Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Sugah and Spice"

Chapter 7

                Coffee kissed her until her knees shook and she lost balance, falling into the door. When he was sure she was kissed in total disarray, he lifted her up into his arms and carried her toward her bedroom. “Which way,” he asked. Sugah unable to speak pointed to the door in front of them. When they reached her bedroom, Coffee eased her down onto the bed. He slowly undressed Sugah’s body, using his touch to drive her wild. She tossed and turned begging him to make love to her. “Baby, Please, I want you so much,” Sugah moaned. Her body shivered from the way his hands were bringing her close to orgasm. How did he know just what to do and how to use his hands to pleasure her so sweetly?

                When Coffee had removed all of Sugah’s clothing, he slowly parted her legs and took refuge in his paradise, her hidden treasure that he once invaded, striking gold. He kissed her sweet furnace, feeling her volcano about to erupt. Sugah couldn’t take much more but she arched her back to give him more of what he wanted. Coffee closed his eyes and began to make music. She became his piano, he stroking all of her keys, perfectly. When he finished, she was his most prized composed masterpiece, a musical ensemble he was proud to work hard making better and better each and time he spread her legs, and a new key was discovered. 

                Sugah bit her bottom lip, whispered obscenities and call Coffee vulgar terms of endearment. Her whimpers were driving him crazy, he wanted to enter her fiery fortress and conquer it. He removed his own clothing. She couldn’t wait much longer. She helped him toss them to the floor. Sugah opened up wide for him. Coffee admired her before he entered her soft and rough. She was so wet, on fire and he wanted to stay there forever. He was home and she was giving him the best homecoming he could have imagined. They found their rhythm and composed another musical masterpiece, one to surely leave the both of them sexually satisfied.

                The way Coffee pleasured her, Sugah couldn’t think straight. He felt too good, but she wanted to be the star of their show. She rolled over and forced him underneath her. She loved to be in control. Coffee shocked and excited by her gesture, prepared for the ride of his life. Sugah ease down slowly, rotating on the head of his dick, like churning butter. Damn, Coffee thought to himself. He was in trouble. Her body movements told him that she was no amateur. She dropped down all the way on his shaft, working him overtime. She moaned, screamed and hollered as she used his body as her assassin. Sugah rode hard, soft, fast and slow until her pussy walls became familiar with the length and thickness of Coffee’s dick. He was a very well-endowed man. She could fuck him all day and night and if she got her way, as she always had, she would be doing so for a very long time.

                Sugah had a few tricks of her own, she got up onto her tippy toes and Coffee let out a loud moan. What was she doing to him? She moved like she was dancing at a nightclub, in a slow grind. She dipped and before he knew what was happened, she flipped over into a backwards split, straddling him, working his dick like she was starring in her own porn movie. Lights, cameras, action, Sugah moved back and forth, while she grabbed his feet. Her feet hung on each side of the bed, she moved in perfect poise, yet became a beast when she felt an orgasm creep up on her. She got faster and faster until she wasn’t able to move. Coffee wanted to feel her cum on over him. He moved his body into her hot, wet flesh, causing her pussy to do flips. Sugah didn’t know who she was dealing with. Coffee moved up onto his knees while she held her position. He pumped slowly at first until his own orgasm crawl through his loins. He held her in place by her waist and stirred her. His jism ripped through him like nothing that he had ever felt before. It’s intensity, power, pleasure escaped through his movements as he pounded into her sweet pussy. Sugah held on and enjoyed the ride Coffee was taking her on. She came again and again until there was nothing left inside to go out. They collapsed on the bed laughing, breathing hard and totally unable to move. That night, Sugah knew that she never wanted to feel anyone else other than the man lying next to her in her bed, in her arms, and in her hidden treasure. 

                Before the morning became day, they had made love again and again. Coffee couldn’t get enough of the things Sugah did and said to him and she couldn’t stop herself from wanted more of him. He was amazing, a lover who knew how to give and receive pleasure. The passion burning between them was soaring in the air. They hugged, kissed, and discovered new positions neither one of them were afraid or embarrassed to try. When they finished, they could have put the book of kumasutra out of business and made the world’s best porn stars ask for pointers. “Good Morning,” Sugah whispered into Coffee’s ear as he lay on his stomach smiling at her. She was even beautiful first thing in the morning, he thought. “Good Morning”, he replied still feeling the power of the night’s orgasm in his soul. No one had ever made him cum like that. Sugah impressed him even more, at each moment, of every day he was around her.

                “So, would you like any breakfast,” she asked with a sly smile on her face. Coffee leaned up to see if she was offering something other than food and when he was sure she was he took matters into his own hands. He turned onto his back and pulled Sugah down on top of his massive erection. “I see someone was thinking of something other than food for breakfast this morning, huh,” she said smiling. Coffee didn’t have any words to speak. He was giving her an answer with the way he moved my dick in and out as she stopped talking and found her groove. She went down, taking all that he had to offer and then moved from her knees, to the balls of her feet. She was able to feel all of him more in that position. Sugah rode her stallion until he pushed her back onto the bed and got on top of her. He spread her legs as wide as they could go, lifting her body into his. His dick was wonderful. It should write the book on how a woman liked to be pleasured and there should be a law for all men to have a copy when he turned fifteen. That way, women wouldn’t have to go through several boring, dull, lovers before she finally found the right one. Sure, she couldn’t speak for most women, but she knew how to please her lover and wasn’t afraid to use her mouth, tongue, pussy, hands, feet or any other part of her body to do so. Sugah felt sorry for the women who didn’t get it. They were going to miss out on a lot of great sex by being fragile, uncreative and closed-minded.

                Once Coffee had made her body scream, moan, shivered and cum endless amounts of time, Sugah returned the favor and then they slept for a few hours. When they finally gained enough energy, they both needed food and water. Sugah cooked lunch. They talked and enjoyed each other’s company. She was falling head over heels for Coffee and he was also doing the same for her. He was a complete joy to be around. His intelligence intrigued Sugah most. She loved a man with a brain between his ears. She was turned on by the things he talked passionately about, the way he annunciated his words, his ability to use a sentence without saying “you know what I’m saying”. It was a pleasure receiving both mental and physical satisfaction for a change. There was nothing better than a man who knew how to have a conversation and how to use his dick to stimulate her.

                “Sugah, we have to be careful. If anyone thought that I am giving you special assignments or that I am losing focus on the business, they will try to keep us from seeing each other. Not that I am afraid or ashamed of being with you, because that is clearly not what I’m saying. It’s just that business comes first with me. I really like you and I want to get to know you better. Do you understand what I’m trying to say,” Coffee asked. Sugah knew exactly what he was saying although she didn’t like it, she respected him for laying it all out for her. He could have easily done the opposite and became a complete asshole. She remained quiet, nodding her head in agreement, although her heart was being warned, she ignored the signs and smiled. “Yes, absolutely, I understand. Anything you need. We can’t have people thinking that you are soft or out of control, now can we?” Coffee heard the sarcasm in her voice and immediately wished that he would have used better choice of words.

                 Sugah got up walking into the kitchen to wash the dishes. She felt completely stupid for being so open with him, so soon. There was nothing she could do about that now, but she could never allow it to happen again, no matter how much it would hurt. Her heart was already invested. Coffee joined her in the kitchen and helped clean the dishes, feeling guilty. “Sugah, you are special. I want to get to know you, spend time with you, but it’s complicated.” She wanted him to go. “Coffee, I may be young but I’m smarter than you might think. It’s cool. It was fun. From now on, what we have is strictly business related, now, if you don’t mind, I have a few errands to run for school. You can show yourself out.” Sugah didn’t even look in his direction as she walked to her bedroom and closed the door. If he wanted to be with her now, he would just have to prove it. Her heart would be guarded from that point on and Coffee or any other man wouldn’t waste any of her damn time. She needed to get refocused on her studies anyway. If she wanted to graduate from college in three years instead of four, it was time for Sugah to get it together. Coffee stood outside her door feeling like a complete ass. He wanted to kiss her and make her see that he wanted her but his pride wouldn’t allow him. He dressed and left her apartment that day with a million thoughts going through his mind. He knew that he had blown his chance with the woman of his dreams and he would do any and everything within his power to get her to see that he was worthy of her heart, of her love.

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