Wednesday, November 9, 2011


As I said at the beginning of this month, November will be just a random post month. Anything that comes to mind, I will write about and post. Life happens so why not share it to help someone else get through it. Today I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with emotion. I wanted to share with u guys something I wrote. Hopefully it will inspire someone feeling the same. We all go through life on a day to day basis, but at some point we all tend to get a little down and out. Know that you ate not alone! Everyday isn't going to be peaches and cream, so don't pretend like it is. You will become a better you by enduring, believing and trusting that something positive will follow. I hope you enjoy. Thanks

A poem: Keke Chanel
Written: 3:04 pm 11/09/11

The joy that once captured her eyes
Is hidden behind sadness
Fake smiles to appease everyone
Only she fools herself
Her heart feels heavy...lonely
Beating rhythms of melancholy
Numbing to her core
Pain laughs in her face
Poking fun at her soul
Her spirit shakes nervously afraid
Of becoming broken
Mood swings are her comfort zone
Giving truth to her wavering existence
No one listens, looks or seems to care
No one notices the tears stinging the
Backs of her eyes
She ponders each day whether or not she
Should give up, run away,
Nothing can be any worse
But yet she stops, she smiles again
Realizing that the most important person
Who cares, had never abandoned her
Is always watching over her smile
Looking at the beauty in her eyes
Peace in her heart, her unbroken foundation
Giving her reason to remain strong, to endure
To exist, to trust, to live, to press on
She holds her head up high
Smiling at herself because the girl she sees is
Just an image in the mirror frozen in time
Not a reflection of her at all
She smiles bigger, winks, turns and walk away
Feeling uplifted, inspired, determined to carry on
She is the girl who begs to differ
Her passion is not lost
She is not broken
She is not lost
She is not worried of what's to come
She holds the key to get own destiny
She stands taller, sticks her chest out
And fight
The key to her destiny
The beat to her courageous spirit
The link in the chain that holds her life
Together will never break unless she chooses
To get in her own way, but the words that
Escaped her lips simply speak "NOT TODAY"
She smiles and thinks,
"I am somebody, God made me in His image
I will win victory over the enemy, so bring
It on, I am ready!!!"

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