Monday, November 7, 2011

Making a Difference

Today, as I learned of the verdict in the Michael Jackson trial, my heart went out to the family. People are always too quick to judge, instead of offering assistance. We will never know the thoughts, feelings and emotions of MJ on that terrible day or any day for that matter. He was probably scared, lost and wanted someone to hold his hand, tell him it was going to be okay and offer to stay by his side during such a painful point in his life. It's amazing how we learn the flaws of someone after they pass on.

We never know what people face each day. How they strive to be perfect, stay beautiful or talented. At the end of the day, they are human just as we are. True, the attention of the spotlight is fulfilling but at what cost? It saddens me to know that he was broken. Imagine not really having a childhood, able to play outside with friends, attend parties, to go school or attend your high school prom. Yeah, we put people on pedestals but when they fall off, not exceeding our expectations, we simply throw them away.

What happened to love thy neighbor? What happened to offering a helping hand? No one is perfect, and the ones who appear that way, aren't. It's only a persona. Why don't we focus more on helping each other. Stop putting our mouths on each other, especially when you are all screwed up yourself. Take passion in treating each other, as you would want/expect others to treat you. Find pleasure in saying to your children or grandchildren someday that you helped make the world a better place. The Golden Rule didn't go anywhere, we abandoned it! We stopped thinking "united we stand, divided we fall", placing self before any and everything else.

You don't have to be rich or poor, white, black, brown, gay or straight. We are all one race, the human race. Start now by making a difference! Smile at someone. You don't know just how powerful a small gesture like that can help someone make it to another hour, minute or second. Do it willingly. Do it because you want to help someone make it, you want to make an impact in the American Dream. Don't do it and brag or constanly talk about it. What's the point?

The world would become a better place. People would smile more, get along better and work harder to fulfill their destiny. We all have what it takes to determine the outcome of our lives. We have all been blessed with amazing gifts. Don't allow your gift to go overlooked because you wanted to have the same life or gift as someone else. We are all special, perfect in our own rite, don't ever let anyone tell you differently. You hold the key to unlock your future. Don't settle by trying to be someone or something that you weren't destined to be. Dream big, fight to achieve it, and when you do, reach back and help someone else!

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