Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Nine inches hard, eight tingling sensations, seven waves of emotion, six licks down my belly, five nipple pinches, four sucks on my neck, three tender touches, two warm embraces, and a kiss that melted me away

Some say diamonds are a girl’s best friend when in reality it’s something much deeper.
Something that penetrates us deeply, strokes us to pleasure and then does it all over again when and wherever we say. It pushes and releases, pumps and pulls back, letting beautiful sensations stir us each time we allow our mind to revisit the thoughts embedded in our heads. It teases us, pleases us, leaving us foolish…sleepy…wreckless…willing to do it again and again. We let down our guard. Put all inhibitions away and become ladies of the night, day, afternoon or whenever. We smile just thinking about the way it takes us on a ride, a journey to a wonderful thing called “ORGASM”. We love it more than we care to admit, probably more than the species who possesses it. The world would be lost without it and yet we tend to let it manipulate us, pressure us, cheat us, cause us to act out of character. But we can never get enough. The answer is not “no, but hell NO!” You know it is true what they say, “men want a lady in the streets and a freak in the bedroom.” Still, a few have so much to learn to bring the freak out of his woman! (But anyway, that’s another post for another day.) Various shades of color, size and textures, there is no one that is the same. Some have curves, some thick and short, some long and thin, but they all can provide the ultimate arousal if it’s owner knows how to use it! If we are fortunate, we can have one that is just right, fitting us perfectly, penetrating us deeply and causing endless pleasure, through indescribable passion. It’s also an added bonus if the power of the tongue is used and likes to feast on Southern cuisine. There is nothing better than having the best of both worlds! That shit is so sexy. Close your eyes for a moment of silence. (Whew) So, to those of you who say “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” I beg to differ because there is nothing like some “GOOD DICK!” Either you agree or disagree but for the ones who disagree, you have never experienced it or ran across the wrong one. Don’t give up! He is out there, waiting to turn your world upside down.

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Keke Chanel

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