Friday, September 30, 2011

Friendship, Dating and Relationships—(part 13)


Well, it’s really been nice discussing the many aspects of relationships for this month. I have received great information from many of you. I just want to take the time out to say “thank you”. It means a great deal to receive feedback from you guys. I enjoy speaking on the things I do and without an audience, I wouldn’t know what works and what doesn’t. I appreciate my followers, subscribers and everyone else who takes out a few minutes of their day, to read my blog. I hope that I am not disappointing. And although I may get a little blunt, dirty and too outspoken, I am just being me. I am passionate about love, passion, sex and all that goes along with those three things. I love telling erotic stories, writing poetry and speaking on topics as openly and honestly as possible. For the past two months, I have taken a different route on my blog and began series discussions. I love it! Although I am no expert, I feel that I have been through many different stages in life, both good and bad, and can shed some insight to someone else dealing with the same. If I can be a light at the end of someone’s tunnel, that is what I will strive to achieve. Life is hard. It can sometimes break you down, take you to dark places and can change your outcome or perception of what love should feel like. It’s not easy by any means but having someone share their hardships will help you see that you are not alone. Don’t settle! Don’t allow anyone to make you feel like you don’t deserve everything and then some, because you do. When you love yourself, you know yourself completely and when you know yourself completely, you can teach someone how “you” should be loved, in every aspect of the word. When I turned thirty, my level for bullshit went out the door right along with my twenties. It was almost as if a light inside my body was finally turned on. Things that I couldn’t change didn’t bother me anymore. People, who didn’t mean me any good, had to go. It was kind of like a new me emerged and I began to see life in color and not just black and white. “When you know better, you do better and when you do better, you feel better, and when you feel better, you always want better for yourself!”  

One thing in particular that changed in my life was sex. Sex is a touchy subject but I believe that when it is talked about in a way most people can relate to, it helps break down barriers. Sex is normal, healthy and should be fun and exciting. I guess the older I become, the more I know what I want, need and desire. The more I am able to converse that to my mate, so that the experience is great for both of us. I became sensual, open to new things and I finally experienced multiple orgasms. (Hot damn!!) Hey, if you don’t know, you better get it together. You are cheating yourself dearly! Secret: I was able to give them to myself, so that I could relay the information to my lover. Besides, if you don’t know what feels good, how can you tell or show someone want you like? I ain’t mad at you, at all. With your rabbit, bullet, pink passion, butterfly or any other thing that gets you there, light some candles, put on some sexy music and invite your lover into the most passionate and pleasurable experience of his/her life. I bet from that point on, you won’t be using your toys to rock your world! Relationships are complicated as it is, but if the sex is boring, that is when communication must step on the scene. There are ways to express ourselves to get our point across without hurting the feelings of our lover. If you don’t like the way he/she touches you, say it! If you don’t like how he/she blow in your ear, say it! That way it doesn’t happen each time, which will result in you having a hard time becoming or staying aroused. If you cannot talk to the person you are most intimate with, who can you? Don’t feel bad. Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed because your pleasure shouldn’t be taken lightly. In the end, you and your lover will become closer, hotter, and passionate for one another. Try it. What can it hurt?

Spicing things up in relationships is normal. It is something every relationship should do. Have a date night. Play games with each other. Laugh, be silly and have fun. Sometimes we become too settled or comfortable with each other, that we forget that the things we had to do to get each other, should still be done to keep each other. If you dressed sexy and looked your best in the beginning, do it daily. Not that you have to dress like a supermodel every day, but don’t walk around looking like you got the damn flu, either. As we get older, our bodies do change and for women, after having children, we can become depressed with the way we look. Don’t just complain about not being, feeling or looking sexy, do something about it. The same thing goes for men. Don’t let yourself go, and then expect her to stay hot like a video vixen. They always say men are physical, well so are women. If we wanted to be with Al Bundy, we would have never got with you in the first place. There was physical attraction in the beginning and should remain until the end. Workout together! Hell, you all saw what happened on “Why Did I Get Married” when Shelia and Sheriff Troy started working out together, right! I think the couples who work out together or do some kind of physical activity with each other, have the best sex. Look at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They always walking here and there, jogging, traveling or adopting a kid and I can bet the farm that their sex life is just insane! Be the best you can be, for you and your lover. That will be one less fight or distraction in your relationship. Whether we want to believe it or not, the eyes do wonder and not just by men. Take care of yourself!

The world is full of things to do, it is just up to us to find them, explore them, embrace them and enjoy them. Start a vacation fund. Put aside twenty dollars or more if you can, toward a sexy get away for the both of you. No kids, if you have them. No one but you and you mate or make it a couples’ thing by inviting another couple or two to join you. Group vacations with other couples can inspire, motivate and help spice things up a bit too. Seeing another couple’s interaction with one another can allow you to see that you are entitled to show and express the love you have for each other, without feeling bad about it. Who knows, you may be able to help them too. Buy something sexy to wear only for your guy/girl when you are alone. Before you get to wherever it is you are going, call to see what kind of spa services is offered. Get a couples’ massage, have dinner under the stars, go skinny dipping or any other creative thing you can come up with, to break out of your comfort zone. I promise, that will be a vacation the two of you will reflect on when the good times are not so good. It will be your dirty little secret in a crowded room, which will have everyone wondering why you both have silly grins on your faces. All in all, life is too short to be uptight, bitter, unhappy and alone. Live a little. Let your hair down. The world is full of potential, whether it is just a friendship, dating, commitment and ultimately marriage. Only you can decide where you go from here. Enjoy!

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