Friday, October 7, 2011

"Sugah and Spice"

Chapter 4

                When Sugah woke up the next morning, she felt invigorated. She looked down at herself trying to move.  Her love juice was all over her hand, making it sticky like glue. Her thighs had it all between them and her pussy was still dripping wet and throbbing for more. “Damn, was I really dreaming? I need to chill out. This is too crazy,” she told herself. But Sugah couldn’t stop thinking about Khalil. She smiled wishing that the things they did in her dream was reality. Sugah wanted to fuck him all night long. If he was good as she knew he would be, she would also have him for breakfast, lunch and dinner, soon. Slowly she began getting up from her new sofa, where she had slept all night or at least tried to sleep. Rubbing her eyes, Sugah looked around the room. When she saw that her apartment was still updated, she knew that what happened yesterday had really happened. She had gone to the meeting, met new people and was given her first assignment to become a member of their organization. Sugah shook her head smiling, making her way to her bathroom. She needed a cold shower.

                When she got all cleaned up and dressed, Sugah went to open the box sitting on her living room floor. She slowly read the contents and noticed a business card. She looked at it and a huge grin consumed her. Khalil’s cell, home and work numbers was handwritten on the back of the card just as his note explained. His personal email address was also written on the card. “Damn, now I don’t have any excuse for not getting in contact with him. He definitely made sure of that,” Sugah said. Her body suddenly got overheated and she felt her spot get hot. Why was she so drawn to a total stranger? He could be a serial killer or rapist. They all could be crazy and now she was involved with them. Sugah began to panic. “They know where I live. Oh my god! What have I done,” she spoke in a frantic tone. “Calm down. Take a deep breath and relax. You are okay. They will not do anything to harm you. Remember you went to them in the first place, so it’s your own fault if something does happen.” Sugah didn’t like when she listened to the voice in her head. She wasn’t crazy or was she? Many people talked to themselves, she was sure of it. Shaking that thought, she continued reviewing the details of her trial assignment. If she got this done right, she would be worry free about money. According to the information on the paper from Khalil, if she got the contract, she would have about five thousand dollars in her pockets. Wow, she thought. This is some serious cash. I have to do my best.

                Her phone rang, bringing her mind back to the present. “Hello,” she answered. “Good Morning Sunshine. Did you read over all of the information for this afternoon? I will meet you down at the Marina say around twelve fifteen. Mr. Blakemore will be with me. All you have to do is pretend to be the woman in charge of renting the more expensive and exclusive yachts. He loves throwing his money around and all we have to do is catch it. How did you sleep,” Khalil finally asked. He was making her head spin with all of his talking, so early. Sugah needed her caffeine first. She walked into her kitchen and put on a pot of strong black coffee. She smiled again while scooping the coffee into the coffee maker. When he paused, she answered his questions. “Good Morning to you too and yes, I slept well. I have all the information I need. It’s in the bag. Just do your best not to show any connection to me today. If Mr. Blakemore gets any indication of that, he will not be pleased. I know his type. He needs all of the attention and likes to be sucked up to. Working at high-end department stores taught me well about rich people and what it takes for me to get their money. Don’t worry that handsome little head of yours, I got this, okay.”

                Khalil was impressed by her confidence. He was getting more and more intrigued by her as he got to know her. When his sister, Java, approached him after the meeting yesterday with the inclination that he was losing focus, he ignored her. But maybe she was right. Why Sugah? What made her so different from all the rest? He would just wait to see what happened first before he made a complete ass of himself. He knew she was attracted to him. It was obvious as they rode the elevator together and the why her eyes lit up when he looked into them. Yes, Sugah was into him just as he was into her. But business was business. Maybe it was time to just focus and let nature take its course. If it was meant for them to have more than a work related relationship, then it would happen. Nothing forced ever got positive results, Khalil told himself. “Hello? Are you still there,” he heard Sugah ask in the sweetest voice. His dick was getting harder by the minute. “Ah…yeah, I’m here. I was just listening at you speak. Didn’t want to interrupt you, I am a gentleman.” Sugah laughed. Was she nervous? “Well, I won’t hold you. I will see you later then.”

“Okay. See you later and Khalil, Sugah won’t be present today. Spice is about to make her grand appearance. Just wanted to warn you before you show up today.” He smiled. “Whatever you say, let’s get this money, Baby.” They hung up without another word needed to be said. Sugah liked the sound of him calling her baby.  

                After taking several minutes to calm down, Sugah placed the card into the pocket of her robe and went to pour herself a huge mug of coffee. She fixed a light breakfast, got dressed and went to see her new client. The weather in the city was beautiful so she decided to wear a colorful maxi dress on top of her tiny fiery red bikini. A swimsuit was only fitting were the occasion, Sugah thought. After all, they were meeting at the Marina. If she wanted to secure the contract, it was time Spice stepped onto the scene. What man wouldn’t want to rent a beautiful yacht from a beautiful, sexy, young girl wearing a beautiful red swimsuit? Red was turning out to be Spice’s signature color, Sugah thought. Maybe that would be the way she stood out from the rest. It was settled. Red would be her partner in crime.

                The weather in the city was beautiful and airy. The breeze kissed Sugah’s face and ruffled her free-falling curls. The walk to the Marina from her new apartment was delightful and to her surprise not as far as her imagined. The place was amazing. There were boats of all shapes and sized, with unique names. The one that stood out was named after her mother “Charlotte”. Sugah smiled thinking of her mother and the great times they shared together. She missed those times and longed to have her mother be her best friend again. Sugah pushed those thoughts away as they channeled her enter diva. She looked down at her watch. Just as she was looking back up, she saw Coffee and who she assumed was Mr. Blakemore. “Game on,” she said putting on her best smile. Sugah was about to perform an award-winning role, which would secure more revenue for her new place of employment. Summer semester began in a week, so Sugah needed the money to get all of her supplies, books and still send some home to her mother.

                As they approached her, she felt butterflies in her stomach. Coffee looked good enough to eat in his white linen and whit-tan sandals. His eyes met hers and Sugah immediately knew what was on his mind. They spoke to each other without having said a single word. She shifted her attention to the man he had next to him. She had to admit the older gentleman was a very nice looking man. He had features like Victor Newman, from the Young and the Restless. He was truly tall, dark and handsome. His dark hair moved with the wind. He used his right hand to fix it, but the breeze from the water tasseled it more. Coffee and the man must have shared a joke because when they finally got to her, they were all laughs. Sugah jumped right into character. She extended her right hand, while holding a white clipboard in her left. “Good Afternoon gentlemen, so nice of you to finally join me, shall we?” Both men looked at each other and all smiling seized. “Mr. Blakemore, I presume”, Spice said. The man was speechless for a moment. “Yes, and may I ask your name young lady? You are definitely not the usual type I do business with.” His voice was sexy, sultry and soothing, Sugah acknowledged to herself.

                “And what type might that be, Sir?” Spice asked, removing her big framed sunglasses to look the man straight in the eyes. She didn’t like when people hid their eyes when they talked with her, so she never did it. Sugah waited for the old man to answer her, but he just stood there in awe of her natural beauty. “What were you saying Mr. Blakemore, Sir. We don’t have much time to look at the yacht due to your tardiness, so if you don’t mind, shall we get to it?” He old man cleared his throat and nodded like a lost puppy. Coffee put his hand over his mouth enjoying her performance. She never broke character once. He wanted her even more. As for as he was concerned, she had passed his test and was already getting promoted too much bigger projects. Sugah began walking in the direction of the boat she was to show her new admirer. The roundness of her ass hypnotized both Coffee and the older man. They watched her ass sway from side to side wanting to follow any where it led them. She glanced back at them and added a little extra pep to her step. When they got to the “Secret Passage” Sugah stopped. It was time for Spice to do all the talking.

                “Oh…I love the name of this boat,” Mr. Blakemore said. “Excuse me Miss, my client asked your name back there and you never told us. I find it very impolite that you didn’t share that bit of information with someone who is here to potentially do business with you,” Coffee said. “Oh, that’s perfectly fine, Coffee. She will tell us her name when the time comes,” Mr. Blakemore said, like a lost puppy. Coffee ignored the man. He then extended his hand to her. “My name is Coffee. You already know my client, Mr. Blakemore, so let’s just start from here.” Spice eyed him suspiciously, but softened her hardened face. She knew that he was only playing a role, so she had to lighten up, otherwise the old man would run for the hills. Spice extended her hand to Coffee’s, shaking it firmly so that Mr. Blakemore saw that she was not a pushover. “So sorry about that Coffee, Mr. Blakemore,” she said looking from one man to the other. “I had a client cancel at the last minute and I apologize for taking that out of you. Please, I offer my secure apologies. My name is Spice and yes, it is my birth name. I was born in Jamaica and everyone there loves spicy food, so my parents just named me that.”

                “I like it. It definitely fits too,” Mr. Blakemore said. He took her hands in his own and kissed them each. Spice wanted to say something to him, but decided against it. She stepped down onto the pier to get access to the “Secret Passage”. The guys followed her. When she got ready to get onto the yacht, both Coffee and Mr. Blakemore offered her their assistance. Spice chose her new client over her new boss. It was only fitting for the occasion, she told herself. She waited until all of them were on the boat and began her grand tour. The boat was a beauty, with some many grand amenities; she had to stop herself from keeping her mouth hanging wide open. She didn’t even know boats had bedrooms. And that particular one had four, with five bathrooms, a full kitchen, dining area and two living spaces. There was a pool and Jacuzzi, a hammock in the front of the boat for sunbathing. The master suite was amazing. Even Mr. Blakemore seemed impressed by all the boat had to offer. “How much if I wanted to own this one,” he asked catching both Coffee and Spice off guard.

                “Well this yacht is priced at 5.5 million. It comes with a spot at the Marina and upkeep when you are docked here. That price also includes any maintenance, repair, and any other thing that may come up. Is that something you are thinking about doing Mr. Blakemore,” Spice asked. “I own two smaller yachts Spice but this boat is impressive. I could just set sail and travel around the world in her. She is a beauty. Is getting the boat customized included in the price or would I have to do that myself,” he asked. “No, you get to pick and choose any and everything you want in the one you purchase. Most of my clients love that part of purchasing. The wives get to feel like they are decorating a new home, while the husbands get a big new fancy toy.” Mr. Blakemore laughed. “Well, my wife passed on a few years back from breast cancer, so I will be hand picking everything for myself.”

“Aw, I am so sorry to hear that, Sir.” Sugah was saddened by that thought, thinking of her mother. If anything happened to her, she would be lost. Mr. Blakemore didn’t seem fazed but maybe it was just her, Sugah thought.  Coffee also offered his sincere condolences. After a few moments of awkward silence, Sugah spoke firmly. “Shall we continue with the tour? I think I have something down below that you are going to love,” Spice said, leaving room for assumption as to what her statement meant. It has cleared gotten both man’s interest.

“Well, in that case, please lead the way,” Mr. Blakemore responded. He was admiring Spice more and more by the second. He wondered if she liked older men.

                Coffee couldn’t help but think about her meaning. He wanted to look at her down below. He wanted to do more than look at it. Coffee cleared his throat. It was getting a bit overheated on the yacht and he didn’t want Mr. Blakemore to get the wrong impression of Sugah. Before he could say or do anything else, she grabbed his arm and led him toward the cabin of the boat. The old man was shocked at the young woman’s forwardness, but welcomed the chance to get closer to her. Coffee followed them like a puppy with his tail tucked between his legs. He had to admit that she was doing the damn thing. She was making him believe she really knew what she was doing. If he didn’t know better, he would have been convinced that Sugah really did sell expensive yachts. Damn, she was a natural at this. She was going to bring in a ton of money to the organization.

 There was a secret stairway that led to a secret room in the bottom of the yacht. Mr. Blakemore was indeed impressed. The room could be used for anything, he thought looking around the space. His eyes were then drawn back to the young woman next to him. She was beautiful, sexy and professional, but just how old was she? She looked so young and innocent. Spice saw him from her peripheral vision, and immediately set the record straight. She leaned in closer to him and whispered, “I am old enough.” The old man felt his dick jump, which hadn’t done that since his wife died. Sure he had companions for special events, to travel with him and have dinner with, but never anything sexual. He was still afraid to cross that line with any of them. Maybe Spice was different but she was too young.

                Coffee couldn’t believe his damn eyes. The old man actually had a hard on. He was old enough to be her grandfather and here he was thinking sinful thoughts of her. Sugah was off limits. She was his. But she didn’t seem to mind the old bastard flirting with her. Maybe they didn’t have the connection he thought they did. “I need to go make a call. I will meet you guys up top in a few.” He didn’t give them a chance to respond. He was walking back up the stairs. Spice knew that he was pissed at her behavior towards the old man, but she was only doing her job. If she got him to purchase the yacht instead of rent it that would mean more money for the operation and in her pockets. At that rate, she would be able to move into a better place, buy her first car and put some into savings for a rainy day. Her focus was still on and her sights were set on becoming a millionaire before her twenty-first birthday, and since she was about to turn nineteen, she had better get a move on it.

                “So Mr. Blakemore, would you like to take her out on the water to get a feel for how it would be,” Spice asked closing the space in between them. The old man’s dick was about to burst out of his pants. She fought the urge to giggle. “Can we do that? I was told that we could only see the boat today. That would be great.” Spice turned and took out her cell phone. After a few minutes, she turned back to face the old man who had his eyes glued to her ass when she looked at him. He felt embarrassed. “We are all a go. Did you bring your swimsuit with you or do you need one,” Spice asked. “No have my trunks on under my pants. After all, we are at the Marina. I never come this close to water without being prepared.” Spice smiled. The old man had spunk. She liked him. “Okay, I will alert the Captain.”

                When Spice and the old man emerged from below, Coffee was just wrapping up his call. “So, what’s next,” he asked. “We are about to take her out for a spin. Are you joining us,” she asked him with a smirk on her face. He couldn’t believe it. She had done it. Sugah had gotten the owner of the yacht company to agree to let them take the boat out on the water. That was a bonus on the important he had sent over to her apartment. He didn’t even think she would read that because none of the others had. Damn, she had him impressed again. Beautiful women always got their way, but she hadn’t seen the owner, only talked on the call with him. So she had mad skills, he concluded. “Ah, yeah, just let me get my bag from the car. Mr. Blakemore, you are cool with this right now? We can schedule to come back another time if you need to.”

“Oh, no, I’m good. I have trunks over my pants. There should be towels and sunscreen available for us right, Spice?”
                “Anything you need,” Spice said. “Coffee when you are ready, come get me, I will be down below, in the office completing the necessary paperwork.  Mr. Blakemore, please get comfortable. There is a fully stocked bar, with a barkeep to get you anything you need and the chef should be here momentarily. He will prepare anything you like.  I really need a little privacy to do my job, so I will leave you guys for now.” Before she went downstairs, she turned back around. “Now, don’t run off on me. We can do this another time, no pressure.” “Never,” Mr. Blakemore said.          

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