Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Sugah and Spice"

Chapter 6 

                The sale of the yacht to Mr. Blakemore was smooth and stress-free, Sugah admitted. She smiled admiring yourself in her full-length mirror. She looked good. Coffee would love seeing her. The form fitting pencil skirt hugged her hips and made her ass look delicious. The low-cut lavender blouse she wore added sexiness and sophistication to her outfit, but her six inch black stilettos completed her look to perfection. Sugah smoothed the front of her skirt before walking over to gather her bag. Today was another meeting with the organization. Coffee would tell whether she was in or out, but Sugah didn’t have anything to worry about. She was a natural. After that meeting, she was meeting with Mr. Blakemore to finalize a few loose ends. By next week, Sugah would have money in the bank, all of her books paid for, the start of a savings account, and money to send home to her mother. The commission from the yacht sell, providing Sugah with more than eight-hundred thousand dollars in the bank, after everyone else received their pay. Not too bad, she thought. Not bad at all for her first assignment. Yes, she could certainly get used to this. School would be in session in the next few days and Sugah didn’t have to worry about having money for anything ever again. At the rate she was going, she would be a millionaire by her next assignment, before her nineteenth birthday.

                Sugah thought of her mother. They hadn’t spoken in over three days and that wasn’t usual for them. They always made a point to talk daily, but during their last conversation, Sugah got the strange feeling that the mother-daughter relationship they once had, was about to change and not for the better. Oh well, she didn’t have time to think about that now, she had other important business to attend to. Sugah looked around her newly furnished apartment, thinking she was finally getting to where she wanted to be in life. Although she was just eighteen, she was well on her way to great success. If she stuck with Coffee and his brilliant assignments for her, she would definitely meet her goal of becoming a millionaire by her twenty-first birthday. That thought put a big grin on Sugah’s face and she strutted out of her apartment toward her destination.

When she arrived at the same office building she visited a few weeks ago, she wasn’t as overwhelmed by its beauty. She knew to go straight to the elevators but instead of the same floor as before, she was to go to another. When she stepped off the elevator, she was greeted by the color of blue, any every shade. The receptionist smiled at her, as if knowing who she was. Sugah walked in her direction but was immediately distracted. It was Coffee. She was sure of it by the way her heart pounded in her chest. He was present, there in the same space as she. When Sugah turned around, she saw him standing in the doorway down the long hall. His smile greeted her and she walked toward him. A hand wrapped around her shoulder before she knew what was happening and then she heard his voice. It was Espresso. “What up lil sis, so are you in or out? I’m guessing by the smile on Coff’s face that everything went well,” he said. Sugah looked over at her new brother. She did indeed like Espresso and his candor. “I guess you have to wait and see just like everyone else, huh. I did as I was asked and the client was happy. Now, it’s entirely up to Coffee and all of you.” Espresso squeezed her shoulder slightly. “Don’t worry! You know I got your back right. I knew from the first time I met you that you had something special, something we need in this organization. I hope that the others feel the same way but either way, I got cha, okay.”

She and Espresso walked into the office together. Coffee eyed them suspiciously but gave Sugah a quick wink. They nodded their hellos. Everyone else where already seated in the huge conference room. Sugah greeted them with a quick nod and smile before taking her seat next to Espresso and Latte. They all looked happy for her, even Java. She smiled at the well-dressed newcomer to their group. Even though Sugah was young, she was wise beyond her years, polished, professional and didn’t seem fazed by any of this. Java would love taking the young one under her wing. And from the way her brother spoke highly of her, she knew she didn’t have any other choice but to welcome the girl to their family. After all, she had always wanted a younger sister. Maybe her circle was now complete Java thought still admiring the young woman before her. Once all pleasantries were out of the way, Coffee got straight down to business. He informed everyone of Sugah’s assignment, praising her work. “This one here is something else. She not only completed the assignment, she closed the deal with a sale. She had the client eating out of the palm of her hands. I was highly impressed. If I didn’t know better, I would have been fooled beyond belief. Sugah, you are truly great. Will you do us all the pleasure of joining our organization? We are honored to have you on board.”

Sugah looked around the table at the smiling faces accepting her. She felt like someone important. She felt special, she felt hopeful, only if her mother where there. Sugah fought back tears of joy. She didn’t want to appear weak or needy in front of her new family. She barely knew them and she didn’t need to give them any impression that she couldn’t handle herself. She nodded and then finally said “yes”.

“I would be honored to join this organization. Thank you Latte for placing that card in my hands, you didn’t have to and I appreciate it.” Latte smiled. “I knew you would be good for us. Your life is about to change forever Sugah, and I look forward to being a part of that change for a very long time.” Cap, Mocha, Espresso and Java all agreed with their own nod to her. Coffee simply observed the interaction of his associates with their newest member. He didn’t know what to say or how to respond. His heart was racing and all he wanted to do was wrap his arms around her and kiss her endlessly. He cleared his throat getting anyone’s attention. “Sugah, can you please join me up here? It is time,” he said.

Everyone stood as she made her way to the front of the room to join Coffee. He held a large book in his hand. Sugah knew that it must have been of great significance. “Sugah, this is our book of rules, regulations, principles, techniques if needed, responsibilities and codes of conduct. We take this organization very seriously and as a new member, you must learn and apply these principles to your daily life. Any one of us can call you, day or night and ask you anything regarding the contents of this book for the next ninety days. If you do not know it, there will be consequences. After three failed attempts to comply, you will be dismissed from this organization and we lose all contact with you. Do you have any questions before you take the oath?” Sugah understood and she would guard that book with her life. She would learn each and everything in the book and beyond. It was crucial that she remain linked to them. Now that she got a taste of the good life, she didn’t dare do anything to jeopardize it. So, if knowing every detail, every word, the number of crossed t’s and dotted I’s of the book, then that was exactly what she would do. The fact that she had photographic memory was an advantage she had and wouldn’t share that bit of important with anyone. Once Sugah took the oath as a new member of the organization, everyone mingled and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

Sugah walked into the restaurant that night to meet Mr. Blakemore on cloud nine. He was already waiting for her when she arrived. He looked handsome in his sports coat, khakis and loafers. His hair had been dyed and he smelled nice. He looked ten or so years younger than the last time she saw him on the boat. When the hostess showed her to their table, he stood as she took her seat. “Wow, Spice you look amazing,” he said. “Thank you Sir and so do you,” Sugah replied. He blushed. “Thank you. I have been doing a lot of soul-searching since I met you and I decided to get back into the swing of things. I am still a very good catch and I owe all thanks to you Spice for helping me to see that. My life has been very interesting for the past week.” Sugah smiled. She was happy for him. If anyone else was experiencing the good things she was, she was happy for them. She reached across the table and squeezed his hands. “I am so glad to hear that Mr. Blakemore. You deserve the very best. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I guess this is truly a great celebration for the both of us.” With that being said, Sugah lifted her glass of champagne from the table and waited for her companion to do the same. She toasted, “to new friends and great endeavors.”

“I’ll drink to that,” Mr. Blakemore said taking a sip from his glass. They discussed the final details of purchase of the boat and then when business was out of the way, they talked about everything else. Surprisingly Richard, as he insisted she call him, wasn’t so bad. In fact, they had a lot of things in common, Sugah gathered. She felt herself loosen up and when she looked into his eyes, for the first time she didn’t see him as a client, old enough to be her father, but instead, someone she was slightly attracted to. She felt a spark between them. The thought scared her. She then thought of her mother. Maybe she would introduce them. “Richard, I want you to meet someone. I think the two of you will be good for each other. What do you say?” Richard was caught off guard but nodded in agreement. “Okay, who is this you want me to meet?” When Sugar mentioned her mother, he was intrigued. Now he didn’t have to feel bad or like a pervert anymore. If she was any indication as to how her mother looked, he was all in. “When can I meet her, Sugah? Do you think she would mind if we called her?” Sugah didn’t see any reason why her mother would be upset but she didn’t want to chance it. “Wait right here for a sec, I will be right back.” Sugah left and went into the ladies room for privacy. When her mother answered the phone like her usual self, Sugah was happy. She planned to come for a visit the upcoming weekend and meet Mr. Blakemore. When Sugah went back to the table and told him to good news, he gave her a light kiss on the cheek. He was hopeful that he and Charlotte hit it off and his life wouldn’t be lonely anymore.

Coffee watched in the distance as Sugah and Mr. Blakemore seemed to enjoy each other’s company. He was furious, but she wasn’t his. She didn’t owe him anything, so why did it bother him so much seeing her with another man. He wanted to make her suffer with pleasure. Coffee took a sip of his drink. When he couldn’t take any more of their interaction, he emptied his glass, paid his tap and left the restaurant without being detected. Sugah however felt his presence. She wanted to get as far away as she possibly could from Mr. Blakemore. Before she excused herself, she thanked him again for his business and passed him one of her new business, compliments of Espresso. She also couldn’t wait to introduce him to her mother. They would make a great couple she thought as she left the restaurant and headed home. When Sugah got home that night, she had a visitor waiting outside her door. He looked sad but the passion inside his eyes, ripped at her heart. She unlocked the door and he followed her inside. When the lock was secure and Sugah turned around, Coffee captured her lips with his own. That night he would mark his territory. That night would be one that either one of them would forget.

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