Monday, October 3, 2011

October—Breast Cancer Awareness Month

"Don"t Waste Anymore Time"

First, let me just take the time out to say, to all the Breast Cancer fighters and survivors, “Congratulations and keep fighting.” I know that this is a dreadful disease and there are many roads ahead, in which there will be days you just want to quite. Don’t! Someone wasn’t as blessed as you to still have the chance to fight. Both of my beautiful grandmothers died from cancer. Although it wasn't breast cancer, I still lost them to this awful disease. They were two of the sweetest women you could ever meet. I wish that I could have had just another day with them. I wish that they could be here with me right now, reading this blog. (Yes, they were very open-minded women!) Fourteen kids by one and ten from the other, they knew what sex was and were good at it. I know, got out the subject for a minute but this is a passion blog. Hey, what you gone do, sue me? I just miss those two women like crazy. There is nothing wrong with a little humor in a dark situation. It helps make speaking about it easier.

We should always do things for the women we love but I want each and every reader to do something special for the women in your life this month. We never know when we won't be together anymore. Show them just how much you appreciate them. If it isn’t anything but a simple hug or kiss, do something. Have a spa day. Do lunch or a little roadtrip. Plan a sleepover with the rest of the women in your family and just laugh. We tend to forget that life is a gift, today is a present and tomorrow isn’t even purchased yet. If you haven’t talked to your mother today and she is still in the land of living, call her right now. Stop, pick up the phone and say “I love you Mom” she is the woman who birthed you into this world. Even if you haven’t been on good terms, make this month different. Allow all the stories of survival and courage we will see or hear on television the push you need to regain that relationship. Don’t hold grudges, hold on to the past just let it go! You will be a better person from it and it most definitely will show when you look into the mirror. Some people don’t have their mothers around anymore. What I’m saying is simple, don’t allow this time you do have to be taken for granted.

So, this Breast Cancer Awareness month, show some love and appreciation to the special women in your life, whether they have cancer or not. Buy something pink and wear it to show others who are dealing with this disease, that you are aware and they are not alone. Do you know how many lives you will impact without even speaking a single word? You may even have people striking up conversations or sharing their triumphs over the deadly disease, out of the blue. Either way, do something positive for a change. Wouldn’t you want someone to do the same for you? No one wants to go through life alone, no matter how many times they have been heartbroken or hurt by others. Even when we hear them speak it out loud, it is only a cry for help. Don’t allow pride, selfishness or a hardened heart to keep you from spending time with the people you love. It’s no good going through life by your lonesome. That is why God blessed us all with families and placed people we can call friends in your lives.

I know this is a change from my usual content on the blog but I just felt that someone needed to hear this today. I always listen from within my soul. I call it the “voice of reasoning” and for those of you who don’t want to hear or take part in this, you don’t have you, but don’t keep others from doing so. Don’t try to keep your husband, boyfriend, family members or friends from spending time or reaching out to their loved ones. In fact, try to encourage them to do so. I bet your relationship will become better from it. Today is only the third of the month. There is still plenty of time left. And don’t just stop when the month is over, continue. Listen to your heart or your “voice of reasoning” whatever it may be. And remember ladies, to please do self-breast exams. The perfect time to do them is the week after your menstrual cycle. If you don’t know how to perform one, there are many websites to help or simply speak with your Gyne. You can also talk with your girlfriends about it, they will be glad to help. The sooner the disease is caught, the better your chances are of beating it. So, my Passionate Souls think pink, think cure, think survival! Let’s show our love, support, admiration and undying dedication to our special ladies and even men, because yes, men can also get breast cancer, that we are there with them every step of the way.

If you have stories you want to share about the special women in your life, feel free to leave a comment or email it to me: I will share it for you and leave you anonymous, if you like. Even if there are names of women who have passed from this disease, send them to me and I will post them on the site this month, in memory of them. They deserve to be honored for their courageous fight against the disease. And remember, “Don’t dwell on the small stuff, let go and move forward. Every day should be cherished, not wasted on negative energy. Besides, just how much time do we really have left? Live today, as if it were the very best of your life. If someone asked you about the best day of your life, how would you describe it?”

Peace and Blessings
Keke Chanel

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