Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Time Stands Still"

I am floating in silence
my mind wondering nowhere
my heart beats rapidly but
yet I remain calm

Loneliness consumes my soul
it struggles to become complete
but the magic within it ignites

The very thought of seeing you
being with you
puts a smile in my spirit
I pause to seize the moment

I close my eyes to capture the essence
to treasure each emotion soaring through
my core
I get lost in happiness

The beauty of love runs freely
causing leaps in every inch of my being
pulsating rhythms of melancholy
but darkness never comes

A kiss of your sweet lips
A touch of your gentle hand
A hug so tender I hold on tighter
not wanting this to end

I brace for the way your eyes penetrate me
making my heart smile, soul sing, spirit free
I am left feeling endless moods of passion
because when we are together
Time Stands Still

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