Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"What Is Passion"

I often wondered what passion was along my journey when it came to love and relationships. I saw so many people in situations that they were miserable in. It made me shy away from relationships, in fact, until I finally felt the kind of passion that warmed me in places the sun didn't see regularly, I didn't fully understand why so many people decide to be alone. It's the kind of passion that keeps you up a night, thinking of the person you experience it with or not wanting to wake up from dreaming about it, in fear of forgetting. The kind of passion that burns within you, leaving you floating in mid-air, looking down on yourself, smiling uncontrollably.

Let me just say that when such passion is discovered, you will know it, breathe it, taste it, smile it, anticipate it, consume it, but most of all, appreciate it. You will find yourself daydreaming all day, becoming moist at the very state it leaves you. Passion so remarkable, nothing makes you upset, nothing else matters, only you and the person involved. The only question I have is, why does it take others longer to find it? Do we simply ignore it, overlook it, or become so prideful or stubborn to let it pass us by? I wrote a poem to describe the way passion makes me feel, and the way you should feel when you find it. Enjoy!

"Killing Me Softly"

My mind wonders
and all I do is thing of you,
I breathed you and became high,
intoxicated by your smile,
drunkened by your touch,
under the influence of your tender kiss...

Braincells slowly dying,
replaced by thoughts of you,
captivated by our times spent
holding each other close,
I am an addict, addicted to every
fiber of your being,
I simply cannot get enough...

Emotionally murdered,
a slow death, shot in the heart
by an assassin named Cupid,
Damn you!! little naked baby with an arrow,
why did you choose me...

Poison in my veins, deadly chemicals
clouding my mind,
a lethal injection to my soul,
a lover's suicide form, being
both emotionally and physically satisfied...

The things you do,
plaguing every inch of my existence,
a drug overdose of desire,
a breathtaking homicide,
and yet I want more...

Someone please call 911,
my blood heats up and runs
fire straight through my core
when your presence is near,
a satisfying strangulation,
that I would commit over and over again...

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