Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"The Way You Look At Me"

When I look, you are looking at me
Really seeing me, my heart, my soul
My every being
The way you look at me...

Your eyes smile at me, flirting with me
Showing just how much you missed me
And then, I see your smile, totally
Knocking me off balance, nothing else matters
The way you look at me...

The softness of your lips is sinful
I want to kiss them over and over
And over again, you kiss me and I become me
It warms me in hidden places
Gives away my secret of being in love
The way you look at me...

Could this be real, Would it only be a dream
Should I be afraid, scared, timid, careless, simply wake up
Why? When it feels so right, so free, so necessary
So damn good
The way you look at me...

A warm embrace, hugging my core
Unleashing a desire that only you can
I transform, I live, I simply become
The way you look at me...

Raging madness, fires in my sexual walls
When you penetrate, opening them like a flower
Your love portion leaves me full
Craving all over again, multiple ripples escape
Becoming sweet nectar, spilling onto you
I cry inside, but only tears of joy
Tears of bliss, my soul rejoices
The way you look at me...

Longing until we become one again
I think of you
I dream and we are never far
I keep my eyes tight because when I wake up
You are not near, this only brings sadness and my
Heart weeps, missing its' other half
The way you look at me...

Our bodies are in sync
Minds keep each other entertained
Souls spark whenever we are around
Other people can see it
It's written in an unspoken language
Yet we are exposed
Why not? We belong together
F-u-c-k it!
The way you look at me...

I've loved you more than love should be allowed
I pray an expiration date never comes
Perfectly divine love
A love so indescribable I am left speechless
Because all I see is
The way you look at me...

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