Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A soul session emerges when you are around
A love song unfolds releasing an old school jam
You are the lyric to my song
The perfect beat in my rhythm
A perfect melody ready to top the charts
You make my heart sing....

A blazing track, roaring tempo
Accelerating chords
A pulsating arrangement
Mesmerizing bass lines
My half-note becomes whole
A tantalizing collection of love notes
You make my heart sing....

A metaphoric ensemble
Orchestrated by your sensual seductive groove
Mixed with falsettos, bravado and undertones
The blues in my left hip gyrates uncontrollably
Meeting the funk in my right
Every genre uncovered leaving electricity flowing through my veins
Pumping currents to my core
Heating up my soul
Free as a bird soaring to my emotional consciousness
A one of a kind track
You make my heart sing....

Old classics become a new
Throwbacks come back to life
Back in the day hits have no excuse
A new genre secretly battles to reign supreme
Throwing battle wounds leaving evidence over
every inch of my body
A passionate collaboration
Embroidered in my spirit carefully swaying from side to side
A bounce, a sexual sizzle, composed with a slow grind
A new dance, a #1 hit is born
And the Grammy awaits
You make my heart sing....

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