Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Series #5

"Santa’s HO HO HO”
Christmas Eve had finally approached. Santa was gearing up his ride, double checking his naughty and nice list. As he scanned the list carefully, one name stood out to him. A sly smirk kissed his face and he couldn’t help but get aroused just thinking of what would happen when he went to pay “her” a visit. She did things to him that left his mind floating for days on end, until the next Christmas season. The way she seduced him with just her eyes, nearly stopped his heart. She was a bad girl and in many ways that he loved. The weather was cold, crisp, a sexual energy circulating in the air. Santa was hornier than he cared to admit. If he had his way, he would be ringing in Christmas receiving some great head, having an incredible orgasm or two or three, in some good pussy. He adjusted his dick in his suit, careful to keep anyone around to see his huge erection. Yes, “she” had that type of effect on him. He couldn’t wait any longer to get to “her”. Instead of the North Pole, Santa was ready to take a trip down South, swim in the flowing waters of “her” beautiful paradise and pleasure “her” from head to toe, until “she” begged him to stop.

She waited on Santa to arrive, dressed in her sexy Christmas outfit. She was sure to become Santa’s best helper once he got a look at her. The way the little lace and silk, red and white mini dress, matching stockings that came up to her thighs and seductive red stilettos gave away all of her secrets, she knew that Santa wouldn’t be able to control himself when he saw her. The pushed up revealing cleavage, would get his attention immediately. She was sure of it. Her round mounds were showcased perfectly, waiting to be kissed, licked, sucked and pinched. Santa really did have a way with using his hands. She still recalled last Christmas, and the way he had her calling out “Happy New Year” from the way he worked his “jingle bells” that “silent night” that didn’t stay so silent. Santa Claus was coming to town and she would be making him cum harder than the “Little drummer boy” beating his drum. Santa was truly in for a trick and a few treats, and Halloween was months ago.  

As soon as Santa got down the chimney, she attacked him. She kissed him senselessly. Santa moaned from the passion between them. “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus” was becoming a reality right then and there. The more she kissed him, the more Santa wanted her. She pushed him to the floor on the bed of pillows she had waiting for him. Quickly undressing him, she found her candy cane and began to lick it, suck it and take it into the back of her throat. Santa called out, “ho ho ho Merry Christmas”! She continued her sexual assault until she felt his hot chocolate slide down her throat. Santa rocked, shook, whimpered and groaned from the pleasure he felt. He was like a wounded animal, unable to get a grip of himself. But he would be getting her back because payback is a bitch indeed.

Santa flipped her over, him taking control of the situation. He cupped her soft, sweet and tender breasts, kissing them gently. As he moved downward, he carefully removed her clothing. He licked her passionately in places she covered with lace and silk, creaming her thighs with juices flowing hotter than candle wax. She moaned from the pleasure she felt soaring from her head to her toes. Arching her back, she gave Santa more of her delicious cranberry sauce. He parted her legs wider, drinking her warm eggnog, savoring its’ one of a kind taste. She came repeatedly. When Santa was sure she couldn’t take any more of his twelve licks of Christmas, he entered her hard, feeling the tightness of her inner walls open like gifts on Christmas morning. Instead of dreaming of a “white Christmas” Santa was getting a mouthful of wonderful snow. He used his tongue to catch all of her snowflakes. He was getting all that he wanted for Christmas. Just call him “frosty the snowman”, because he was enjoying the snowstorm melting on his lips.

She wanted to take Santa on an adventure of her own. She flipped him over, now taking Santa on a ride down her milk way. She jerked back and forth, guiding his sleigh better than Rudolph ever could. She twisted round and round, wishing Santa a very Merry Christmas and sealing it with a special Happy New Year. Using her body to sing and reenact the twelve days of Christmas, she became wild, naughty, and nice. She performed like Santa’s ho ho ho!! They came upon a midnight clear, that o so holy night, for neither one of them would ever forget this Christmas. What do the lonely do at Christmas was a question they didn’t have to worry about answering because after they finished playing with each other’s toys, they did it all over again. It was truly a “Joy to the world”!

Happy Holidays!!!

Be safe, be inspired, be encouraged, be YOU!!!

Season’s Greetings,
Keke Chanel

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