Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Baking a Cake"

Umm….I think I’ll bake a cake Demi thought as she picked up all the ingredients she needed to make her favorite triple chocolate, seven layer cake. It was her Love's birthday and she knew that it was his favorite. She walked around the whole foods market going from aisle to aisle, just to see if she needed anything else for the amazing birthday dinner she planned for tonight to cook for him. Bread, tomatoes, cheese, olive oil, wine, check chocolate chips, pecans, vanilla extract, amaretto, check. She looked down inside her basket, perusing through all of the items until she knew without a doubt she had everything and then some of what she needed. Jackson was going to be in for a night full of treats and tricks, Demi thought smiling.

The bikini wax she got earlier was making her hot, as she walked slowly behind the person standing in front of her in the checkout line. The little number she purchased from Fredrick's of Hollywood was fiery red, lacy and sheer enough to keep him on edge until he had his dinner. Maybe she would surprise him and have it on when he got there. Yes, that was exactly what she was going to do. Cooking dinner in sexy lingerie and the perfect pair of heels would definitely arouse his attention. Jackson loved her legs, always buying a new pair of stilettos for them (her legs), as he called it. Demi didn't dare complain. Beautiful, expensive designer shoes didn't just fall from trees, and she had a hunk of a man who showered her with them. What a very lucky girl indeed I am, Demi told herself each time he arrived home with another shoebox.

After Demi unloaded the car, she sat all of her ingredients for her cake to the side. Glancing at the clock, she realized she only had three hours to prepare dinner and bake her cake. Once everything was cooking, Demi quickly ran upstairs to jump in the shower. She wanted to wash all of her day's work off of her body. Plus, she wanted to be so fresh and so clean, for Jackson when he arrived. Demi removed the Fredrick's bag from her hiding spot and removed its contents. She held the small piece of clothing up in front of her, looking in the mirror. "Yes, he is going to die," she said smiling. Slowly she applied lotion to her body with Shea butter with the aroma of it smelled like freshly baked cookies. Jackson loved when she wore it and it made her body feel like silk. She stepped into her matching thong and then slid into her red seduction.

Demi walked back into the kitchen, to check on her amazing dinner. The scent from the kitchen smelled wonderful. When dinner was about ready, she turned everything to low heat. She was getting ready to start putting together her cake. First, she pulled out her mixing bowl. Before she went upstairs to shower, she left two sticks of butter out at room temperature. Demi placed the butter in the mixing bowl she whipped it and added her sugar. Before she knew what was happening next, strong hands were wrapped around her waist. "Hey Baby! I love the outfit. You look sexy as a mutha fucka. You mind if I help you with your cake?" Demi melted like the butter did when it mixed with the sugar. Her sugar was home and she was about to serve him dessert before dinner.

Demi turned to face Jackson. She kissed his soft sweet lips tenderly. He returned her kiss with more flavor. He moved the ingredients from the counter and replaced it with his BATTER. He lifted Demi up and removed her red thong. She opened her legs preparing for the mixing Jackson was about to put on her. He bent down in front on her. Now Layer one; Jackson kissed her thighs, adding just the right amount of licks and sucks. Layer two, he moved down to her legs, greasing them with tender, loving, care. Layer three, Jackson moved down to her feet flouring them with his tongue. Demi moaned. He used his tongue adding just the right amount of pleasure she desired. Layer four, Jackson sucked each one of her toes, caressing her thighs gently. Layer five, Jackson moved back up Demi's body until he found her secret ingredient. He added his tongue, fingers, licks and teases into her wet INGREDIENTS and then he used his wooden spoon to add his dry, which didn't stay dry when it mixed with her sweet, perfectly blended batter. He stirred her ingredients using just the right elevation. Layer six, Jackson gave Demi every ingredient, every spice, every flavor, more chocolate than she could have imagined. Jackson baked his own cake that night, right there on the kitchen counter. Layer seven, consisted of all the icing she could take, leaving her deliciously satisfied.

Dinner was delicious and when he and Demi finished feeding their strength, they moved all the dishes from the dining room table and Demi had her ice cream while Jackson had more cake. Together they created a memorable disaster, like going to get a special treat from their favorite bakery. They had legs, arms, backs, breasts, chest, balls, asses and all on the dining room table. Jackson would never forget his birthday cake; each and every one layer that Demi gave him. He looked forward to baking more cakes in their future. Jackson let his imagination compose several creations ones he knew would give him a sweet tooth.   


  1. With cake like that, who needs dinner! Who said icing wasn't the most important ingredient on the cake? Mad skills Babe! Not to mention all those calories...Lol.

  2. Yes indeed!!! I love baking a cake any day of the week. It helps when you make it from scratch and with homemade icing.