Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Sugah and Spice"

Chapter 3
                When Sugah got off the elevator on the fifteenth floor, she entered another reception area, only this time the room was all red. Red walls, red carpet, red décor and a waiting area, which had three red chairs. Sugah looked around and surprisingly, she liked it. Although red wasn’t really her color of choice, it worked. It gave off a sensual vibe to the space. Suddenly, Sugah wondered what she was about to encounter. What was she about to get herself into? Was it something legal or would she end up with a mug shot? “May I help you,” the woman at the reception area asked in a pleasant voice, bringing Sugah’s wondering mind back to reality. She too, was delightful just as the one downstairs, Sugah gathered. “Ah….yes….I was instructed to come up here for an appointment I have today. I don’t really know who I’m supposed to speak with, so can you please let whomever know that I am here please,” she said to the woman. “Sure. No problem. You may have a seat if you like, but it shouldn’t be long. No one is kept waiting.”

                Sugah smiled. She walked over to one of the three chairs and sat down. She wondered what happened to the man who was on the elevator with her. She didn’t see him get off after her, so she assumed he went to another floor. Her underwear was still wet from just being in his presence. The thought of that sent a chill down her spine. It made her light-headed and tingles pulsated through her hidden treasure. Was she horny? It had been a while since her last contact with a man. In fact, Sugah couldn’t even recall the last time. As her mind wondered trying to remember, she heard her name. When she looked up, she saw the girl from the mall who had given her the business card. There was a sly grin on her face, which Sugah immediately found annoying. And how did she even know her name? It dawned on her that they had never formally introduced themselves. “I know what you’re thinking. Just come with me. I will explain everything in private.”

                Sugah followed the well-dressed woman, admiring her shoes. Damn, those are some bad ass shoes, Sugah acknowledge in her head. When they entered the huge corner office, she was even more impressed. An incredible view of the city was the focal point because floor to ceiling windows added that charm, proving that fact to anyone who walked inside the room. A massive desk, sat to the left of the room, while a contemporary sofa and two matching chairs, coffee table and nice rug, sat to the right. A full bar, sat in one corner of the space and several huge planters were placed throughout the space, adding more depth. The one wall in the space was painted in black. The furniture was also black. Red and white were accented colors throughout the space. There were beautiful paintings, sculptures, more rugs, and other immaculate décor creating elegance, charm, character and overall ambiance to the space. Everything in the room was well balanced, complementing to each other.

                There were other people standing in the space, in front of the window admiring the view of the city. Evening was approaching and the beautiful horizon looked amazing. Sugah loved watching sunsets and she knew that the one soon approaching would be the best she had seen to date. The young woman quickly ordered her a drink. “Get the lady a vodka and cranberry, with a hint of lime, please,” the woman told the barkeep. Sugah declined. She didn’t want to make any bad impressions. She was also caught off guard by the woman’s knowledge of her favorite drink. Maybe that was just coincidence, Sugar told herself. She remembered her mother’s words, “first impressions are lasting impressions”.

The woman then quickly got everyone else’s attention. They are turned and were pleasantly surprised when they saw Sugah, according to the looks and smiles she received from each of them. There were two women and three men. Sugah recognized the two women immediately. They were the same two who were with the other one, the day at the mall. They smiled at her, scanning her from head to toe. Sugah was glad she had decided to dress her best. Her discounts for working at the mall were finally paying off. She did look good, she admitted, seeing her reflection from the mirror behind the bar. Her Donna Karan black, fitted cocktail dress hugged her hips, giving her ass the perfect introduction. The matching stilettos, accentuated her perfectly toned legs, making her look like a dancer. Her hair flowed past her shoulders in tiny ringlets and her lightly applied makeup was flawless. She looked like a movie star in training.

                “Everyone, this is Sugah. She is going to be a part of our team. We met almost a year ago and she has finally decided to join us. Sugah, please allow me to introduce you to everyone.” The young woman was first to extend her hand. “We should have done this a long time ago but better late than never, right. My name is Camille, but you can call me Latte.” Sugah accepted her hand and shook it firmly. She learned that a handshake said a thousand words about a person. From the look on the woman’s face, Sugah knew that now to be true. “Nice shake,” she said. The two women slowly walked up to Sugah with extended hands. “This is Setra. I mean Mocha,” and while they said their greetings, the other woman waited her turn. She was the better looking one of the three, with piercing eyes and models looks. She observed everything, Sugah gathered from the moment she entered the room. Before Latte spoke, the woman grabbed Sugah’s hand and shook with it poise, yet firmness. “Hello, so nice to see you again Sugah. My name is Jade but please call me Java.” Sugah liked her name. It was authoritative, bold and packed a punch.

                The three men waited until the women made their formalities. They were still amazed to see such delicate and beautiful creatures interact with fearlessness and character, sizing each other up. It was amusing and sexy as hell to them. The first one, a dark complexion young brother, who could make Taye Diggs and Morris Chestnut look like shit, introduced himself first. He took her name and kissed the back of it. “Oh, there he goes,” Mocha said laughing with the others. Sugah wasn’t impressed. Sure, he was charming, handsome and smelled good, but her mind was still on the one from the elevator. “My name is Dex, but you can all me Espresso. Nice to meet you Sugah,” he said, his eyes trying to read her own. She nodded up and down, waiting for the next man to walk up.

                He was what men would call a fair skinned woman “redbone” with freckles and a nice smile. He had warm eyes and was tall and muscular. His suit did nothing to hide the fact that he enjoyed the gym. I bet he could pick me up and do it walking around all day long, Sugah thought. She shook the thought from her mind. He smiled as if he knew her thoughts too. My name is Tory, but my people call me Cap, short for Cappuccino. So nice to have you aboard Sugah, by the way, is that your real name?” “Nice to meet you too Cap and yes that is the name my father gave to me at birth. So to answer your question, yes, it is my real name. “Oh snap, Shawty got heart. Cap she way out of your league, Dude. I like her though. She cooler than a fan,” Espresso said laughing at his friend. Well she assumed they were all friends by the way they interacted with one another. The three women seemed to get a kick out of her comment to Cap also. They laughed in the background along with Espresso.

                When the last of the three men walked up to greet her, she realized that he had been quiet with his back turned towards them all along. It was him, the one of the elevator. He smiled and Sugah felt her pussy jump. He was gorgeous. Sexy Muthafucka! Sugah thought, crossing one foot over the other to keep her juices from running down her legs. He was smooth but not corky, confident but not arrogant, which Sugah found divine. She was always attracted to arrogant assholes. She welcomed the change of pace. He grabbed her hand and squeezed it a bit without the others noticing. “Nice to finally meet you Sugah, but we have got to do something about your name. No one is allowed to use his or her birth name in our line of work. Although it is very fitting, we must come up with something else. My name to Khalil, but please call me Coffee. I know the name doesn’t fit my complexion like the others, but it works. I am the founder of our group, so everyone else just picked names according to mine. You don’t have to do that. Just pick something that describes your personality. So when we are networking, people want to gravitate to you, want to spend their money,” he said still holding her hand. Their eyes were communicating, and Sugah couldn’t wait to get away from him. He was dangerous. Her body was slowly betraying her around him and his touch was like fire, she was burning in places she thought would never burn again.

                “Coffee is it. You can let go of my hand now. My palms are starting to sweat.” He was caught off guard by her bluntness, while secretly turned on by her unspoken desire through her eyes. The room went completely silent and then suddenly Espresso’s laughter became infectious. They all laughed. “Damn, this chic is bad ass Man. Coff, what you gone do with her? I like you Sugah but there is definitely not anything sweet about you right now. We gotta come up with another name that’s bold, bad and bodacious like you girl. Yeah, I like you indeed. We gonna be good friends.” He winked at her and she winked back. “Girl, you gotta calm down. This feisty attitude will not be good for the clients. If they think you being testy with them, they may not like you and that means everything in this business,” Latte said. Java just continued to observe. She also liked Sugah. She was straightforward and to the point. Yes, they would get along great. She also knew that her brother wanted to add some Sugah to his Coffee. They would discuss that later in private.

                By the end of the meeting, Sugah was more relaxed and reserved around her new family, as they called themselves. She learned that they promoted parties, sold real estate, rented cars, boats, private jets and whatever else was needed of them. All of her new associates were either in school or had already graduated and was in the working class. Espresso was an Architect by day. Latte was an Attorney. Mocha was a Doctor. Cap was a Real Estate Broker. Java was an Investment Banker and Coffee didn’t offer what he did. His ego must have been bruised because after her response toward him, he composed himself and got straight down to business. How could that be, Sugah wondered. They didn’t appear any older than she but they all had secured lasting professions. She was more convinced that she had made the right decision to call the number on the card. If they could be successful, then so could she, Sugah acknowledged with a smile, impressed to be in such good company.

The upcoming weekend would be a test run for Sugah, he said. “If you can handle yourself, then you can become a part of our operation. If not, no hard feelings and we never hear from you again. If you mention everything about this, no one will believe you. We have never been nor do we ever plan on being found out about. Do I make myself clear,” he said with a piercing stare. Sugah felt afraid and even more aroused. Inside Coffee was beaming. He had her right where he wanted her. And soon he would have her in his bed.

                Sugah listened. She wanted to say something but didn’t when she saw Java’s eyes tell her not to. They understood each other with their looks, through their eyes. Java found that trait refreshing. She hadn’t had anyone to do that since….she blocked those painful memories out of her mind. It wasn’t the time or the place to think of him. Mr. X, as she referred to him, had made his choice and she was clearly not it. To hell with him, Java told herself. They would soon meet again and she would be ready for him. No one got over on her and bragged about it. The war was on. But first things first, she needed to let her new friend and protégé know the rules. They would meet soon. Right now, she listened and agreed with her brother. If she didn’t pass the initial test just like they had, there wouldn’t be any need for a teacher-student tutoring session. Java waited on Coffee to finish. When he adjourned the meeting, everyone went their separates ways. “Oh, Sugah,” he called out. “I have the perfect name for you.” Everyone stopped to hear what their new partner’s name would be. “Yes,” was all Sugah managed to say. She felt ashamed of her forwardness towards him when he was their leader. She wanted to apologize but didn’t. She also didn’t want to appear weak and fragile in front of her new colleagues. Coffee smirked in her direction before giving her new identity. “Sugah, from now on, you will be known as Spice. Any questions,” he asked before leaving the room.

                “Spice, I love it,” Latte said. Everyone else nodded in agreement. “Yeah that definitely fits you girl,” Espresso said. “You are a spicy thang.” Sugah had to admit she liked the name. She did have spice and flare. Yes, then Spice she would be. Her sudden need to apologize went out the window, into the beautiful night’s sky. Sugah stared out into the night with a new sense of purpose. She needed to have this job. They were older than she, although they didn’t look it and she didn’t care one bit. She needed to prove herself to them and that was exactly what she planned to do. When Sugah left the building, she was hopeful. When she got to her apartment, there was a note waiting for her on her door. Since no one knew where she lived, she wondered who it was from. She read it carefully:



It was a pleasure meeting you this evening. I look forward to seeing more of you. Your first assignment will be renting an expensive yacht to a big time Executive. All the information you need is enclosed in the box in your living room. We must do something about your place of residence. I hope we didn’t scare you away and you were/are a delight. I am intrigued by you. If or should I say, when all goes well, we must celebrate over dinner. I don’t usually fine myself drawn to anyone, ever, but there is something about your eyes. When I saw you in the elevator, I wanted to rip off all your clothes and make hot, passionate love to you. I hope my bluntness is not offensive to you. But wait, you have quite a tongue yourself, so I seriously doubt that. That is why I gave you the name Spice. Sugah and Spice, I wonder if you are naughty or nice. If you need anything, my personal number is on the business card in the box. Feel free to call anytime. Day or night, I will look forward to your call.


                Sugah held the letter to her chest. She was breathless. There was something stirring in her and she wanted to release it. “Soon,” she said. When she entered her apartment, she dropped the letter to the floor. It was as if she had walked inside a different place. New furniture, new flooring, new everything, greeted her. “Wow,” was all she could say. Something else suddenly hit her. He hadn’t used his alias to sign the card, he used his real name. Now she wanted him more than ever, and Sugah always got what she wanted. “Khalil, Coffee, whoever you are, you better watch out. I am going to give you a sweet tooth you won’t be able to get rid of even if you tried,” she said with confidence, admiring her new digs. Yes, her life was already changing before her eyes, and indeed for the better. Sugah dropped down to her beautiful, red, oversized sofa and put her feet up. “Umm, I could get used to this,” she said. She allowed the comfort of her new sofa to sweep her into a much needed slumber. That night she dreamt of what she would do in reality with her new employer. The next thing she knew, her hands took life of their own and massaged, caressed and stimulated her body. She imagined those hands were Coffee’s, stirring Sugah all over himself. Sugah felt an explosion. When she woke up she was in heaven. “Damn, I didn’t know you could cum in your sleep,” she told herself. The smile upon her face was priceless. She rolled over on her side and went back to sleep, picking up right where the dream left off. Coffee was where she wanted him to be, pleasing her pussy in more ways than she thought possible.

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