Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Series #4

“Jingle Bells”

In the middle of the night a sound woke Sah from a peaceful slumber. She didn’t know what to think or do, since she was home alone. The weather inside was frightful, streets covered with snow. She hated being alone on nights like this but Malcolm had to stay at the club to make sure it was secure, just in case of a winter snow storm.  Reports were around the clock. The entire city was preparing for the worse in years. No one wanted to be trapped, unable to leave their homes, so everyone was on their grind to get all things taken care of. Everyone except Sah, she realized. She had been home for hours now. Always prepared for any and everything, she didn’t have to endure the chaos sure to be going on outside her cozy home right now. The sound startled her again. Sah leaped from the bed, grabbed her “whipass” stick from the side of her bed and prepared to go downstairs. She shivered from the chill in the air. “Damn, I forget to put another log on the fire”, she thought as she tiptoed down the hallway. At the top of the staircase, she stopped. Peeking over the edge, she couldn’t see anything but the noise was still there. One by one, Sah eased down each step carefully. If there was an intruder, she didn’t want to alarm them. It could be hours before Mal was home. She would be on her own.

When she got to the bottom step, she froze. A delightful smile spread across her face. There standing with his jingle bells jingling was Mal. He had intentionally made noise to wake her up. Sah scanned his rock hard body, licking her lips. He looked incredible. Being an athlete in college still afforded him the chiseled chest and defined six-pack, abs of steel. Superman would have been jealous of her man. But the one thing that got her attention was way below his waist. It was beautiful. Smooth, not too many ridges, cleanly groomed, just the right length, width and everything in between. Sah wanted to taste, lick, and kiss it all over. Malcolm knew what she wanted by the way she took him all in. He called to her with his index finger. He loved the way she used her mouth and hands to pleasure him, especially his jingle bells.

Slowly moving toward her lover, Sah slipped one arm and then the other from the thin silk material she called a nightgown. There was nothing underneath but sun-kissed flesh, so before she reached Mal, she was completely naked with the exception of her furry black bedroom heels. She always went to bed dressed sexy, with matching shoes just in reach, in case she and Mal got a little excited during one of their five o’clock breakfast rants. Sah smiled seductively. It was his turn to scan her body. He lingered on her lovely lady lumps. “Baby, you have the best breasts I have ever seen.” Sah cupped her two melons in her hands, squeezing them slightly. Her nipples hardened like two berries ready to be picked and devoured. She swayed her hips in a circular motion, rotating her round ass. It bounced up and down and Malcolm’s dick stood at attention. The way she moved just did things to him. He couldn’t get home fast enough just fantasizing about the woman waiting for him at home. He was indeed a lucky man.

The more Sah moved, turned and walked toward him. Malcolm got harder and harder. She saw the result of her reactions, admiring the waiting wand she would use to make indescribable magic. Sah wasn’t finished putting on her show. As soon as she got close enough to him that he could touch her, she turned her back to him, bent over and gave him a full-eye’s view of her secret treasure. But before she could straighten herself, she felt something warm, wet and slippery penetrate her pearl. The pleasure she felt was too much. She placed both hands on the floor in front of her to keep balance. Malcolm stroked and rocked the passenger in her boat with soft kisses, careful to keep perfect rhythm. Sah moaned from the passion generating through her. He used his mouth and tongue as his weapon of pleasure. A million sparks soared through her body, stopping in her love button. Mal moved his tongue faster, twisting like a tornado, pushing her button a million times through sinful licks and sucks. She melted, climaxing hard, long, soft and sweet. When she tried to turn around to return the favor, he held her in position. The only thing she felt was extreme pleasure and his jingle bells hitting against her ass. He pulled in and out softly at first and then went long and deep in circular motions. Sah moved her hips but Mal quickly grabbed them, keeping them just where he wanted them. He was the star of their show, giving punishment for the way she seduced him earlier.

Sah screamed, clawed at the floor, rocked back and forth. She was about to cum again. Starting from the tips of her toes, crawling up her legs, to her things, hips and the pit of her stomach, she came hard. Cum ran down her thighs, creaming the length of Malcolm’s dick. He milked her, taking all that she had to give. He pumped until his own wave ripped through his body like a jet taking out from the runway. He howled, cursed, shooting his seed into the depths of her treasure. When they finally caught their breath, they lay on the front, holding each other. Sleep captured them and as Sah dreamed of their heated passion, she couldn’t stop smiling. All she could think about or hear was the sound of Malcolm’s jingle bells and the way they rang, providing her with the best loving until they did it all over again.   

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