Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Series #2

“Under The Mistletoe”
The sound of rain danced on the rooftop, causing Sheri to think about him more than what she already was. He was her love, her lover, all that she needed, wanted and desired. She missed him, hoping that he would be home soon. This time of year was always rough because they hadn’t spent Christmas together in two years. Being in the military was both an honor and sacrifice she thought, listening to each raindrop intently. Sheri smiled. Rain was her aphrodisiac. He knew it, so whenever the forecast called for rain, he would beat her home, have dinner prepared, and then they would spend hours making love by candlelight. She wished this was one of those times.

Slowly Sheri got up from where she was sitting drinking tea. I light snow was beginning to fall. She put another log on the fireplace, poking at the coals to keep the flames steady. The house was empty, silent… lonely. Everyone she thought to call was spending time with their families, so Sheri decided to just decorate their home to occupy her mind. It was time she finally got into the holiday spirit, although the gift she wanted to unwrap for Christmas wouldn’t be under her tree come Christmas morning. She carefully went up to the attic in search for the containers marked “Christmas”. He had made sure to label the containers when they first moved into their new home, not wanting to have to spend too much time looking through unnecessary things. She had to admit, it was genius. She was back from the attic in a matter of minutes and in only three trips. She had forgotten how much decorative stuff they had accumulated in just a short time.
Sheri gave the home a once over smiling at her great accomplishment. It looked lovely she thought, admiring the blue and silver color scheme they had picked up and agreed upon together. Everything was perfectly place throughout the place. Sheri was amazed by her work. If she hadn’t known better, she would have sworn her very home was right from one of the home décor magazines she read. The only thing left to do was hang up the mistletoe. It had become a family tradition, which they both carried into their home. They agreed with their parents that it kept things exciting during the cold holiday months. Sheri made sure to catch him under it several times during the day, on purpose of course, just so she could kiss his soft, sweet lips.

The archway separating the foyer from the living was the perfect spot for the mistletoe this year, Sheri thought after much surveying to the house. Each year it was hung in a different spot of the home. She was spontaneous and he was always up to anything she came up with. After planning their first date which consisted of sky-diving, Sheri knew that they would be together forever. A man who wasn’t afraid to live, was the perfect one for her, she confirmed after spending two weeks coming up with dangerous, yet exciting things for them to do. Years later and they still never had a dull moment with each other.

Standing on a small step-up stool, Sheri made sure the bunch of shrubbery was nicely placed in the center of the archway. When she was satisfied, she turned and stopped dead in her tracks. There standing in the doorway behind her, was her love. He was smiling, with a seductive smirk on his face, admiring the short white, button-down shirt she wore that revealed her butt cheeks as she lifted her arms. He missed seeing her wear his shirts and the beautiful body he craved so much.

                “Oh my God, Baby, you’re home! I cannot believe it’s you”, Sheri squealed in great surprise. She ran over to her husband, jumping up into his awaiting arms. He carried her over to the archway, stopping right under the mistletoe. “Baby, I’m home,” he said before capturing her lips. He kissed her senseless, leaving her breathless. Tears of joy streamed down her face. Sheri closed her eyes and held that moment forever in her heart. She could now replay it over and over when she missed him and he wasn’t there or whenever they were apart. When their lips finally parted, he kissed her nose, the way of saying “I love you” in their special way.
Sheri embraced her handsome husband, not ever wanting to let go. He held on tighter. No one was the first to pull away because their embraced turned into more kissing, which lead to touching and then to them being completely naked right under the mistletoe. They made love that night like their lives depended on it, sealing their love and desire for each other, embedding it in one another’s souls. The passion ignited between them brought pleasure so electrifying, no words were spoken. Each thought, feeling or/and emotion was expressed through bodily action.

When they were utterly and totally satisfied, intoxicated from sexual fulfillment, Sheri and her handsome laughed out loud. That night, they knew that what had just took place right there, in their living room archway, by light from the fireplace, in their house which was a home, would be cherished forever. Sheri knew that she would always have mistletoe in their home for years to come. In fact, first thing tomorrow morning she was going to go find more and hang it over each door and every archway. Her handsome was home and she was about to do some strange, naughty, dirty, sexy, erotic, things to him every day until after New Year’s, right underneath every mistletoe that hung in the home. Hell, she may even keep them up all year. They had two years of catching up to do and she didn’t want to wait any longer. Sheri turned over and climbed on top of her husband, her lover, her very best friend and took him for the best ride of his life “under the mistletoe”.  

Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings and all that other shit!!
Be inspired, Be encouraged, Be You!!

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