Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Ten slow penetrations, nine inches hard, eight tingling sensations, seven waves of emotion, six licks down my thighs, five nipple pinches, four sucks on my neck, three tender touches, two warm embraces, and a kiss that melted me away


Take me to a place that only lover’s go
Take me in your arms and hold me close

Part my legs
Ease your lips between my thighs
Kiss me in a place hidden from the sun
I long for your touch

Pleasure me senseless
Pleasure me softly
Pleasure me speechless

Only moans escape my mouth
As you take your trip down south
I close my eyes to keep from crying out loud
But it feels too good to be true

Gently open the other set of my lips
With gentle fingertips
My heart skips
My focus is lost in you

Penetrate my soul
My emotions
My spirit
Fulfill my every fantasy

Enter my heart with passion
A desire overwhelming
I will never forget this beautiful feeling
Penetrate me with your sexual healing

And when you are done
Flip me over and do it all again
And again until I beg you to stop

Until next time Be inspired, Be encouraged and Be YOU!!! Also Be safe this holiday season!! Make wise decisions and most importantly, have fun!!!
Keke Chanel
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