Monday, December 19, 2011


Okay so, my brotha is an up and coming Rapper/Hip hop artist. He is on his grind getting his name and music out to the world. I, being a great sister and friend, decided to put his information on my blog for support and promotional purposes. So Passionate Souls, let's show him some love. Get ready to be introduced to non-other than LAPZ. His "SWAG" is charming, reserved and one of a kind. You won't meet anyone else like him. Check out his music on Youtube. Go to LAPZTV. Follow him on twitter @LAPZ100. Let's show him just how we, Passionate Souls, show support. I am so proud of him. And to think he used to be shy! I see only greatness in his future. Through hardwork, dedication and perserverance, he will succeed. You can also check him out on facebook, Jemar Dunlap. For booking information please call (985) 517-0151 or send emails to: Any love you show to my brotha is greatly appreciated. Without "you", there is no "us". Look for him in the near future on BET, MTV, VH1, and on your radiostations. The sky is the limit!! New things in the new year.  

Thanks again and until next time Be inspired, Be encouraged and Be You!!!

Keke Chanel

Book coming in the New Year!!!
"Deadly In Stilettos"

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