Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Eleven shivers of pleasure, ten slow penetrations, nine inches hard, eight tingling sensations, seven waves of emotion, six licks down my thighs, five nipple pinches, four sucks on my neck, three tender touches, two warm embraces, and a kiss that melted me away


Take me away
To a place that only you can
Take me away
I am ready for pleasure

A pleasure that begins with a single kiss
A kiss on my lips, hips, and fingertips
Unleashing the desires of my heart
I moan wanting more

Caress my body
Removing all tenseness all anxiety
Ravish me mentally, physically
Emotionally, sexually
Show me how love is supposed to be made
Show me pleasure

A lick on my neck
A suck on my breasts
Kiss me in all my erogenous zones
I have 12 that I know of
Can you discover more?
I’ll give you a hint
There are six above my shoulders
Can you find them with pleasure?

Shake me, break me, and penetrate me
Releasing all frustrations on my body
As the pain brings great pleasure
Drive me crazy for more
Stroke all of my cares away

Stimulate my inner being
Saturate the depths of my femininity
If my delicate walls could take
Your name would be heard every time
I open my legs
It would be my pleasure

Enter my passage with bravery
And sure confidence
It’s sexy when a man in sure of himself
Sure knows how to please his woman
Leaving her wrapped in pleasure
Inside and out

Use your imagination
To fine pleasure’s destination and take me there
Buy a one-way ticket because I don’t want to come back

Render me speechless
Provoke me to use other gestures
To acknowledge the way you free my mind
Body and spirit, give pleasure the leading role
In out movie, the plot thickens and my body temperature
Rises, a happy ending is foreseen, I start the script
For a sequel, you the award-winning actor

Pleasure becomes every scene
Pushing me over the edge
I lose count
The pleasure is all mines until we do it all over again
Leaving us both in a motionless capability
Yet satisfied more than words can describe
I daydream of our adventure until we can pleasure
Each other the next time we meet again...

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