Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Endings

Christian looked in the mirror. He looked at his reflection smiling back at him. For once in his life he was happy, truly happy. It had taken him many years to come to that stage in his life but he was just overjoyed it was now here. In a few short hours, he would be standing next to the woman of his dreams, sealing his love for her, in front of their family and friends, and the presence of God. It seemed like only yesterday when he met Miracle. She walked into his world unknowing she would become his forever. He smiled again thinking about how they met.

It was crowded in the house where he attended another New Year's Eve party, at his homeboy's house. Christian didn't want to spend another lonely night bringing a new year in, so when Mo invited him to the party, he accepted without hesitation. Mo and his wife, June, had been married for four years, had two kids, a beautiful home and love that shined brigther than the sun. Christian envied them. He wanted what they had. He wondered daily when his love would come. As he walked through the crowded house, he saw her. She was picking up a glass of champagne, looking more beautiful than his mother. That should have been the first sign that Miracle was special. Christian didn't think any woman was more beautiful than his mother.

He was going to talk to her, he decided. When he finally made it to where she once stood, she was gone. Saddened that he may not get another chance, Christian grabbed a glass of champagne and dreaded the stroke of midnight. Mo found him and wanted to introduce him to someone. Christian downed another glass of champagne. Why not? What harm could it be? He was already lonely, tipsy and horny as hell. His last relationship was like never, he admitted to himself. Every woman he tried to get close to turned out to be a drama queen, gold digger, or couldn't keep his attention long enough to even want to go there.

June was in deep conversation with a few of her girlfriends when he and Mo walked up. Mo touched the small of his wife's back, whispering something into her ear. She turned with a huge, mischievous smile on her face. Christian felt his buzz ease up a bit. What was Mo and June up to? The last time they tried playing matchmaker, he had to get a restraining order and still had nightmares about it to this day. June grabbed his arm and led him into the kitchen, outside the back door to the patio area. Many people filled the nicely landscaped yard but not as many as inside. The sudden drop in temperature was probably reason for that, Christian acknowledged glad he always dressed for the weather. His grey blazer, Sean John dress jeans and boots gave him the comfort and warmth he needed, while following June toward the pool area.

When he looked up, he saw her. She was dancing to a mix of old school hip hop. She knew how to move, he concluded, mesmerized by the way she moved her delicious curves. She was brown skin, with long wavy flowing hair. Her eyes penetrated his and he was a goner. Christian couldn't really see what color they were but they sparkled at him. She had a dancer's body, with big, nice, firm, toned legs, slender hips, flat stomach and a booty that hypnotized him. The girl was BAD. "Damn", was all Christian could say. She turned and dipped her hips, swaying in circular motions, placing he and several brothas under her spell. June whispered in his ear, "Christian that is Miracle, my homegirl. She has just moved here and needs a responsible, well-mannered, successful brotha such as yourself to show her around. You up for the job or do I need to recruit someone else?" He looked around at the line of men watching Miracle with their mouths watering.

At that moment Christian smiled, kissing June on her cheek. Mo grabbed his shoulders, massaging them. "Okay, just be yourself C. Women love men with confidence not arrogance. They love charm, swagger, and a great sense of humor, so just do you. She is going to love you." Christian nodded. He turned and pounded fists with his boy. Mo grabbed his wife and pulled her into his arms. They danced like lovers to Run DMC's "You be Illing". Christian looked at them shaking his head, laughing. Yes, those two were made for each other. When he looked back at Miracle, she was still piercing him with her eyes and signaling to him with her finger to come to her. Christian didn't know what was happening, but his legs and body ignored his mind and the next thing he knew they had danced three songs and was having a blast. They had also exchanged names with formal introductions. He also saw that the color of her eyes changed any given minute, depending on her mood. That little discovery would give him great advantage in the near future, Christian said to himself. When it was only ten minutes to midnight, June and Mo gathered everyone around the clock. He stood right next to Miracle.

As everyone counted backwards from ten, Christian spotted Mo on the other side of the yard giving him a thumbs up. He played it cool. Although it was tradition to kiss the person you wanted to bring and spend the new year with, Christian was still a gentleman. They barely knew anything about each other, other than names and that both knew how to work a beat on the dance floor. The clock struck midnight and before Christian could say or do anything Miracle stood in front of him, on her tiptoes, capturing his lips. Her kiss was soft, enduring, passionate and the best he had ever experienced. Christian feel in love with her that very night. He knew in his heart that she would be the one he spent the rest of his life with. After that night, they became inseparable.

Now, it was their wedding day. In just a few short minutes, Miracle would be his wife. He would be the happiest man alive. A light knock on the door brought Christian out of his daydreaming back to reality. Mo eased his head around the door. "Yo, you ready son? You sure you wanna do dis? We can flee and never come back. Just give me the word and I got you," Mo said knowing damn well that Christian wasn't going anywhere and that June would kill his ass if anything happened to interfere with Miracle's special day. "I'm cool. I'm real good Mo. I am about to marry my angel, my best friend, my special gift from God. Miracle is my one and only. My life wouldn't be anything without her. So to answer your questions, I am not going anywhere, ever." The two friends for more than twenty years pounded fists, laughing.

When Christian saw Miracle walking towards him, his heart melted. She looked so precious, so beautiful. He couldn't wait to get his hands on her later. They promised to wait until marriage when he proposed and boy he was ready to explode. They played around, like most people did, but Christian was ready to feel her hidden jewel in more ways than one. She stared intently into his eyes. As she made her way down the aisle with her mother and father by her side, she mouthed I LOVE YOU to him. He used his lips to give her a kiss. When it was finally time for him to greet his bride, Christian almost ran. Mo, held him in place so he wouldn't make a fool of himself in front of everyone. Christian was grateful to have a boy who had his best interest at heart. And Mo had always and would always be that one person he could trust and depend on. They had been friends since kindergarten.

After the vows were exchanged and the Pastor said he could salute his bride, Christian held Miracle in his arms and made love to her with his kiss. When he finally let her up for air, everyone in the audience and wedding party looked overheated and horny. Miracle was not about to be outdone on her wedding day so she grabbed him again and seduced, made love, fuck kissed him, leaving him so aroused, he had to place both hands in front of his manhood to keep anyone from seeing how hard he was. Mo saw the display of affection and laughed. "Damn C, you got a real lioness on your hands bro. You are a real lucky man. You are also in big ass trouble son. Miracle gon tear that ass up later on dude." Christian couldn't say a word. He was shocked, anxious, and ready for the reception to be over with. His mind had already left his body and all he was thinking about was what he and Miracle would be doing later. How he would get her back for what she had just done to him. Yes, it was on!

They walked toward the reception area. Miracle looked at him with such passion and fire, Christian couldn't wait any longer. As the rest of the wedding party and guests went to take their seats, he led her to a secluded area in the back of the establishment. He held her mouth captive kissing her senseless. She reached in front of his pants, unzipping them. When she found what she was looking for, she massaged it until it was so swollen, she almost fainted with anticipation. Christian eased his hands under her dress, in search of her hidden jewel. He stroked it, caressed it until she let out light sobs of pleasure. She opened up wider for him. He entered her softly, tenderly, until he felt her wetness. Christian gave her all of him. She moaned, wrapping her legs around him. He made sure she was secure, giving her just enough of what she could look forward to later. Miracle cursed. She moved up and down, she danced on his dance floor, until she felt currents fire within her core. She released, she came. Christian looked into her eyes, pushing her over the edge. He saw how he made her cum. He couldn't wait to see that expression on her face every night, for the rest of their lives.

He made sure she was satisfied before he released his seed into her swollen walls. He had never felt an orgasm with such power, such depth, such heat and desire. Miracle saw how he held onto her, bit his lips and made baby sounds. She fell in love with him all over again. We fixed their clothing, held hands and entered the reception hall to celebrate their union with the rest of their guests. Mo and June looked at one another with a knowing glance. Christian and Miracle danced the night away, all the while smiling secrets and giving hidden instructions of what was to come later. The night of their wedding, in the back of the reception hall, another miracle was formed and in nine months, their union would go from two to three.

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