Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Can You Make Love To My Mind"

Cradle my thoughts
Kiss my mentality
Stimulate my mind
Penetrate my imagination
Satisfy my intellect
Make love to my consciousness...

Foreplay my emotions
Tease my memories
Ignite my dreams
Capture my nightmares so that
they are no more
Become my reality...

Invade my creativity
Possess all meditation
sending me into a new state of focus
casting all mental capacity to my

My id and ego battle over who reigns
supreme but they got nothing on what
you do to my intelligence
I crave knowledge causing
my brain to swell
my mentality becomes enriched
challenging any and every fact that comes its way...

You have given me a DESIRE
a PASSION so divine
I close my eyes and pleasure awaits
because it's you that I see
I long for
So can you make love to my mind
before we go further
show me your wisdom, understanding
patience and beyond
There's no turning back now....

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