Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Destiny's Discovery"

The door to the gym was open so Destiny walked inside. She was supposed to meet her girlfriend there to practice for" THE BIG GAME". The sun peeked through the windows, creating soft silhouettes of light on the wooden floor. "Hey, the gym is closed. No one is supposed to be here," a voice called out from behind her. Destiny turned not expecting to see such a beautiful piece of eye candy standing there. "Oh, I'm sorry! I was just waiting on my friend to arrive. She asked me to meet her here to practice before our game. I can leave if you want." The breathtaking stranger focused a set of  big marble shaped eyes, piercing Destiny, leaving her motionless.

"Don't worry about it. I didn't know you were a part of the team. Why haven't I seen here before?" Destiny managed a smile, in spite of feeling her body suddenly heat up. She had never been attracted to a total stranger, especially in places covered by her clothes. The short, spandex black tights and sports bra she wear left nothing to the imagination, but she was an athletic. Destiny hadn't come to the gym to meet anyone nor did she care how she looked. She was simply there to meet her friend and practice so she would give her best game ever. The team was counting on her. But the way the stranger watched her toned legs and round booty bounce around the court, Destiny may have bent over a little more, opened her legs a little more, to give the stranger a little show.

"Do you want me to shoot with you until your friend shows? I can hold my own," the mysterious stranger said to Destiny with a slight smile. Before she could respond, a ball was tossed at her and her quick reflexes caught it, shooting a perfect three pointer. "Nice! You really can shoot. Let me see if you can make a few free throws, and then we can play a little d."  Destiny was warmed up in more places then she cared to admit and ready to showcase her skills. Many years of basketball training camps, practicing both morning and evening, and having played in more than five hundred games, Destiny was a natural. "Sure," was all she could manage. Butterflies and excitement overtook her.

After a few rounds of shooting, Destiny and the mysterious stranger were dripping wet with sweat. It was getting later and her friend still hadn't shown up. "Hey, what time did you said your friend was coming? It looks like you have been stood up. I have to lock the gym up in a few, but you are welcome to stay a few more minutes and shoot around. I'll come get you when I'm ready to leave." Destiny was upset with her friend, but enjoying the company of her now stranger-friend.

Destiny walked into the girl's locker room to freshen up a bit. She turned on the shower to allow the steam to cover the room before removing her clothing. When she lathered her wet body with soap, she felt a gentle hand touch her from behind. Startled, she turned. There standing with only a smile, was the mysterious stranger. At first, Destiny wanted to flee but something felt right. Her inner thighs throbbed and she ripples grew hard.

When the stranger begin washing her entire body, Destiny almost melted. Every inch of her body was on fire. She parted her legs wider to allow her stranger-friend to cleanse her hidden jewel. Each stroke got more intense and suddenly, only fingers felt her overheated morsel. First gentle and soft, then fast and hard until Destiny couldn't see anything but stars. She came. She came hard. Destiny came for the first time.

Just when she thought it was over, the stranger grabbed her by the hand and led her to one of the benches, placing a towel down for her. Destiny sat. The stranger gently pushed her down, slowly spreading her legs wide for a full view. "Relax! I want to show you something. I want to take you on a little discovery." Destiny relaxed.

The stranger moved down slowly, capturing the prey it wanted to devour from firsts glance. The quest began. The stranger used figure eight motions, soft licks, long strokes, light penetration to the love button, making it swell the size of a ripe strawberry. Destiny moaned, groaned, tossed and turned. She tried to push the stranger away, but it felt too good. The stranger kissed Destiny's treasure passionately, like two lover's on their honeymoon. Gentle, tender, yet with force, to create a volcanic eruption. Destiny screamed another orgasm and then another and another.

Destiny's discovery was an orgasm. Destiny's discovery was oral sex. Destiny's discovery was with a stranger-friend, who just so happened to be the friend she was waiting for all along. Destiny's discovery wasn't a discovery at all but something she loved, for Destiny had discovered years ago that she loved women.

Later than night Destiny and Lauren helped win their team a great victory and then went back to their home. Only this time, they played another game in their bedroom. Destiny was the one in charge, making many more discoveries of her own.

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