Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random Thought

"This Holiday Season"

As we embark upon this holiday season, it’s unfortunate that the rate of suicide increases sparingly. Many people feel that they are alone, with no family or loved ones who care. Keep this is prospective when you are out and about shopping, spending time with your family and friends. Be mindful of the way you treat people. You never know how your bad day or should I say bad attitude can affect someone else. The simplest thing to us can mean the world to someone else. Don’t be too quick to put yourself first this time of year. Do something for someone less fortunate than yourself. Or just do something out of the kindest of your heart. Life shouldn’t be about putting others down or thinking that we are more than anyone else. We are all created equal and for those who don’t think so, you have much to learn.
Give love, give hugs, and give smiles! Those are the best gifts anyone could have. Love is unconditional. Hugs can show and express words without saying one single solitary thing. A smile can brighten up someone’s day or help them to see that there are still good people in this cruel world. Have you ever felt low and saw someone who made eye contact with you and smiled? I have and it helped in more ways than the people could ever have imagined. Once I hugged a person who had just experienced a great loss and she was like “now that’s a hug”. She later told me that I helped her get through her devastating situation just by the way I hugged her. I hate when someone give to a one handed pat on the back and think that it is a hug. Just shake my hand or simply say hello.
A heartfelt gesture means so much more than any gift you could possibly give. It isn’t about the amount of money or biggest gift anyway. People often confuse this time of year with gift giving and eating the most food, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Don’t confuse or cheat yourself or your children or family by believing this nonsense. There is something much greater than us, bigger than any mountain, deeper than any sea, but many refuse to accept. Hopefully one day the ones who don’t will!
So, do something for someone with an open heart. Give to someone less fortunate than you. Teach your children the true meaning of this season. Show them how to be thankful and grateful because there are too many out in the world that doesn’t have food and running water, toys clothing, etc. Walk in love, live in love and go forth in love! To love is to experience the greatest gift, greatest power of life there is. Instead of buying gifts to buy love, create gifts from the heart. Those are the best kind of gifts to me. Just knowing that someone spent their time and put forth effort to brighten your day or show their love, touches my heart with every given beat. Whose life will you change?
Be inspired, Be encouraged, Be you! Be thankful for the things and people in your life that matter most. Don’t try to be or live like someone else. We were all given a path; it is not for everyone to walk alongside us or down the same. Know your worth in order to fulfill your destiny!

Happy Holidays,
Keke Chanel

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