Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crown royal on ice

Charlie turned down the dirt road, heading nowhere in particular. She wondered why she had chosen to take her bike, instead of her car. In the distance, she saw an old bar. Maybe she needed a drink. "Yes, one drink wouldn’t hurt", Charlie said aloud to keep herself from turning around. When she walked into the dimly lit bar, she went immediately to sit in the back corner. “What can I get you,” a sexy voice said, standing over her. When their eyes met, Charlie felt her kitty kat jump, becoming moist. It had been a while, and she was horny as hell. “Crown royal on ice please,” she said trying to take her eyes from his. “Sure thing, coming right up,” the handsome stranger said. When he turned to walk away, Charlie checked him out. His ass was firm and she could tell through his tight jeans that his legs were toned, muscular and would feel great when she held on to them, as she rode him into ecstasy.
When he returned with her drink, she saw the huge bulge in front of his pants. Damn, she thought. All of that and he wasn’t even hard. Charlie knew that she had to have some of that. She loved a man with a huge dick, and appreciated him even more if he knew how to use it. He left her drink on the table in front of her and walked away. Charlie sipped, imagining he was the warm liquid going down her throat. She nearly choked, when she climaxed right there in her seat. She crossed her legs. “What the hell,” she said. The only other customer in the bar looked her way with an annoyed expression on his face. He shook his head, thinking she was some lunatic. When Charlie finished her losing battle with another orgasm, she looked up to see the stranger watching her from the bar. The way he penetrated her with his eyes, sent her body into another wonderful wave of pleasure.
“Last call,” he called out. The other guy finished his drink, left his pay and a generous tip, and walked out of the bar. Charlie wasn’t ready to leave, in fact, she hadn’t put a dent in her drink and she planned to sit there as long as she needed, to finish it. “You mind if I finish up hear first,” she asked. He didn’t speak only walked toward her. His eyes never left hers, burning passion within her. Charlie was about to explode. “Come with me,” he said walking towards a long hallway. Charlie wasn’t intimidated, she welcomed a challenge. She got off on them. She got up from the table, downed the rest of her drink and followed her strange companion.
She rounded the corner and was immediately attacked. He grabbed her breasts, kissing her with electricity. Charlie returned the kiss, using her mouth to show just how unnerved she was by his bluntness. The stranger rubbed her softly, then more aggressively. He moved his hands down to her flower, picking it slowly, feeling the moisture from watering it through her clothing. Charlie grinded against his hand, the crown royal had loosened her up a bit and now she was ready for the adventure he was sure to take her on. She moaned. His hands did wonders to her body. He gripped her tight ass, drawing her close to him. She felt her prize poking her in the stomach.
The stranger removed her clothing intensely, he wanted her. When he saw her turn her bike down the road heading to his bar, he wanted her. When she got off her bike, he wanted her. When she ordered his favorite brown liquor, crown royal, he wanted her more than before. The way her voice seduced him drove him insane. What was it about her? He would show her just how much he wanted her and then some. The lifted her up, placing her on top of a nearby deep freezer. She spread wide for him. Charlie gave him a lovely view as she held both ankles with her hands. “Damn,” he said. She was once a dancer, so yes, she was flexible. Charlie held her position, anticipating him inside her fiery walls. He saw her orgasm decorating her pussy and he used his tongue to accessorize her. She tasted like peaches and cream. When he finished his interior design, she looked sweeter, like icing on a cake. He removed his own clothing. When he entered her, he was home.
Her pussy wrapped around his dick like they belonged together. The way she moved with his rhythm was magical. She played his tune with perfect pitch, unbelievable harmony and just the right octave. He moved deeper. She moaned with delight, still holding her ankles. He pushed harder and she wrapped her legs around his waist, bringing him into her. She wanted to be in control and he wanted to feel her ride him just as he had seen her ride her bike. A woman on a motorcycle was an aphrodisiac. He wished he was her seat, with her pussy vibrating against his dick. She moved back and forth. He stopped her, holding her in place. He wasn’t ready to release. He wanted her to take him for a ride. He kissed her again, tasting the crown royal on her lips. “You taste delicious.”
He lifted her up again, his hands placed on each of her cheeks. He slapped them softly, but firmly. She rode him as he walked into his office, to his chair. He sat down, bringing her down on his dick hard. She screamed of pleasure, allowing the currents of his thickness to engulf her. Charlie was on the verge on another orgasm. She rode him like her Kawasaki, changing gears just at the appropriate time. He howled, smacking her ass as it bounced up and down. Charlie gave all of her throttle, passing every speed limit possible. She jerked, shifted, twisted, turned, and moved in every way he could have imagined. The girl definitely knew how to ride a stick, he thought letting his orgasm take him over the edge. He pumped harder, rougher, until he wasn’t able to move at all. He held her in place to stop her from moving any further.
Charlie kissed the sweat from his neck, tasting the salt in her mouth from his skin. She whispered in his ear, “baby I missed you.” He embraced her tightly. “I missed you too, can’t you tell,” he said laughing. She continued planting kisses all over his body. When she kissed his neck again, he was ready for another ride. “Baby, it’s going to be a long night. You know what crown royal on ice does to me. So buckle up your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.” Charlie eased down back on her throttle and took him on another wonderful destination. They made love the rest of the night. He wasn’t a stranger at all. He was her lover, her husband, the love of her life. It wasn’t just any old bar, it was their bar, on their ranch, and she planned to remain in his arms until they rode their bikes down the dirt road, to their beautiful home and do it all over again. Crown royal on ice will do it everything, Charlie thought riding the waves of love to more pleasure, more passion, more desire than she could have hoped for.

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