Saturday, May 21, 2011


Taylor couldn't believe all the people in the coffeehouse that particular morning. She was running late and although she wanted to get her coffee and leave, she always found a quiet spot in the back of the establishment, read the morning newspaper and have her double espresso, with a hint of hazelnut, seemed impossible as she looked at the line ahead of her. Surprisingly, the line moved quicker than anticipated, but Taylor couldn't find an empty table as she neared the rear. As she was about to turn to go back toward the front, she heard a voice say, "you can sit hear if you like." 

When she looked around, she saw a pair of the most beautiful baby blues, she had ever seen. "Excuse me," she said. He smiled and her silk thong got wet. He was gorgeous. Taylor didn't discriminate when it came to dating, but she preferred chocolate over vanilla. But there was something about the way he looked at her, that peeked her interest. "I said, you can join me if you like. I am not waiting on anyone and you appear as though you were looking for a table." Taylor couldn't argue with him. She sat down at the table and got a few dirty looks from the white and black women in the room. If she would've known better, she could have sworn they thought she and her table companion was an item. Oh well, she thought, at least she had a table. And he was "FINE".

"So, my name is Sebastian. Sebastian St. John. I see you in here all the time. Today is ridiculous. Something must be going on. I try to come earlier and wait, so do you," he said. Taylor was impressed. He had noticed her before. She extended her hand. "Taylor. Taylor Morris. Thanks for allowing me to sit with you. You didn't have to do that you know. I could have just waited or went on to work considering that I'm already late as it is." Taylor felt butterflies in her stomach. What was happening? She never got butterflies. She had also never met a man so intriguingly charming and breathtaking as Sebastian. If his eyes could have placed her under a spell, she would have been a goner. Taylor couldn't take her eyes off of his. They sparkled with light. The blueness of them captured her, drawing her in more and more. She cleared her throat and prepared to take a sip out of her coffee. Realizing she hadn't doctored it up just the way she liked it, Taylor paused. Sebastian held the milk in his right hand, while his poured some into his own coffee. Before Taylor could ask for it, he caught her completely off guard. "Milk in your coffee Taylor," he said with a devilish grin on his face. She laughed but the inside of her thighs got hot. She shifted in her seat, crossing her legs several times.

Sebastian saw the way he made Taylor squirm and knew that he would get to know her on a more personal level. Months of seeing her come into his coffeehouse made his heart do flips. Today with the crowd, gave him the little push he needed to say something to her. He admired her, he liked her and she always smiled, said hello and left more than 10% for his waitstaff. She had style, class, elegance, a confidence about herself which drove him crazy. He watched her sip her coffee, wishing he was the rim of her cup. When she caught him looking at her lips when she placed her cup back down on the table, she licked them intently. She was flirting with him unknowingly, but he was enjoying every minute of it. When she finally finished her coffee, she politely thanked him for allowing her to sit with him and left the coffeehouse. She couldn't wait to go back the next day in hopes of seeing Sebastian again. Before she left, she handed him one of her business cards. On the back of it was her personal phone number. "Call me if you want a little coffee to go with your milk." As Taylor walked out of the coffeehouse, she made sure to give a performance, starring her hips and ass. Just as she expected, when she glanced over her shoulder, Sebastian was taking her all in.

That night Sebastian thought of Taylor. He looked at the business card in his hand, twirling it around his fingers. He wanted to call her but thought about it. Would he be too forward? Was it too soon to call her? Was it too late? A million questions ran through his head but Taylor was on his mind. He didn't care how soon it was, he wanted to get to know her better. He dialed the number now by memory, from staring at the card so long. She answered with a sexy seductive voice, as if she knew it were him. "Taylor, it's Sebastian. I hope I didn't catch you at a bad time. I just wanted to say thanks for keeping me company this morning at the coffeehouse. I was also wondering if you would meet me tomorrow for another coffee. My treat!" Taylor held back her enjoyment. Yes, she would love meeting him for coffee or anything else he wanted. "Sure, what time shall I be there?" Sebastian smiled. The excitement built inside him a notch or two or three. "How about the same time you always get there?" "Oh ok, I guess I will see you around six a.m. then." They chatted a while and when either of them realized it, several hours had passed by.

The next morning they met for coffee and have been doing so ever since. It had been years and now Taylor was co-owner of S&T Coffeehouse. In fact, they had now more than a dozen throughout the city and its surrounding areas. They were now married, having the time of their life together. Taylor simply couldn't get enough of Sebastian after their first official date and the way he made her feel. He was a gentleman, he was attentive, loving, caring and knew how she loved her coffee. The first time they made love was mindblogging. Taylor had never been with anyone outside her race, but Sebastian was all that she needed, wanted and desired. He made her body feel things she never felt or thought possible. The way he kissed her sent her on a firstclass trip to ecstasy, leaving her completely satisfied. The milk his put in her coffee was just the perfect blend. When he stirred it up, he gave her chills, thrills and kept her body totally fulfilled. Taylor didn't want her coffee any other way. And since their first date, the milk Sebastian stirred in her coffee was all she could think of.

He brewed a fresh pot, kissing her all over her body. When it percolated, he poured tender, love and care from her head to her toes, leaving nothing left untouched. He simmered her body with passion, adding several flavors such as: hugs, licks, sucks, caressing her so sweet, he was sure to get a few cavaties. He dipped in several lumps of sugar and added just the right amount of honey. But the thing that which Taylor still loved most of all was the way he created special concoctions, stirring round and round, brewing new flavors, savoring the sweetness, and finally adding just the rest amount of milk into her coffee. Whenever Taylor wanted or needed her Sebastian, all she had to say was, "I really would love to have some milk in my coffee", and he would make sure she never was left unsatisfied or thirsty for coffee again. Maybe it was time she asked for some marshallows in her hot chocolate too. Now that would really be a treat!

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  1. Well,well,well...I love the name Sebastian. As for the milk, never really liked it before, but thinking of giving it a second chance. After all, milk does a body good! Depends on the cow, lol!