Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Sugah and Spice"

Chapter 5

                When Coffee got back to the yacht with his bag, he changed into his trunks and joined Mr. Blakemore at the bar. “So, what do you think of our little firecracker,” Mr. Blakemore said with a sly grin on his face, which Coffee felt repulsive. “I wonder if she dates older men and just how well do you know her Coffee,” the old man questioned him. He wanted no part in giving any information about Sugah. She was off limits, especially to the old man. “I don’t know her really. We met through a mutual friend, who is an investment banker. She gave me her business card at a fundraiser and I thought she was joking, you know with her being so young. But we have worked together a few times, and she is good at what she does, wouldn’t you agree? She really knows her craft and has a professional attitude at all times. I am glad I didn’t throw her card into the trash as I almost had on more than one occasion. If I had, we wouldn’t be here now would we,” Coffee told the old man. The old man raised his glass, nodding in agreement. “Yes, that makes two of us, Son. I am so glad you didn’t either.”

                The Captain talked up just as Mr. Blakemore was about to ask another question. “Gentlemen, I am your Captain this evening. My name is Captain Tate. If you need anything or have any questions, please feel free to come join me anytime. Spice has informed me that we will be circling the harbor, going a few miles off the coast. The trip should allow plenty of time to finalize your decision about purchasing such a beauty as this.” The older gentleman used his hand to refer to the “Secret Passage”. As the three men got better acquainted, Spice finally emerged from down below. All three of them froze in time. She looked sexy, sassy and purely sinful in her red bikini. Her body was toned to perfection. The bikini top accented her soft supple full breasts, making them look like two mangoes, while the roundness of her ass peeked out at them from her bikini bottom. The 4 inch platform sandals accessorized her legs, giving them great definition. Sugah could have easily been on the front cover of sports illustrated magazine, swimsuit edition. Coffee didn’t know she was so tall and her abs would have made Chili from TLC jealous. Sugah smiled, knowing that her plan was working better than she imagined. Men are so predictable, she said to herself. She strutted towards them. “At ease, Gentlemen,” she teased, laughing like an Angel. “Wow, you look amazing Spice,” Mr. Blakemore shared. The look on the Captain’s and Coffee’s face told her in unspoken volumes that she looked good enough to eat and she wanted Coffee to feast on her. But that would just have to wait. It was time they set sail. If they wanted to get back to the Marina by sundown, they had better get a move on.

                They toasted their safe voyage with champagne and the Captain left them as they got prepared to leave the pier. “So guys, let’s go up front and enjoy the pool and Jacuzzi, shall we. And Mr. Blakemore, that hammock is calling your name,” Spice said. Once again, Sugah had left the building. “Ladies first,” Mr. Blakemore said wanting to admire her ass and the way she seduced him with her hips. “Bring the champagne, would you Coffee,” she called out over her shoulder. Coffee grabbed the bucket and followed her enticing lure. He couldn’t help the sudden naughty thoughts that began to cloud his mind. He wanted to make her call out his name. Coffee wanted to see the way her hips would dip, as she clawed his back with her fingertips. His dick was harder than Chinese arithmetic.

                The view from the front of the boat was beyond words. The Sanche Mountains were in the distance, as the view of the Marina trailed behind them. The light turquoise water of the ocean sparkled from the amazing sunshine. Dolphins swam alongside of them. Sea turtles and over exotic fish could be seen in the clear water, as they looked overboard. Sugah had to admit, she loved her new life. If anyone would have asked her a few days ago what her life would be like, she never would have thought she would be on an expensive yacht, eating gourmet cuisine and drinking some of the world’s best champagne, and with such great company. The ride was smooth. Sugah wouldn’t have known she was even on water had she had on blindfolds. The Chef rang a bell indicating their meal was served. Mr. Blakemore helped Sugah to her feet and led her towards the area set up for them to eat. Before he could, Coffee pulled out her seat for her. Sugah felt flattered that both men wanted her attention. The one she wanted to give all of her attention to was right in front of her, but they were not alone. Another time, she told herself. “Thank you Coffee.”

“Anytime,” he responded. Mr. Blakemore saw for the first time that the young man was smittened by the young woman. He didn’t blame him, he was also. Had he been about twenty years younger, he would have ditched Coffee and taken Spice down below to satisfy each other’s sexual appetite. He smiled, suddenly thinking about his Sophia. She would absolutely love the boat. He missed her so much, but he couldn’t allow himself to break down in front of youngsters. They would use that against him as a sign of weakness.

                After the first course of Shrimp cocktail was brought out, all three of them seemed to be enjoying themselves. The conversation was great, the food was delicious and the mood was peaceful and serene. The breeze from the ocean, added a seductive flare to the entire setting. Sugah was aroused by it all. The champagne was starting to get to her, by the third course and she didn’t know how much more she could take. She didn’t want to appear rude by leaving the table or rejecting each glass of it Mr. Blakemore seemed to always pour her, but her head was starting to spin and suddenly the motion of the boat on the water was not helping the situation. “Pull it together. You have to. Just take a deep breath and relax.” Sugah listened to the voice in her head. This time, she didn’t find it annoying or overbearing. She welcomed the good sense of reasoning. Once dessert was served and eaten, Sugah politely excused herself to go lie down until she felt better. She wondered if she had any aspirin in her bag. She also hoped they didn’t find her sudden escape unprofessional. Coffee saw the pain in her eyes wondering what was going on with her. He wanted to ease her pain. It hurt him knowing that she wasn’t okay. “Gentlemen, will you please excuse me. I will be right back,” she said without giving each of them time to respond. She felt all the food she had just consumed about to come up. Sugah wanted to run down below the boat, but she stayed poised until she was sure the men weren’t watching her walk away any longer. As soon as she made it downstairs, she ran to the nearest bathroom and emptied her stomach into the toilet.

                Sugah washed her face, goggled with some mouthwash she found underneath the counter and felt a bit of relief. She found some aspirin in her bag and popped two into her mouth. “I have to lie down,” she told herself. “Just a little while,” she added. Sugah walked over to the bed and laid down in fetal position. Her head was pounding. Before she knew what was happening, she felt warm hands on her legs. The hands began to remove her shoes gently. Was she dreaming again? Sugah looked over and saw Coffee. She smiled at him. “Shh, relax! I know just what you need, Baby. I am going to make the pain go away,” he assured her. “Have you taken anything,” he asked. She nodded yes. Sugah relaxed and allowed him to do whatever he wanted to. At that point, she couldn’t have stopped him even if she wanted to. Her head hurt entirely too bad. Coffee turned her body over, placing her on her back. He massaged her feet, legs and then moved up to her thighs. His hands felt incredible, Sugah thought allowing the sensations to help her headache go away. She let her legs fall apart to give him better access to what she was sure he wanted. When he moved his hand to her hidden treasure, grazing it slightly, she jumped from the pleasure it gave her.

                Coffee massaged her “secret passage” over her bikini, feeling the moisture began to saturate the fabric suddenly. Damn, if she was getting that wet from his hand what would his mouth and tongue do, Coffee wondered. He wanted her. “Lift up for me,” he whispered careful not to cause more pain to her head. Sugah did as he said. He pulled her bikini bottom down slowly, exposing her beautiful flesh. Her pussy looked beautiful, smooth as a baby’s ass from baby oil. Her lips looked inviting. He wanted to kiss them until she begged him to stop. Coffee had never seen such a beautiful place on anyone’s body. Sugah was perfect, absolutely perfect. He couldn’t help himself any longer. He parted her pussy with his tongue and began sucking her clit softly. Sugah moaned as her hips moved up to begin riding his face. “Oh my god, oh that feels so good, oh,” Sugah cried out. He continued his sexual assault, savoring the taste of her sweet nectar. He had her clit so hard it sat up like a marble. Coffee moved his tongue up and down the sides of her walls, when he saw the pleasurable agony on her face he used the tip of his tongue to penetrate her. He fucked her with his tongue. She was so wet and tasted so sweet. Coffee moved back up capturing her clit again, only this time he put his entire mouth over it like a suction cup, percolated on it. Sugah moved from side to side, back and forth. When her movements got faster, he moved his tongue faster. He was driving her over the edge. When her orgasm ripped through her body, Sugah called out his name, “Oh Khalil, faster Baby, faster!” He obliged her with everything within him. Another powerful orgasm soared through her body. She shivered, her toes curled and she bit her bottom lip. Sugah no longer had a headache. She was ready to do some pretty naughty things to Coffee.

                When he didn’t stop, she fell back onto the bed allowing all of his masterful skills, with his mouth, to take her body into another world of ecstasy. The passion generating throughout the room, was intoxicating. Sugah couldn’t catch her breath. She was in heaven right there, with the man of her dreams. Sure she had been licked before by her former lover, but never like what she was feeling now. Coffee was a pussy licking genius. He knew all the moves, pulled out all the stops and took it to another level. He continued pleasing her and she felt another current of electricity consume her. “Ah shit Baby, you about to make me cum again. Oh my god, oh my god, Oh,” she whimpered. Coffee didn’t let any of her overflowing juices hit the sheets. He wanted to taste it all. Sugah wanted him to have it all, so she arched her back and pushed deeper into his mouth. She bucked, riding him like they were competing in the Kentucky Derby.

Mr. Blakemore watched in the distance. When they hadn’t returned to join him, he decided to go find them and see if Spice was okay. She did seem pretty sick when she left. He didn’t expect to see them like that, but he couldn’t bring himself to move away. The way Coffee pleasured her made his dick hard. That had happened for the second time that day and he suddenly wanted it to be his mouth pleasing her. The old man couldn’t help himself anymore. He massaged his crotch feeling the burning in his loins. What was happening to him? Why was he watching himself? He knew his actions were wrong, but he ignored his better judgment. Mr. Blakemore jacked his dick off, with his eyes closed imagining Spice was making him feel make a man should. He came inside his hand. A loud grunt almost got him busted. He quickly ran out of sight into the bathroom just in time. Coffee and Sugah had looked up after hearing a noise behind them. They looked at each other with the same thought. Had the old man been watching them? Sugah shook her head. She smiled knowing in the back of her mind that she had just been watched by another man, being pleasured by another. Her life had truly changed within the past few days.

Coffee wanted to have all of her right then and there, but thought better of it. They would soon have their time. For now, they needed to go back upstairs to their client. Coffee licked his lips as he walked back upstairs. He spotted Mr. Blakemore over at the bar having a drink. From the looks of it, it was something brown and strong. “Sorry to keep you waiting Sir, but Spice was real sick. I wanted to make sure she was taken care of before I left her. She was lying down when I left but promised to rejoin us soon. So, what do you think about the boat so far,” Coffee said. Mr. Blakemore simply smiled, wishing he was the young man in front of him. What he wouldn’t give to be young again. Although fifty-five wasn’t considered old, he was well above his prime. He took another sip from his crown royal on ice, allowing the warm liquor to relax him. His dick was still throbbing from the orgasm he had and he wanted the feeling to continue. Maybe it was time he became more involved with one of his lady friends, he thought. But he couldn’t get Spice off of my mind. What harm could it do, she could either say “yes” or “no”. Either way, he could push his luck and take a chance.

“Sir, is everything okay? You seem a little flushed. I hope you aren’t getting sick also. I hope it’s not food poisoning,” Coffee spoke. If both Sugah and Mr. Blakemore were sick, he was sure to be next. He hated being sick. He couldn’t afford to be sick. His business depended on him and in order for it to remain successful, he needed to be healthy. School was also starting back in a few days and he didn’t want to miss the first day. Teaching was a passion of his, Coffee admitted. “Sure, I am having a great time. In fact, where do I sign? I want to purchase this particular yacht. I think after today, it has great significance. I tell you what, when Spice is feeling better have her draw up all the necessary paperwork and I will do the rest. By the way, is she feeling better now,” the old man asked the young man with a sly smirk on his face. Coffee couldn’t quite gather the true meaning behind his client’s question, but from the look of his face, he knew something. It hit him. They had been watched, just as they had thought. “Ah, yes sir, she was feeling much better when I left her. I did all that I could to make sure of that.” Mr. Blakemore nodded sipping his drink. Just then, the Captain announced that they would be docking back at the Marina soon. Evening was approaching and the sunset was gorgeous.

Sugah fixed her swimsuit as she stepped out of the bathroom. She cleaned herself up and wanted more. Her pussy was jumping like track stars over hurdles. “Okay, calm down. Keep your composure”, she heard the voice in her head say. “Just act like nothing happened. Play it cool.” How in the hell was she supposed to do that, Sugah thought. At the mere mention of Coffee’s name, she would become moist, overheated and ready for round two. When she saw the two men over at the bar, she took a deep breath and walked in their direction. It was a struggle to keep from having another orgasm just seeing Coffee sitting there. Her pussy ached from the pleasure he gave. She walked up next to Mr. Blakemore on purpose. “Sorry about disappearing like that Sir, but I was in serious pain. Please forgive me,” she whispered. His dick stood at attention. “No problem young lady. I was just asking about you, now here you are. I am glad you feel better. Coffee and I were just discussing business. I am really set on purchasing this yacht. Do you have all the paperwork with you now or shall we set a meeting for next week? We can discuss everything over dinner.” Sugah smiled but Coffee didn’t find anything amusing. The old bastard was trying to get a date out of this.

“I always come prepared for business, Mr. Blakemore. If you follow me over to the table, I can go over everything with you today and I can get the keys, bill of sell, your Marina information from the yacht company and bring it to you personally, how does that sound,” she asked. The old man lit up like the streets of Vegas. “That would be great.”

“Coffee would you mind giving us a minute or two. This shouldn’t take long,” Sugah asked. She licked her lips at him and he couldn’t help but smile. “No problem. I have a few things to take care of also. I will be fine.” Deep down Coffee wanted to pull her into his arms and kiss her passionately right in front of the old man to state his claim. But he was the bigger person and being professional was how he was able to keep his sanity. He would in fact be watching closely and if the old geezer made one fresh move, he would be on him like white on rice. Coffee shook those thoughts from his mind. Why was he acting like a jealous boyfriend? They weren’t even dating. He didn’t know much about her and he was already hooked. “She will be mine,” he said to himself. When he looked up, her eyes were staring right back at him. They smiled at each other. Sugah couldn’t wait to feel his mouth on her body again and use her mouth in return.

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