed

Exposed to love
divine love, perfect love
love pumping through my veins
carrying life to my heart
a spark so profound
I am left speechless, vulnerable, open-minded
to the endless possibilities love brings

Bringing pleasure to my very existence
passion to last a lifetime and beyond
patience, kindness, gentleness
creating divine delight
I close my eyes to dwell in this moment
I transition into happiness

A ray of sunshine
shining bright as the sun
radiating life within me
making my world worth living
causing joy, overwhelming purpose
laughter in my mind
I am left smiling all over

Engulped in you
your sincerity,
WILL to be a better you
to love me genuinely
you are the flame
and I'll desire you until the end of time
because it is fueled, unable to burnout

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