Friday, May 6, 2011

"Ebony's Closet"

Ebony looked up and saw him watching her. Their eyes locked with each others for a split second. He read her mind instantly, she wanted him. He lightly nodded, knowing he would have her later on his plate. It had been a while since they met and the chemistry between them was like a shockwave, igniting fires that burned even when they weren't around each other. Ebony didn't want to wait any longer, she wanted him. She would have him. In her mind, he was already hers.

Marcus watched her walk away. The sway in her hips hypnotized him. He tried to compose himself but he felt the jones in his bones, paralyzing him slowly. The white dress she wore hugged all of her curves, her apple and cantalopes would make the perfect fruit salad once he added her delicate peach. Umm, he said licking his lips. Ebony peeked back and saw his expression, moving just a little bit more seductive, adding more bounce in her step. She wanted to show him just what she would have for him later. By the look on his face, she knew it would be something she'd never forget. He was ready to toss her salad.

When Ebony got home she removed her clothes and walked into her closet. A noise from downstairs gave her face a smile. He was there. She pretended to be occupied with something when she heard her bedroom door open, then close. The pheromones generating from her body charged Marcus's animalistic senses. He was now on the hurt. His prey was secretly awaiting his capture and he would imprison her until she begged him to stop.

Ebony watched as he walked toward her. Her heart beat rapidly. She almost lost balance. He saw her and smiled. What was he smiling at, she wondered, then suddenly looked down. The only thing she wore were her black stilettos, bra and panties. Less to remove, Marcus thought bridging the distance between them.

"Hey Baby, why you always do that to me," he said.
"I don't know what you're talking about. What did I do?"
"Oh, so it's like that! Well I'm about to show you since you seem to have forgotten all of a sudden."
"You know talk is cheap, Mister. I can think of many other things to do right now other than talk."

Marcus smiled. She was challenging him, which aroused him more than he already was. His "homeboy" was about to bust out of his pants. He couldn't blame him, he didn't always think straight, especially when it came to Ebony. In fact, sometimes Marcus wasn't able to get him to do anything he said at all. He would just give up and let his "homeboy" do his own thing, which in turn, always left the both of them deeply hardheaded and greatly satisfied.

Marcus stroked Ebony's cheek drawing her closer to him. He kissed both of her eyelids, and then her forehead. He kissed her slightly on her nose before greeting her neck with his tongue. When he knew she was on the verge of a mental breakdown, he captured her mouth with his. Their tongues greeted each other like two old friends, speaking in perfect harmony. He secretly removed the remainer of her clothing, sure to leave on the shoes.

"I have been wanting to taste those lips all day but you made me wait."
"Well show me then."

Ebony couldn't think straight, let alone speak. She moaned squeezing her legs together, trying to keep from cumming before she wanted to. She wanted to see what other treats he had in store for her before she allowed the wave of electricity creeping upon her to take her to her happy place. They kissed more forcefully, devouring each other. Ebony sucked on his lips, as Marcus bit on hers. They ravished each other's mouths like two dogs in heat, each one becoming more passionate and intense than the other. They were ready for a game of full throttle and their engines roared, raging like competing in NASCAR.

"I want you Baby! I want you now! Right here, right now!Take Me! Take me please!"

Marcus smiled, he now had her just were he wanted her, but he also had other plans. He turned her body around, her back facing him and grabbed her cantalopes softly, massaging each one equally not neglecting either one. He gently pulled them, caressed them, praised them. Ebony groaned. She loved his hands and the way he used them on her body.

He moved down her stomach, while grinding behind her slowly. Ebony felt what she wanted most bounce against her firm apple bottom. She put her hand behind her and found her banana. She peeled it with tender loving care, careful not to leave his plums forgotten, and it was Marcus's time to moan. The sound he was making drove Ebony crazy. She wanted to taste his sweet nectar but he wouldn't allow her the pleasure of it.

Marcus allowed his fingers to move further down Ebony's body until he found her now perfectly ripe and juicy peach. He knelt down behind her slowly turning her toward him. He placed one of her legs over his shoulders, opening the other wider, locking it in place. When he found her strawberry, he sucked on it gently, careful to get it just right. Ebony threw her head back, feeling the surge of electricity trying to cause a power outage. She fought hard to keep the lights on, she wanted to see what the ending of her own romance flick would be. No commercials would interupt.

Marcus licked up and down, back and forth. He moved in and out of her peach, over her strawberry, blending them together. He used his mouth like a suction cup, percolating it, making the best smoothie he had ever tasted. Marcus kissed and licked every inch of Ebony, leaving her begging him to stop, then not. He pleasured her so good, she came all over his tongue. It shot all over his lips, his mouth, his chin. He sucked all of the juices up like a vaccum. He didn't want any of it to be left when he was done. Ebony came again, almost falling sideways. Marcus caught her, pulling her deeper into his face. He moved her back and forth, while she grinded with him, gyrating her hips like she was at a club dancing the night away.

He moved her down on top of his banana and their fruit salad was complete. They tossed it with each motion, every stroke, every penetration, blending it to perfection. It was a masterpiece. They rocked, rolled, jumped and leaped. Ebony held on tight and rode like the wind. She rode him like Seabuscuit! She gave every thrust like the one she got in return. Marcus fought hard to stay with her, but she was working him overtime. Although he was worked long and hard, he didn't want his shift to end. He would definitely be working through his lunch break.

As Marcus and Ebony continued to mix their fruit salad, sparks flew, flames grew hotter, the desert would be considered the North Pole compared to the heat generating from them. Ebony's closet was like a fiery furnace that day, a day they both would never forget. They came together, hard. Ebony saw stars and Marcus growled like a wounded animal. Their sexual assault on each other would leave them both satisfied, quenched until their next episode. And as Ebony lay in her Marcus's arms, he whispered in her ear, "chocolate never looked or tasted so sexy."

Ebony melted, enjoying the moment. Her body was so high, Snoop Dog would be jealous. She had just made fruit salad, yummy yummy, umm umm good, with a lover who knew the exact recipe to keep her wanting to prepare more salads, appetizers, entrees and desserts with him for the rest of their lives. Ebony's closet became their classroom, their kitchen, the final ingredient of their sexual recipe. Ebony wondered what they would prepare next!

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