Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random Thought: About LOVE

When your heart to aching, crying out for attention but only gets silence, what do you do? When you crave something so badly, yet long for it still, how do you handle that? We all wonder through things in life that catches us off guard, presses pause on our minds, forcing us back to reality. When love changes or goes in the opposite direction of which you don’t desire to go, where does that leave you? As painful as it is, many people experience this emotion or revelation. It pulls at your core, dividing your soul and spirit, causing them to constantly be at war. The pit of your stomach leaps but not the leaps of excitement rather the ones that leave you cold…lonely…sad. Is this normal behavior or is something truly missing?

Love is indescribable! It’s like magic in the air, radiating a poison so sweet that you want to drink from its cup and die a slow death. The smile placed upon your face is infectious, contagious, no one can ignore it. Love leaves you breathless. It causes you to do things you normally wouldn’t do. Put up with things you usually walk away from. It becomes the essence of our being, strangling the unspeakable joy of your existence, causing you to shine brighter than the sun. You are just…

The wind blows, a gentle rain pours, yet you stand still revving in the drops kissing your face, washing your body with pure satisfaction. You can’t remember even getting wet realizing that the rain is only tears, tears streaming down your cheeks resting in the corners of your smile, tears of bliss. You shiver from warmth and not cold, becoming sick from love’s kiss.

Will this feeling last forever? Is it only you or do the one you love and desire think of you and feel the movement of their heart beating faster, senses elevating, pleasure striking their body like lightening? Can they close their eyes and see you? Listen in silence and hear what you are thinking? A new found telepathy shared between just you two. Or do you awake from this dream, realize that it was only a dream, close your eyes and live in happiness until your eyes open again? Only to awake and find that nothing has changed. A nightmare of longing continues, casting a dark cloud over the beauty of your thought process. Your imagination tainted…disturbed…interrupted. Then and only then you ask yourself the question “What is love”?  Is it truly better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? If this is the way love goes, I’ll pass!

Today I thought about this particular subject a lot, wondering what goes through the minds of others dealing with love or the lack thereof. Is love really so tricky and unpredictable that we confuse ourselves, mislead our hearts and cause permanate damage to our minds, screwing us up for life? Is it really so simple as to let your heart open, mind be free and enjoy the ride?

Well I think that love can go both ways. It all determines which course of action you take along your personal journey to the unknown. Nothing in life comes easy and if it does, be certain that it will leave too quick. Work at it! Fight for it! Give it your all! Live in the moment! Don’t let all the “should a, would a, could a’s” to cloud your judgment. There is no greater gift than to love, experience it for yourself to the fullest potential. You never know where it will lead. Take a chance, make the choice and claim victory while you ride on the wave called “love”.

Thanks for listening to yet another random thought for this month Passionate Souls. Next month I will be writing hot and spicy stories for the TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS, so prepare your minds. I am not discreet in my storytelling and my imagination is very vivid, naughty and nice! First up, "Santa's HO HO HO!!!"

"He licked her passionately in places she covered with lace and silk, creaming her thighs with juices flowing hotter than candle wax. She moaned from the pleasure she felt soaring from her head to her toes. Arching her back, she gave him more of her delicious cranberry sauce." 

Just a little something to keep you interested and excited to know what happens next. So stay tuned. It's about to get real juicy! Until next time Be inspired! Be encouraged! Be You!

Keke Chanel


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