Friday, October 28, 2011

"Sugah and Spice"

Chapter 18

                Charlotte Payne was ecstatic. Her daughter was in a fashion show. She was so proud of her, in more ways than Sugah could imagine. She hated that their time was probably limited due to her illness but she would make sure to love and spend as much time with her only child as possible. Being diagnosed with breast cancer was one of the hardest things she faced. Pushing Sugah away from her by being mean was what Charlotte planned on doing, but that simply wasn’t an option for her anymore. Without Richard, she could have already been dead. He was her savior. Now she could afford the proper treatment to give her more time. After she learned of his late wife’s unfortunate battle against the deadly disease, Charlotte’s heart went out to him. He was sweet and charming, a man she had always wanted in her life. The more time she got to know him, the more she fell in love with him. She didn’t care that he had money, could buy her anything her heart desired, she cared about the person he was on the inside. Beauty from within was rare. Richard Blakemore possessed such quality.

Charlotte wanted to get an early start on the day. She wanted to look her best when she was introduced as Sugah’s mother. First impressions were lasting impressions she told herself as well as her daughter. Looking her very best was essential. Her mother taught her the same thing when she was just a small child. That philosophy was embedded in her head and she did the same for her daughter.

Richard watched the woman he was falling in love with do her makeup. She looked radiant. In ways she reminded him of his late wife, Sophia but with the will to fight to stay alive. The fact that she didn’t shut him out of her life warmed him in places he didn’t think possible. His intentions toward her daughter in the beginning made him feel ashamed but after confessing those feelings to Charlotte and her assurance that it was only natural, made him cherish her more with each passing minute. Anyone else would have called or looked at him as a dirty old man, pushed him out of her life or even had him locked away by the law. Although Sugah was eighteen, she was still barely legal.

“What are you smiling about,” Charlotte asked. Richard brushed walking further into her room.

“I was just admiring such beauty. Charlotte you are so beautiful. Why couldn’t we meet years ago? I can see exactly where Sugah gets hers from, both inside and out. You are truly one of a kind.” Charlotte felt butterflies in her stomach. She got up from her vanity and walked over to the man of her dreams. She embraced him. They kissed passionately, taking each other’s breath away.

“Charlotte, may I make love to you,” Richard asked. He couldn’t contain himself any longer. He knew they promised to keep their relationship friendly but he was in love with her and wanted to express his love by pleasuring her. Caught off guard, Charlotte took him by the hand and led him over to her bed. She eased him down slowly, bringing herself on top of him. Their lips captured each other again, more feverishly.

She removed his clothing, admiring his rock hard body. For an older man, he still looked like a twenty-five year old. She could tell that he still took care of himself, working out and eating healthy. He didn’t have an ounce of fat on his frame. His body was a work of art. His skin glowed, smelling like fresh cloves and cocoa butter. The way he wrapped his arms around her, took all of her worrying and troubles away. She melted allowing nature to take its course. Richard returned the favor by undressing her as well. He took all of her in. She had a body of woman half her age, if not better. The flatness of her stomach astounded him. Her legs were toned and she had one of the most amazing pair of breasts that he had ever seen. When she turned around to show him her most prized asset, he nearly passed out. He now knew where Sugah had gotten her ass from. Charlotte’s hypnotized him. He caressed it gently, bringing her deeper into him.

They made love that day for the first time but Charlotte knew afterwards that she couldn’t get enough of him. The way he worked her body was insane. He kissed every inch of her, leaving her utterly and completely satisfied as never before. She considered herself a sexual person but Richard took that realization to another level. Beyond anything she could have ever imagined. He made her want to do things, naughty things to him. When they finally emerged from the bedroom, they were flushed and almost late for the fashion show. Charlotte smiled as they rode along, thinking of how she would make love to him again and again when they got back home.

“What are you thinking of my love,” Richard asked. He couldn’t stop the smile from appearing across his face. The woman next to him was amazing. He felt twenty years younger. His dick still thumped from the incredible climax she gave him. The taste of her body still lingered on his lips. He licked them, recalling every detail of the way they had kissed her all over. Richard was alive again. He felt like a man again. Sophia hadn’t been a sexual person. In fact she encouraged him to seek it elsewhere, pushing him away when he tried to make love to her. They were never compatible in that department but he looked passed that aspect, thinking that their love for one another would surpass.  When she became sick, she moved out of their bedroom. Richard was lonely, seeking love in the arms of another woman.

He longed to feel desired by his wife but she never gave in to his temptations. He felt alone, dirty and tried to hide his sexual side completely. In the end, he found himself resenting her. When she died, he felt relief but missed her deeply. The first few years of their marriage were all he had to keep the memory of her alive. Years of therapy helped Richard come to the terms that he wasn’t weird, abnormal or dirty. He simply married someone who wasn’t on his level and thought that he could fix the problem eventually. No one should have to experience life that way. Charlotte proved that fact true. He was now finally able to be open…free…uninhibited. He felt his dick grow, pushing up against his zipper. He shifted to get comfortable. Charlotte saw the huge bulge in front of him and grinned.

She used her hand to pleasure him until she was able to do so with her body. Richard almost wrecked the car from the powerful orgasm ripping through his loins. The only thing he could do was curse. No one had ever made him climax so hard. The last time he did was when he was watching Coffee and Sugah make love. The thought of that suddenly made him feel ashamed but he quickly shook the thought from his mind. No more feeling ashamed, he told himself. He was about to finally be able to be the person he always knew he was, a sexual being, who gave more pleasure than he received because he aimed to please his woman. He wanted to take her right then and there but reframed. They would have all the time in the world when they got back from the show. Charlotte Payne had better be prepared. He was about to rock her world.

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