Monday, November 28, 2011

Random Thought

If loved ones got into it, should you choose sides?

Often times, especially this time of year, our loved ones fall out or get upset with each other for silly reasons. We try to remain non bias, but it's really hard to see the people you love most in the world go at it. It puts a damper of the holiday spirit. Sometimes you don't even have the energy to deal with it. What is truly the right thing to do? Is there really a right or wrong way of handling such situation?

Being a person who doesn't like conflict, I try to see both points of view, then come up with a way that all parties involved are satisfied. Wouldn't it be nice to have a can of "spray all troubles away"? I know, wishful thinking right, but it would make life much easier. Life should always be about love and respect, but there is just something about this time of year that knocks those two important things out into the cold winter weather, blowing only despair and hatred through the frigid air. True we all have problems and may even get into spats with the people we love, but it shouldn't be to the point when we stop speaking or loving each other.

Family is important, a true gift from God. He gave us people to look out for us, be there for us, care and protect, provide and most importantly LOVE! What better gift?! Have you ever thought about the fact that we didn't get a chance to choose our parents or siblings? We get to pick everything else except family. We were all placed in a circle called "family" for a special reason. It's up to us to learn and develop the ground rules, what works for the people in our circle. If you have something you have to say to one person, just go directly to that person. Don't tell such and such because the message intended will be something totally different when it reached the person. Don't be so defensive or take offense to something so easily. Don't take things personally, especially dealing with family. If we cannot go to our family members in love, then who can we go to?

Well, I have learned that our best friends will be there no matter what and for that I am grateful. Having those kind of special friends are just God's way of saying "you are never alone. I will always here". So I guess we should cherish each relationship regardless of being family or not. But we are all connected anyway, created in the image of God.

Just love the family you were blessed with. Treat them all the same, no picks and chooses. Tell them the truth in love. Don't take sides. Don't get in the middle of someone else's conflict. Remember, love God first, then yourself and your love for others will be much greater. There is somebody bigger than you and me.

Until next time, Be inspired, Be encouraged, Be you!

Keke Chanel

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