Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Sugah and Spice"

Chapter 16
                Simone and Mya watched Sugah drive away. “That bitch seems like she got a lot of heart. We may have to recruit her ass. I think with her, the three of us can do great things and show Mr. X that we are not to be fucked with,” Mya said still looking in the direction of Sugah’s car. “I told you. The first day I saw her and how she didn’t seem fazed by the way I was staring her down, really got my attention. But, I can tell that there is something going on between her and Khalil. That day in class, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. I think he may even be in love with her, Mya. I don’t want him back nor am I jealous. You know who I truly love and desire. I just hate seeing him look at another woman the way he used to look at me. I will admit that I messed that relationship up but the past must stay in the past, right. Isn’t that what you always say?”

                Mya turned to look at her sister. They were identical and had used that to scheme their way in life. Their own parents couldn’t really tell them apart, so that also worked to their advantage. Mya thought about the night she lost the one man she loved. Espresso was so furious. He looked like he was going too crumbled into a million pieces when she lied to him. Telling him she was pregnant with another man’s child was the only way to make him let her go. If she had stayed, she and her sister would have been in great danger. Mr. X had put a hit out on them and leaving the country had been their only way of survival. Mya wanted him back but how was she going to get him to even listen to anything she had to say. In that moment, she thought about Sugah. Although they didn’t know each other, Mya had plans of all that changing. And if she didn’t cooperate, she would suffer greatly just like all the rest, who didn’t do what she asked of them. Simone, her very own twin, had suffered from that very thing. Mya hated what she done but that was the only way. The night Simone tried to get out of the business and live a normal, clean life, was the same night Mya ruined it for her. Drugging her sister was easy. She never could hold her liquor. The hard part was keeping her sedated long enough so she could seduce Mr. X and get caught by Khalil.

When Simone went to see him the next day, she didn’t understand what he was so upset with her about. It wasn’t until Mya lied, explaining that she had been caught having sex with the boss by him, that she understood his hatred toward her. Because Simone woke up high, with a massive hangover, she didn’t bother questioning anything Mya told her. Simone went directly to Khalil when in fact; Mark had been the one who caught her with his father. Mya threatened him, pretending to be Simone. She knew that he was in love with her. She was envious that he hadn’t felt the same way about her. They were friends first. Simone always got the guys she wanted, all except Espresso. He was someone special, who loved her in spite of all her flaws. Mya knew that if her secret got out, Simone, Khalil and Mr. X would never forgive her. She couldn’t chance that to ever happen. That secret would be carried with her to the grave. Mya also knew that if word got back to Mr. X that she and Simone were back, he would come looking for them. They had to be extra careful. Although they changed their hair, wore contacts and slimmed down a bit, they were still recognizable. Mark and Khalil had proved that point.

“Don’t worry about her. She will do exactly what we want her to do. I have a plan. When the time is right, I will fill you in on it. Let’s go. It’s getting dark and looks like it’s about to rain. I have a full day tomorrow when I pay a visit to an old friend. She won’t know what to do when she sees me,” Mya said walking away from her twin sister. Simone watched her sister, somewhat disgusted by her arrogant and evil ways. She knew that Mya was speaking of Java when she said she had to pay someone a visit. They had once been close, almost as close as they were but after Mya’s betrayal, that all changed and they became archenemies. Simone wondered what would happen when they finally came face-to-face. Nothing good could come from that encounter.

As they got into Mya’s Range Rover, Simone couldn’t hold her tongue any longer. “Mya, you should let it go. Haven’t you caused her enough pain? Java was once like a mother to us but you messed that all up by going after her man. Mr. X was married to her when you went after him. She trusted you. Hell, she trusted both of us and when you did what you did, she didn’t want to hear anything that I had to say. I really don’t blame her, Mya. That was coldblooded on your part. What if she had done something like that to you?”

Mya backed out and drove into the night. She finally looked over at her sister. “She would have been a dead bitch!” Simone was speechless. The evil in Mya’s eyes paralyzed her. She knew that when such evil was displayed, nothing good ever followed. They rode in silence until we got to their rented townhouse. Simone’s phone beeped, indicating a message. It was from Mark. He didn’t to see her. “Who is that,” Mya wanted to know. “Nobody, just someone I met a few days ago,” Simone lied. Mya didn’t say anything else. She knew that her sister was lying. Simone had never been a good liar. Quickly sending a reply message that they could meet later, Simone closed her phone. “What do you want for dinner,” Mya randomly asked. She was seemingly in a better mood now, Simone gathered. “I hadn’t thought about it. What do you want? I am open.”

“Let’s order a pizza. I am kind of tired and just want to take a hot bubble bath and relax. I really don’t want to go anywhere, if that’s okay.”

“Sure, no problem, that sounds great. But I can always go pick up anything that you want too. I don’t really want pizza tonight. We had it a few nights ago. I think I may just go get some pasta or something,” Simone said. She wanted to see Mark and that was the only way she could leave the house without questions from Mya.

“That does sound good. Are you sure you don’t mind going back out. It’s not a big deal.” Mya knew that Simone was up to something but didn’t have the energy to deal with it at the moment. She was still jetlagged from her earlier flight. Since Simone had come backs days before her to secure a place for them, Mya could stay behind and take care of a few things before joining her. “I’ll just take my car and go pick up anything you want. As I said before, it’s no problem. I may even go to the grocery store and do a little shopping too. We really don’t have much in the house and you know that I hate eating out. There is nothing like a good, healthy and delicious home cooked meal,” Simone said. “I totally agree,” Mya said, smiling at her sister. They were different but the same in most ways. Their parents always prepared hot meals for them growing up and that stayed with them. Cooking at home was a great pastime for them. That was how they bonded over the years, by preparing meals together, at home. Since they had always lived together, Simone and Mya looked forward to that time each day. “It’s settled then. I’ll go to the grocery store first and then go pick up something pasta from Gambino’s. They still have the best in town.” Mya nodded her head in agreement. She suddenly became hungrier than before.

When Simone left the house, Mya picked up her cell. When the person on the other end of the line said hello, she smiled. “Hey, it’s me. I’m back. I made it in this morning. No, she just walked out the door. She doesn’t have a clue. When can I see you? I need me fix. It’s been a minute, Babe. I know, we have to be careful but I need you. Sure, sounds great. I will see you later then,” Mya said just above a whisper, as if someone was listening. She ended the call, deleted the last number and smiled. Her plan was taking action and some she wouldn’t have to worry about working ever again in her life. She only hated that so many people were about to get hurt, in order for that to happen, one person in particular, her sister.

The person on the other end of the phone smiled to himself. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on the woman he had just hung up with. She did things no other woman could do to him, leaving him always craving more. The chemistry between them was so intense, he found himself aroused just by hearing her sweet, seductive voice. That night he masturbated, thinking of all the things he would do to her when he got his hands on her, later. Too bad their time wouldn’t last long. She was way too dirty for that.

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