Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Series #1:

The Christmas party”

The crowd was massive, everyone dancing to the DJ’s master mix. Beyoncé’s “party” began playing as soon as she and her girls stepped onto the scene. All eyes were on them. They were looking just that fly. Lacey didn’t like being the center of attention but it felt kinda nice to see all the hotties checking for her. And since was single now, she didn’t see the harm in it. True beauty should be admired. It had been months and she was now hornier than ever. Tonight would be her night, she thought looking at her girls standing next to her. “That’s my jam,” she hollered out. She swayed to the beat, moving her body in snake motions, drawing even more attention to their group. Her friends Lala, Desiree, Precious and Black fell into their own groove, moving toward the dance floor. “Let’s show em how it’s done ladies,” Desiree said. “We like to partayyy, aye, aye! You bad girl and ya friends bad too…” They danced and laughed with each other like old friends should, not giving a care to all the stares around them. The ladies who didn’t feel sexy gave them evil-bitch looks, while every guy in the place wanted to know if they could move like that during a sexual act. Yeah, their movements were that damn seductive. The fact that the clothing they wore showed off all of their assets didn’t help matters much either.

Lacey was feeling the beat, lifting her hands above her head. She was moving like a stripper. She rotated her hips, bumped her ass, dipped, rocked, twirled and every other movement in between. The only thing she needed was a pole and she could have made tons of money that night. Laughing at the thoughts running through her head, she just continued to enjoy a night out with her girls. It was long overdue. Now that finals were over, it was time to let loose. And that is exactly what they did. When Lacey turned around, she stopped dead in her tracks. It couldn’t be! There standing right in front of her was her ex, Brandon. They hadn’t seen or spoken to each other in months and for Lacey it had been pure hell. She missed him so much. Now he was right there. She breathed and smelled his sweet cologne. She was intoxicated, hypnotized, immediately placed under his spell. “Don’t stop dancing now. Come on girl show me what you working with. I know how you move and well,” he said with a devilish smirk on his face. By this time the DJ was jamming “slow motion” by Juvenile.

B, as she called him, moved up closer to her. Lacey felt his warm breath on her neck as he put his arms around her. “Oh slow motion for me, slow motion for me. She working that back, don’t know how da act…” he was singing along with the song, Lacey felt her pussy do cartwheels. B had that kind of effect on her. He was like a drug she wanted so badly to get rid of but couldn’t. If she would have had on underwear, they would have now been soaked, she thought. She placed her hands around his neck moving in closer to him. She felt his dick press against her thigh. “It’s been a long time stranger. I didn’t think you were still in town. How long as it been,” she asked. Lacey knew that showing up at his club was a stretch but deep down she had hoped to run into him. They worked the beat like a bass drum.

“Ahh shit! Here they go,” Lala said. “I know right. Work that ass B”, Black co-signed. “Somebody getting fucked tonight,” Lala said in her Bernie Mack voice laughing. B smiled. Lacey put her head down on his shoulders. “They are still a mess, huh”, he said laughing. She nodded with agreement. Then suddenly, they forgot that they were in a crowded room of people. Their movements became more sexual… sensual…provocative. She turned her back to him, giving him better access to her firm ass. B grinded into her careful to keep his composure, he was strong but the way Lacey was riding his dick on the dance floor was becoming a great challenge. “Damn girl, shit. Look at the way that ass bumping.” Lacey leaned over just enough to feel the print of his slight erection down the side of his left thigh. When she turned back to face him, she was the one grinning. “I see someone is happy to see me. I think now he knows that I have missed him badly.”

Before Lacey to do or say anything else, B grabbed her by the hand leading her off the dance floor. He led her down a long hallway into a back office. “What are you doing? Where are we going,” Lacey pleaded all the while knowing exactly where they were going. When they entered his large office, he was all over her, hands roaming all over her body. He pushed her onto the large wooden desk spreading her legs. When his fingers found what they wanted, B couldn’t wait any longer. “I want you, Baby. Right now, right here.” His breathing was heavy and Lacey felt his hands enter her sweet wetness. “Damn you so wet. I want it now. Give it to me, Lace. Don’t make me beg.” He used his fingers to enter her softly. She was tight from months without sex. She kissed him feverishly, melting from his sweet lips. They fondled each other until they couldn’t take it anymore. B’s pants were now around his ankles and Lacey to massaging his huge erection. “Give me this dick! Give me my dick!” She stared him deep into his eyes, licked her lips and told him how she wanted to feel him inside her. He moaned. He loved the way she talked dirty to him. She was the only woman who didn’t make it sound dirty. He rubbed her nipples through her dress. They were hard as raisins. Lacey loved the way he touched her. His hands felt like heaven. She spread her legs wider, wrapping them around his waist.

B picked her up. He found a chair and sat down bringing her down on his dick hard. Lacey let out a soft moan of pleasure. “Ah shit, Baby. I missed your dick so much.” He kissed her lips, moved to her neck and then moved her dress away to expose her beautiful melon like twins. B gave each of them equal tongue and lip service. He was like a raging beast devouring his prey. Lacey began to ride up and down finding the perfect rhythm. “I love the way you ride it, baby. Show me what I been missing! Show me!” Lacey moved both legs and was now in a frog like position. B loved when she rode him like that. She knew how to work her pussy just the way he liked and beyond his wildest imagination. She bounced flipped…dipped…rocked…rolled...swayed…grinded and every other move she thought of. B was enjoying the way she was working his dick. He was still in love with her but too afraid to go there, in fear that he would hurt her. Lacey was the only girl he had ever loved and the thought of losing her completely didn’t set too well with him. Right now, she was driving him crazy.

He picked her up again bringing her into his dick. He held onto her as he pumped into her sweet pussy. “I’m about to cum, B. Oh, oh, oh, oh….! Shit, don’t stop. Don’t stop. Work it. Just like that. I’m cumming! Yessss…!!!!" Lacey collapsed into his chest trying to catch her breath. They rubbed noses like they did after sex and held each other close. "Merry Christmas", B said. For Lacey it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas and Santa was delivering presents early. Being naughty and nice was starting to take on a whole new meaning. They laughed when they heard Lala’s big mouth pounding on the door. “I know yawl’s nasty asses in there. I can hear all the loud breathing from out here. Really up and bring ya asses back to the party. Ya’ll got all night for that shit, hell. Now don’t make me come back again.” They laughed again, kissing each other passionately before composing themselves to return to the party. The rest of the night one caught the other staring and smiling. Lacey couldn’t wait until later. B was about to make a late night house call. One they would never forget. She was about to rock his world. All she wanted for Christmas was a hard dick and a smile.

I hope you guys enjoyed the first of many stories in this Christmas series. Next up, "Under the Mistletoe"
Still to come "Santa's Ho ho ho"

Smooches and Season's Greetings,
Keke Chanel

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