Monday, May 9, 2011

"Sidney's Secret"

Sidney looked out of the window, as the sky's tears washed all of the city's troubles away. She loved New York, especially Manhattan. Although her career afforded her the luxury of traveling all over the world, Sidney still loved it's charm, character and diverse cultural backgrounds. She loved the food, the trends, shopping, fashions,stores and so many other things the city offered. Sidney would always call Manhattan home.

Her penthouse was in one of the most prestigious areas in the city. She had many celebrities as neighbors. Sidney would run into anyone from Alicia Keys, to Ellen, to Russell Simmons, to Bill Gates in the elevator or lobby of her building. On a few occasions, she saw Oprah attending a party at Russell Simmons pad when he was still married to Kimora Lee Simmons. She had been invited to the same party but declined because she had other plans. In fact, the person she had those plans with, lie sleeping in her California king-sized bed. He moved lightly, and Sidney couldn't contain the smile that spread across her caramel hued face.

If her father knew that she was involved with his best friend, he would die a long and slow death. It wasn't her intention to seduce Bishop Morris III, but he was more of her league than the guys her age. Sidney liked confident, successful, down-to-earth men, with a great sense of humor and of all the years she knew him, he possessed all of those qualities and more. That, she just couldn't bear to depart.

It all started five years ago, at Sidney's twenty-fifth birthday party her parents threw for her. She wasn't expecting anything from them when they called and asked her over for dinner. To her surprise, there were her friends, relatives, a few business contacts, and Bishop, her supposedly Godfather. He was always present in her life, offering words of wisdom, encouragement and sound advice. Sidney loved him since the first day her young, light-brown eyes saw him. She was a day old, and still remembered the way he looked down upon her, cradling her softly, promising to take care of her forever.

They talked and to Sidney's disbelieve, she found herself flirting with him. When he didn't ignore her advances and gently stroked her bare back, she saw him in a new light. He wasn't her uncle, godfather, or father's best friend. Bishop was a man, a beautiful man with hazel eyes, smooth brown skin, a head full of black wavy hair, and a chiseled frame, who knew how to make a suit look delicious. He dared her, challenging her that entire night. When it was time for him to leave, he slipped her his business card, caressing her hand a little more than necessary. She was already soak and wet. Her young pussy was on fire.

Sidney didn't think she would call him after that, in fear of rejection, so she went on with her life. Being a free lance photographer involved various amounts of travel, so when Sidney ran into Bishop in Paris, the city of love, her knew it to be a sign. They spent her entire two weeks there, together. He showed her everything from great places to take photos, important historic figures, great food, incredible shops but most of all wonderful company. Bishop was amazing. Sidney was experiencing things in her lower body that she had never known existed. She loved the way she felt around him. She loved the way he spoke with her, not to her, like most of the boys she had dated. Oh no, he was definitely in a league of his own.

The last night she was there, he asked her to join him for dinner. Sidney was honored to be in such great company, and in Paris. Bishop was charming, well-bred and a total gentleman. She simply couldn't get enough of him. After dinner, he insisted she return to his hotel suite for coffee and a nightcap. She did.
As soon as they entered the suite, Sidney kissed him. Feeling embarrassed, she attempted to leave. Before she got to the door, he grabbed her arm. He pulled her back into his arms, covering her lips with his. Their kiss lasted forever. Sidney was on cloud nine. Her knees went weak, her body became like putty.

Bishop picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. He undressed her body slowly, taking her all in. When she lay there naked, except for her hot pink stilettos, which were a gift from him, he admired her. It was as if he were piercing her soul. Sidney turned away. She knew her body was beautiful. She ate right, exercised and took great pride in taking care of herself, but the way he looked at her, was sinful. Was this the wrong idea, she asked silently. He must have known what she was thinking and quickly assured her it wasn't.

After removing his own clothing, Bishop knelt down on his knees. He spread her shaking legs wide, to claim his treasure. He kissed her. He licked her. He sucked her. He assaulted her with his mouth, but a lover's assault giving sure pleasure. Sidney moaned, groaned, tossed and turned. When she tried to back away, he held onto her ass to keep her just where he wanted her. He danced his tongue across for jewel, pleasing it in a way she didn't think possible. Sidney caught her stride and begin to ride his tongue like a bike. She grinded against it until she felt like she was about to pee. What happened next was unbelievable. Incredible, a feeling she had never felt before. She saw stars, felt a million sparks soar through her. Sidney experienced her first of many orgasms Bishop gave her that night.

He waited until she was able to breathe again before he moved his tongue across her jewel again. Sidney came over and over. She screamed and kicked. She cursed and called out the name of Jesus. She didn't want the feeling to end, but she wanted so much more from Bishop. He obliged most generously. He moved up her stomach, kissing every inch of her. When he found another treasure, two round rubies, he kissed, licked and sucked them with perfection. Careful not to neglect one or the other, Bishop held one while he gave pleasure to the other and vice versa. Sidney moaned again.

Bishop moved past her mounds to her neck, then ears, and then recaptured her mouth, kissing her with so much passion, she came again. When he finally entered her paradise, she held on to him tightly. The pain she felt was beautiful, pulling her into another place. Sidney took all that he gave, licking her lips. He was well endowed. The thickness of his love stick was insane. He was at least ten inches Sidney gathered. He gave little at a time until she received all of him. She gasped but soon grew accustomed to it. She moved with him, and it was his turn to moan, groan, curse and call the name of Jesus. The more he gave, the more she took, the more she rode him from underneath.

Their treasure hunting went on forever, leaving them both rich and satisfied. Sidney discovered many secrets that night, in Paris, with a man more than twice her age. Bishop Morris III was a bad boy for real. Although he was forty-five years old, his game was like Michael Jordan's, coming down center court, hanging in mid-air from the three point line still stroking through the free throw line, only to hit the basket with a 360 degrees slam dunk leaving her totally submerged in his afterglow, overflowingly satisfied. She would play a game of any kind with him anytime. Had been for almost five years now, next month was her thirtieth birthday.

Sidney smiled again, only this time she smiled at the pair of eyes smiling back at her. He was awake. And the look on his face told her all she needed to know. It was game time and it was time for her to jump ball, against the greatest competitor of the game, scoring every basket, sending her body into a sexual overtime!

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