Monday, May 16, 2011

Jah's Love

Jah looked out the window of the airplane. All he could think about was getting home to his Love. She was picking him up from the airport, and he looked forward to seeing him, wrapping her in his arms, kissing her senselessly. They hadn't been together in weeks. The toll it was taking on him was driving him crazy. The one thing he hated about his job, was being away from home. He and Love had been married for a year now, but it felt like forever. She completely entered his life just when he needed a friend. He was down on his luck, about to end it all, and then his angel walked in, changing it all. Jah would forever be grateful and cherish their special relationship.

Love waited at the luggage claim. She anticipated his arrival. Jah was her heart, soul, her true love. When she saw him for the first time, that day both of their lives changed forever, she loved him ever since. He was standing on the top of a bridge, looking over. She saw him and immediately stopped her car, got out and ran up to him. They talked for hours, about any and everything. She wouldn't leave him no matter how much he tried to make her. Some of his words cut her like a knife, but she sucked it up and stood right there with him. Many years prior, she was the one on that bridge, only she didn't have anyone to talk her out of it, but somehow God kept her. She was alive after spending several months in a coma. Everyone thought that she would never wake up. Her boyfriend at the time, moved on with his life, marrying someone else. Her family was there but not as they should have. In fact, when she woke up, Love realized that she was alone. The only person to greet her was the nurse on duty and her doctor.

Jah looked all around him, looking for Love. When his eyes spotted her, his heart skipped a beat. His smile was infectious. He couldn't stop the pep in his step. Jah moved a little rushed to get to her. She looked up, seeing him moving toward her. She smiled, she ran, she leaped into his arms. She missed him, she craved him, she loved him. They stood there hugging, spinning around in circles while life passed them by. No one mattered. Nothing seemed important than the two of them. They seized the moment. Jah put her down and lifted her face by her chin. He kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her chin and nose. When he finally captured her lips, he exhaled. He was home. Love parted her lips, kissing him passionately. She sucked on his tongue softly, then licked around his lips. She made love to his mouth like she would later do to him. Jah returned her kiss, more feverishly. He hungered her. Finally when their kiss was done, they held hands waiting for his luggage. Love squeezed his hand with her own. She never wanted to let go.

Later that night after dinner was eaten, the kitchen was spotless, Jah and Love communicated for hours about what was going on in their lives, catching up on lost times. They sat by the fireplace, enjoying each other's company and the heat soaring through them. Jah was so excited to be with his girl, he couldn't contain himself any longer. His "man" was about to burst out of his shorts. Love looked down and smiled. "Baby, it looks like someone is glad to see me. Do you mind if I tell him hello? I have waited a long time to talk to him, and I bet he wants to hear all that I have to say." Jah smiled. She knew just how to get and keep his attention. "You can have anything to want, need, desire. You know I aim to please."

Love begin to remove Jah's clothing, which wasn't much. While she prepared dinner, he had taken a quick shower. The only thing he wore was shorts and a light t-shirt. Jah uncovered her speaker and immediately begin a mic check. She sing endlessly into it, making sure she hit every note, every melody, every tone perfectly. She threw in an extra bravado, crescendo, falsetto. She hummed, blew, cleared her throat, she pleasured Jah with every musical relevance her knew. His actions let her know that he was loving her song and it's arrangement. Love gave him all of her musical genius, composing a one of a kind masterpiece, one for his enjoyment only. When she finished, Jah pushed her away. It was he turn to practice his craft, which was screenwriting. Love was about to star in his movie, as his leading lady.

Jah moved all over her body. He necked her tenderly, dotting every I, crossing every T. He used his tongue to punctuate every sentence and his fingers to correct all grammatical errors. Love licked her lips, moved her hips and caressed his back with her fingertips. Jah used every adjective to satisfy his subject. He licked adverbs, sucked predicates, rolled contractions, penetrated every preposition, completing a well written script. Love was his noun, his cherished person, place or thing. He wrote her like a an Oscar award-winning movie, receiving one achievement after the other. When Jah finished, Love was ready to become the director. She climbed on top of him. She made love to him with such passion, such desire, such claim that Jah almost lost it. He loved the way she made him feel, but there was something about the way she gave herself to him in that moment. Jah didn't want what he felt to end. He prayed that they would always love and desire each other. Love is, was and forever would be his. He would love and appreciate her for the rest of his life and beyond.

After Love saved his life, Jah was a new person. She helped him get back on track. After about six months, he knew she would be his Love forever. They sealed their love for each other daily even if only a phone call or text message. Jah looked over at his Love and smiled. She lay sleeping in his arms like an Angel. He held her tight, joining her in slumber. When she gently brushed his chest in the middle of the night, he gave her what she wanted again and again. They made music and wrote movies all night long, all while giving themselves completely, emotionally, mentally and physically to each other with no boundaries, no indiscretions. Jah's Love was all he ever wanted, needed and desired.


  1. That was music to my ears! Keep singing and playing!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed this one. Keep reading there's so such more to come. I really appreciate all the great feedback and support. Who knows, maybe one day I will write a book, get it published and become a best seller. Pass the word and continue to leave comments. After all, comments are a writer's source of humbleness and motivation to be the best.